ZONAMACO Foto 2017 - Boosting Photography in Mexico

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September 11, 2017

Latin America’s leading art fair platform, ZⓢONAMACO hosts four events that take place annually in the month of February and September at Citibanamex in Mexico City. Established in 2015 with an aim to promote and boost photography sectors in Mexico, ZⓢONAMACO FOTO is now coming back for its third strong edition. Taking place this September in Mexico City, ZⓢONAMACO FOTO 2017 will feature vintage, modern and contemporary photography, once again establishing Mexico as the center of the photography world. Featuring a broad landscape of styles, techniques and periods in photography, as well as a consolidation of institutional involvement, it will secure the links among galleries, institutions collectors and specialized editors. As each year, important institutions, like Museo Archivo de la Fotografía (MAF), will be present at the fair. Additionally, art and design publications will be sold by international publishers and publications like EXIT, ARTFORUM, ArtNEXUS, among many others, addressed to academics, collectors and art enthusiasts.

This year, the fair will welcome 26 international galleries dedicated to photography. Additionally, the program will include a selection of 22 solo projects through direct invitation by the curator Johann Mergenthaler. For exhibitors and collectors from all over the world, this will be an exclusive opportunity to display and acquire photography through the most prestigious and international-projected art platform in the country.

Coco Capitán - Sailor II and I, 2014
Left: Coco Capitán - Sailor II, 2014. Hand printed c-type print. Edition of 3 + 1 AP 240 x 345 mm 13 5/8 x 9 1/2 in. Courtesy of Maximillan William / Right: Coco Capitán - Salior I, 2014. Hand printed c-type print. Edition of 3 + 1 AP 240 x 345 mm 13 5/8 x 9 1/2 in. Courtesy of Maximillian William

ZONAMACO FOTO 2017 Exhibitors

In general section of the fair, there will be 26 international galleries presenting old, modern and contemporary photography. Be sure not to miss booths by ALMANAQUE from Mexico City, presenting artists José Luis Cuevas, Tania Franco Klein, Ricardo Nicolayevsky, Dorine Potel, Mara Sánchez-Renero, and Danila Tkachenko; Momentum Fine Art from Miami, presenting artists FORMENTO + FORMENTO, Maria Svarbova, Ole Marius Joergense, Floria González and Sylvie Blum; Smith-Davidson Gallery from Amsterdam and Miami, presenting artists Marc Lagrange, Terry O'Neill and Marie Cécile Thijs; Terreno Baldío Arte from Mexico City, presenting artists Javier Hinojosa, Pablo Boneu, Javier Marín, and Pierre Fudarylí; Ungallery from Buenos Aires, presenting artists Tatiana Parcero, Lena Szankay, Jorge Miño, and Mariano Imperial; RGR + Art from Caracas and Mexico City, presenting artists Liu Bolin, Ji Zhou, Cai Dongdong and Alexander Barrios; and Arte Globale from London, presenting artists Aristotle Roufanis and Mitra Tabrizian; among others.

Exhibitors List


This year, ZⓈONAMACO will present a new section curated by Johann Mergenthaler, a CEO at Paragon agency, Creative Director at HUUN: Art / Thought from Mexico and Creative Director at Fashion Week México. Titled ZONAMACO SOLO, the section includes a selection of 22 projects through direct invitation by the curator, with vintage, modern and contemporary photography. The concept of the selection is L'Infra-ordinaire (infra-ordinary), by French writer Georges Perec, which proposes a close observation of ordinary details to question everyday life. As the curator explains, this will be an opportunity to describe the infra-ordinary through the work of 22 photographers and reconfigure the way the visitor experiences the proposal of these artists. Additionally, the section’s goal is to stimulate the interaction between specialized artists and curatorial proposals that promote the reflection of the pieces that we show at the fair. The list of artists featured includes Tania Franco Klein represented by ALMANAQUE from Mexico City, Mariel Lebrija represented by Galería Chloro from Mexico City, Felix R. Cid represented by Garis & Hahn Gallery from Los Ángeles, Yvonne Venegas represented by Heart Ego from Monterrey; Gabriel Orozco represented by kurimanzutto from Mexico City, and Marcelo Brodsky represented by Rolf Art / Henrique Faria from Buenos Aires and New York, among others.

Tomás Ochoa - Hacienda Gallaica - Valle del Cauca, 2016
Tomás Ochoa - Hacienda Gallaica - Valle del Cauca, 2016. Courtesy of Licenciado

Side Programming

Besides the exhibition program, the fair will organize a comprehensive conference program that will offer the possibility of establishing a relationship between the public and experts in disciplines related to photography. The talks will take place in the conference room within the exhibition space. This year's agenda also includes a series of exhibitions at more than 20 museums and galleries in the country. Additionally, there will be an auction by Morton Auction House on September 23rd, from 4 p.m. that will include photographic work, as well as objects such as decorative arts, ceramics, silver and paint, with prices for all pockets. The event will be held in the conference room within the exhibition space.

The Location of ZONAMACO Foto 2017

Practical Information

ZⓈONAMACO Foto will be held in Centro Citibanamex, Hall A in Mexico City from September 20th until September 24th, 2017. The doors of the fair will be open from 12 to 9 p.m. from Wednesday to Saturday and from 10 to 6 p.m. on Sunday. The price of the ticket will be Mex$ 220 (≈$12.5), while the ticket for students will be reduced to Mex$ 170 (≈$9.5). For more information, visit the official website of the fair.

Stephan Ach - Oneself I
Stephan Ach - Oneself I, 180 x 240 cm, 2017, Diasec C-Print. Courtesy of Licenciado

Sordo Madaleno - Spectrografia, Toreo I
Sordo Madaleno - Spectrografia, Toreo I. Courtesy of Le Laboratorie

Serge Romanov - When the day becomes the night, 2017
Serge Romanov - When the day becomes the night, 2017. Courtesy of Salamatina

Roberto Turnbull - Vista satelital, 2016
Roberto Turnbull - Vista satelital, 2016. Técnica mixta. 153 x 198 cm 60.2” x 78”. Courtesy of Tiro Al Blanco

Paul Strand - Woman with Hen, Tenancingo, Mexico, 1933
Paul Strand - Woman with Hen, Tenancingo, Mexico, 1933. 4-5_8 x 5-7_8 in. (118 x 150 mm). Waxed platinum print, flush mounted signed, titled, and dated in green ink on reverse. Courtesy of Gregory Leroy

Oso Parado - Popeye Gagosian Koons, 2015
Oso Parado - Popeye Gagosian Koons, 2015. Impresión digital sobre papel de algodón libre de acido. 3+ PA. Díptico. 123 x 153 cm cu 48” x 60” each one. Courtesy of Tiro Al Blanco

Nuria López Torres - Muxes. Flores de Guiechachi
Nuria López Torres - De la serie “Muxes. Flores de Guiechachi”, 2017. Fotografía e impresión digital. Courtesy of Artspace México

Mariano Imperial - Natural
Mariano Imperial - S T de la serie “Natural”, 2016. Courtesy of Ungallery

Maria Luz Bravo - Untitled II
Maria Luz Bravo - Untitled II, 2010. Courtesy of LTB

Marc Lagrange - Vanessa in the Mirror, 2006
Marc Lagrange - Vanessa in the Mirror, 2006. Platinum print in wengé frame, with Frenche Passe-partout and museum glass 12 + 2 AP 55 x 70 cm. Courtesy of Smith-Davidson

Luca Jacob - Surma in Berlin
Luca Jacob - De la serie “Surma in Berlin”, 2014. Courtesy of Artspace México

Lekha Singh - Asian Pears, 2015
Lekha Singh - Asian Pears, 2015. Giclée on brushed aluminium. 48 x 72 in. Courtesy of GE Gallery

Iván Estrada - Óxido, 2016, Javier Hinojosa - Cuatrociénegas, 2017
Left: Iván Estrada - Óxido, 2016. 104 x 140 cm 40” x 55”. Courtesy of Tiro Al Blnaco / Right: Javier Hinojosa - Cuatrociénegas, 2017. 15.5 x 22 cm. Courtesy of Terrano Baldio Arte

Alexander Barrios, Giovanni Caccini
Left: Alexander Barrios - Lighthouse Out of Context, 2017. Impresión Digital sobre Acero Inoxidable. Dimensiones 100 x 80 cm. Courtesy of RGR + ART / Right: Giovanni Caccini - Perfect, 2017. Inyección de tinta sobre papel algodón, 150x120 cms. Courtesy of Ricardo Reyes

George Rousse
George Rousse - Séoul, 2014. Pigmentary Print Ed. 30. 92 x 112 cm. Courtesy of Younique

Floria Gonzalez
Floria Gonzalez - Nonlocality from Postpartum series, 2015. Technique Archival Digital Pigment Print. Measurements 27” X 39” (70cm x 100cm). Editions 3 + 2 AP. Courtesy of Momentum

Flor Garduño
Flor Garduño - La mujer que sueña Pinotepa Nacional, México, 1991 Archival pigment print. 90 x 100 cm 2 10. Courtesy of Patricia Conde

Dionisio González
Dionisio González - Inter-Acciones 34, 2015. Impresión digital sobre papel algodón. 55 x 55 cm. Courtesy of Yusto-Ginger

Christian Voigt
Christian Voigt - Bibliotheque National de France I, Paris, France, 2015. LightJet exposure on high-glossy paper, mounted on Alu-dibond 124 x 250 cm 49 x 98 in. Courtesy of Unix Gallery

Börje Tobiasson
Börje Tobiasson - Playing Football in Mexico City, 1986. Inkjet Fine Art Printing Epson Hot Press Bright. 300 gsm. Edition 5/7 60 x 90 cm. Courtesy of Raffaela De Chirico Arte Contemporanea

Aristotle Rouganis
Aristotle Rouganis - AloneTogether VIII, 2017. C-type print mounted on Diasec 175 x 145cm Courtesy of Arte Globale

Ole Marius Joergensen
Ole Marius Joergensen - Tableau du Morte, 2017. Technique Archival Digital Pigment Print. Measurements 25” x 35” (64cm x 90cm). Editions 6 + 2 AP. Courtesy of Momentum

Featured images: Tania Franco - Klein, Our Life in the Shadows Contained, (Self-portrait), 2016, Archival pigment print, 105 x 70 cm. Courtesy of ALMANAQUE; Pierre Fudarylí - Cascade. Pierre Fudarylí, 2017. Courtesy of Terrano Baldio Arte. All images courtesy of ZⓈONAMACO Foto.