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December 21, 2018

The arrival of winter on the Northern Hemisphere is just around the corner, announcing a busy museum, gallery and fair season.

To celebrate the arrival of winter, we have prepared a real winter wonderland in art. We have gathered ten pieces by famous contemporary artists which depict different aspects of this season. The best thing is that you can own these works right now!

Featured image: Rolf Ohst - O.T. (detail), 2017. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Susan Breen - Unique (Winter Square)

An American artist known for her beautiful abstract paintings, Susan Breen creates her works based on photographs, which used to be her primary medium. Photography continues to plan an important role in her practice, serving as her source of inspiration.

Having a unique approach to color, Breen manages to capture the essence of the forms without going too far past the recognizable. The work Unique (Winter Square) from 2017 features a series of rhythmic dark lines, set up an architecture for the painting, with a snowflake in the middle.

See more info about the work here.

Christophe Jacrot - Winter at my window, New York in White series

An acclaimed French photographer, Christophe Jacrot has been capturing major cities of the northern hemisphere in adverse weather conditions. Having an approach which ranges from pictorial to emotional, he creates images which show a lesser known sides of megacities.

This photograph is created in Jacrot's native New York, shot from his apartment window. It is part of the series New York in White, which captures the city overwhelmed by snow, transfigured under thick snow drifts.

See more info about the work here.

Debra Ramsay - The colors of winter

An American contemporary artist, Debra Ramsay is recognized for her work in abstract works, which vividly recall the Color field paintings of the 1960s. Much of her work relies on capturing the colors of the changing seasons; such is the case with The colors of winter, part of a project which she started painting in 2013.

For this project, Ramsay walked a particular trail in the forest during the four seasons, taking a photo every 100 steps each time. A total of 18 photos were taken on each walk, and this is the result of her encounter with Winter.

See more info about the work here.

Derrick Breidenthal - Winter Wind

The American artist Derrick Breidenthal creates works which recall nature in a romantic way, combined with the reality of the natural condition. Tempering abstraction with realism, the artist enhances the perfection of a dream, as well as hold up to the roughness of reality.

The piece Winter Wind from 2018 combines severe space, light and color, adapted to the balance of suggestions.

See more info about the work here.

Andy Warhol - Photograph of Jon Gould in the Snow in Aspen

Photography was a great part of Andy Warhol's practice. Having a unique approach to the medium, Warhol saw it as a way to capture all the real things and to keep a visual diary. He is best known for his 1970s Polaroids, but also his larger black and white pictures that he began making later and were repeatedly produced by the artist up until the day he died in 1987.

Created in 1983, Photograph of Jon Gould in the Snow in Aspen shows one of Warhol's closest friends during the 1980s, with whom the artist shared a complex relationship. Jon and Warhol met in 1980 when Warhol was 51 and Gould was a 27-year-old movie executive living in Los Angeles. Gould passed away in 1986 at the age of 33.

See more info about the work here.

Olav Westphalen - Untitled Snowman Drawing

Aiming to expose the cultural blind spots of his own tribe, the German artist Olav Westphalen produces conceptual works which frequently take the form of games, entertainment or cartoons. His work is often both theatrical and comic.

Created with simple lines, the Untitled Snowman Drawing resembles a children's drawing.

See more info about the work here.

Rolf Ohst - O.T.

A German contemporary artist, Rolf Ohst deals with the contemporary society in his work. His works are characterized by a remarkable technique of realistic painting, defined power of observation, as well as the unique focal point which provides an insight into the most intimate, frequently disturbing world.

Showing a snowy mountain range, the piece O.T. is executed in the artist's recognizable realistic technique.

See more info about the work here.

Calo Carratala - Large Benasque 2, Snow series

A Spanish artist based in Torrent, Calo Carratala is best known for his monumental landscape paintings. He has been described as a painter of distant proximities, of familiar distances, of our land and of the earth, of all the lands, of all parts.

The scene the artist depicts in Large Benasque 2 from Snow series appears troubling, even worrying, but really grand, inviting admiration and contemplation.

See more info about the work here.

BK FOXX - Dry Ice

Last but not least is a piece by BK FOXX, an animal lover who works as a street artist in New York City. Through her practice, she aims to raise awareness about the treatment of animals and their rights. Her work engages the viewer to become one with the painted animals.

Depicting a polar bear, the work Dry Ice raises awareness to the global warming and its effect on the icy regions and the animals which inhabit them.

See more info about the work here.

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