What Sold at Urvanity 2018?

February 22, 2018

The second edition of Urvanity fair has brought together collectors and enthusiasts, offering a fantastic selection of New Contemporary Art. The opening night was packed, with the crowd enjoying quality art in a relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere. In terms of sales, we could say that Urvanity is off to a great start!

Adda & Taxie, Paris

The gallery Adda & Taxie from Paris is off to a great start, since they have sold five pieces already. The gallery has sold two pieces by GR170 - Extrabold AZ-RS and Extrabold NJ-GR. A street artist from Barcelona, GR170 creates pieces with a distinct style and complex content. The gallery has also sold Don Quichotte and Homer Flying Donuts by Oakoak and Peo et Baby 168 by Henry Chalfant.

Featured images: Oakoak - Don Quichotte; Homer flying donuts; Henry Chalfant - Peo et Baby 168; GR170 - Extrabold AZ-RS; Extrabold NJ-GR.

Art In the Game, London

A gallery from London, Art in the Game has sold two pieces by Thirsty BstrdIn Case of emergency, Flower and Hard Baloon. By using powerful symbols and popular images and making them look funny or weird, Thirsty Bstrd creates pieces that serve as a commentary about society, politics and consumerism.

Featured image: Thirsty Bstrd - In Case of Emergency, Flower Thrower (left); Hard Baloon (right).

Galería Balneario, Queretaro

A gallery from Queretero, Galería Balneario has sold a piece by Demencia Beivide titled DNA Demente. An artist from Mexico, Demencia Beivide focuses on topics like Mexican Cosmogony, portraits, folkart, but her paint strokes and lines create a colorful texture, an insane graphic that defines her creations.

Featured image: Demencia Beivide - DNA Demente.

Ink and Movement, Marseille

A gallery from Madrid that aims to spread contemporary art and bring it to the public, Ink and Movement has sold a sculpture by Okuda San Miguel titled Mickey’s Skull. His pieces with geometric structures and multi-colored patterns are instantly recognizable.

Featured image: Okuda San Miguel - Mickey's Skull, 2018.

Plastic Murs, Valencia

A gallery from Valencia, Plastic Murs have sold three pieces by Vinz Feel FreePixelated. China, Jinteres. Cuba and Haren de Oro Negro. Irak. The artist is known for painting animal heads on large-scale photographs of human bodies and pasting them on the streets. In addition, the gallery has sold a piece Downloading by Deih.

Featured images: Deih - Cuando Solo Interviene el Corazon, 2017 (upper left); The New One and the Moon, 2018 (upper right); Sky is Talking About you, 2017 (below left); Crystal Dreams, 2018; Downloading, 2018 (below right); Vinz Feel Free - Pixelated. China, 2018 (left); Jinteres. Cuba, 2018 (middle); Haren de Oro Negro. Irak, 2018 (right).

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