Wreckage International

February 18, 2013

Alex wreckage's pedigree is long and illustrious with an impressive array of skills that span sculpture, illustration and fine art. Whether it's strange vehicles or beautifully crafted cartoons Alex's sense of fun and mischief show through his mutated art. For the last few years he has been collaborating with Joe Rush and Sam Haggerty in Art Directing the Mutoid Waste Company's involvement in Trash City and the UnfairGround. Last year he contributed to the closing ceremony of the para Olympics and still finds time to paint in oils. Widewalls was lucky enough to get him to design a poster for its upcoming K-star residences Cologne which we'll tell you more about later in the month.

You can find more out about Alex and see his work at his website and keep up-to-date with what he's doing on his Facebook.