October 21, 2013

Monday is the day we’ll give you a sneak peek into the Widewalls collection. Our first feature is a two-piece canvas by one of the founding fathers of street art: Futura.

Born in New York in 1955, the American graffiti artist Futura began illegally painting the subway trains of his hometown, only fifteen years later, in the early seventies. During this time he worked together with other artist such as ALI.

His legal work began in the early eighties on stage during the European tour of ‘The Clash’. Futura was hired as a “live on-stage” painter. He created paintings in the back of the stage while the band was playing.

From then on Futura was recognized as a contemporary artist, hosting exhibitions and shows with other artists such as Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Richard Hambleton. This time marked a transition in the artistic life of Futura. He became a graphic designer and studio artist, more than an illegal graffiti sprayer. Although he probably didn’t completely give up on spraying illegally, his main focus wandered to creating studio art. Futura distanced himself from graffiti lettering and ventured into abstract art. The result was abstract street art, which is until today a distinctive feature of his work. Trying to create a unique style led him to experimenting with new tools and mediums. Using airbrush instead of aerosol cans allowed Futura to develop a unique signature style that remains unmatched in the street art scene. The clear strokes, the asymmetric proportions and Pollock “paint splashes” are what set Futura apart from other street artists.

His signature style remains popular until this day. His gallery shows and museum exhibitions around the world are frequently visited and receive great appreciation in the art world. Not only that, Futura also ventured into object design last year when he was asked to design a special edition Hennessy VS bottle. Upcoming, he will release a new book published by Rizzoli next year.

Widewalls Collection – Futura

Futura painting
FUTURA - Two-piece painting in Widewalls Collection

Artist: Futura

Medium: Spray paint on canvas

Year: 2009

Size (each): 140cm x 160cm

FUTURA´s ODYSSEY TWO, berlin - germany 2009 from ruedione on Vimeo.

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