Wright: Art + Design Auction Analysis

February 28, 2015

On Thursday, February 26, there was an auction of Post-War and Contemporary art and sculpture at Wright auction house at Chicago, that was dubbed Wright: Art + Design. This was the third edition of Art + Design auction, and by its final results, we could conclude that it was fairly successful. For instance, Harry Bertoia's artworks had some excellent hammerprices, as well as work of Larry Bell's and Oli Sihvonen's. Now let's go to more detailed auction analysis.

Wright: Art + Design
Roy Lichtenstein - Water Lilies (Pink Flower) (detail), 1992 (Lot 103)

Wright: Art + Design: The General View

Out of 206 lots at Wright: Art + Design auction, the total of 153 were sold, which makes 74.3 percent. The total of 55 lots were sold over high estimate, or 26.7 percent out of total number of lots, and 36 percent out of total number of sold lots. The number of sold lots in range of estimated values (between the low estimated and high estimated price) was 38, or approximately a quarter of all sold lots. Then, 60 lots were sold under the low estimated price, which makes 39.2 percent of sold lots. In total, the sum of hammerprices of all sold lots was just bellow $1.49 million, which was 2.7 lower than the sum of high estimated prices, but also 36.6 percent higher then the sum of low estimated prices.

Wright: Art + Design
Jack Youngerman - Black, Orange, White (detail), 1960 (Lot 115)

The Individual Results of Wright: Art + Design Auction

The highest hammerprice of the day was $134.167 for Harry Bertoia's Untitled (Bush Form), which was 91.7 percent difference between the high estimated price and hammerprice. Roy Lichtenstein's work Water Lilies (Pink Flower) had the second highest price at $85.000 (-5.6 percent difference), and the third was also Harry Bertoia's Untitled (Sonambient), that went for $81.000 (-10 percent difference between the highest price and hammerprice). At number four, there was George Rickey's Two Trapezoids Eccentric, One Up, One Down with hammerprice at $75.000 (-16.7 percent difference). When it comes to the list of highest difference between the high estimated and hammerprice, Robert Indiana's New Art poster was the best, with 366.7 percent difference. Betsy Kaufman's Five Views of Five Landscapes was second with 364.3 percent, Oli Sihvonen's Double Matrix Orange - Green (diptych) was third with 328.6 percent, while Larry Bell's Vapour Drawing, MS36 and Claes Oldenburg's Chicago Stuffed with Numbers had 300 percent difference both. On the low side, Philip R. Livingston's Time Pairs; Loves Triumph. Time Pares Loves Triumph. Time, Pears, Loves, Triumph had -65 percent difference between hammerprice and the low estimated price, while Steven Urry Ribbon Blat had -75 percent.

Wright: Art + Design
Roy Lichtenstein - Whaam! (Diptych) 1963, 1968 (Lot 254)

Not Sold at Wright: Art + Design Auction

There were few surprises as well at Wright: Art + Design auction. For instance, Dave Muller's Diaristic was estimated from $70.000 to $90.000, and went unsold. Also, Picasso's work Femme aux Cheveux flous didn't find a buyer, and was estimated from $40.000 to $60.000. Nan Goldin's, Zoran Antonio Music's and Bernard Buffet's works had been estimated from 20.000 to 30.000 dollars, and neither did find a buyer.

Wright: Art + Design
Larry Bell - Vapour Drawing, MS36, 1978 (Lot 129)

Wright: Art + Design
Kenneth Noland - Outlying, 1979-1980 (Lot 107)

The Cumulative Score

Don Leicht had six artworks and only one was sold, and bellow the low estimated price, for $1.500. On the other hand, all eight works by Harry Bertoia were sold, for almost $460.000. All five Robert Indiana's artworks were sold for just above $19.000, as well as Roy Lichtenstein's five works, but for $113.323. Three out of five Picasso's work were sold for $37.000, and two George Rickey's work went for above $83.000. At the end, both Andy Warhol's paintings were sold, for $30.000. Please, go to the next page, where you can find the detailed numbers of Wright: Art + Design auction.

Next page: Wright: Art + Design Auction Analysis in Details

Donald Judd - Untitled (study for sculpture), 1969 (Lot 151)

Andy Warhol - Volkswagen Lemon (from the Ads Series), 1985 (detail) (Lot 219)

Wright: Art + Design
George Rickey - Two Trapezoids Eccentric, One Up, One Down, 1978 (Lot 100)

Thomas Downing - Red Bloom, 1963 (Lot 108)

Roy Lichtenstein - Water Lilies (Pink Flower), 1992 (Lot 103)

Claes Oldenburg - Chicago Stuffed with Numbers, 1977 (Lot 166)

Featured image: Harry Bertoia - Untitled (Bush Form), 1977
All photos courtesy of Wright, Chicago.

Wright: Art + Design Auction Analysis in Details

Check out the detailed figures for every single lot of Wright: Art + Design auction, that was held on Thursday, 26 February 2015.

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Featured image: Oli Sihvonen - Double Matrix Orange - Green (diptych), 1967 (Lot 168), Courtesy of Wright, Chicago

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