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Mario Bermel Introduces a Group Exhibition - Paris Calling!

October 7, 2016

Under the slogan “A meeting. A passion. An invitation.” the exhibition Paris Calling! gathers the three international artists, who have never exhibited in France. Invited by 24 Beaubourg gallery, young Berlin art dealer Mario Bermel introduces Uli Fischer, Nikolai Makarov and Robert Pan in order to strengthen artistic, cultural and intellectual exchanges between galleries from these two cities, which have a long history of the mutual attraction and flirt. On the crossroads between Berin and Paris, Bermel initiates the aesthetic journey and meditation on dominant metaphysical concerns of Man – questions of time and space, beauty, human existence and humanity in broader sense. Selected artists express both their difference and uniqueness through different treatments of painting media and technique, the use of materials and visual representation.

Robert Pan
Robert Pan

Memory of the textiles in Uli Fischer’s work

The attraction of Uli Fischer’s fragments of worn textiles lays in his interest in everyday life, trivial practices and objects. Focused on textiles “marked by life”, through their patina and their empirical history (age, material, function, etc.) his artwork archeologically reveals lost time, and distant memories of people and their affects – joy, suffering, anxiety etc, makes readable. Thus, his work deals with inevitable transformation over time, where time becomes material and corporeal. Presented objects-paintings are the result of the encounter of a past and present within the field of contemporary textile art. Trough the artistic process of the realization, Fischer enters into a dialogue with the time flow, fabric properties and uses, as well as the choice and multiple combinations of materials, to capture elusive nature of human, hence material existence.

Uli Fischer - Muleta, 2016, detail
Uli Fischer – Muleta, 2016, detail

Surreal worlds of Nikolai Makarov and Robert Pan

Through the passionate dialogue with the old masters, Nikolai Makarov revived the techniques of ancient painting in a contemporary world where knowledge and artisanal skills are inevitably changed, with the arrival of new technologies. With the discovery of Rembrandt especially the treatment of the light and the hidden parts in darkness, Makarov shifted his painting to the complex and blurred new realities, exceeding the border between figurative and abstract painting. Consistent dealing with the traditional compositions and subjects – landscapes, urban settings and naked characters triggers the archetypal motifs rooted in our memory and subconscious. His body of work exists in a timeless metaphysical space where the past mingles with the present.

With the color flows in the veins, Robert Pan (re)creates the universe, galaxies and spatio-temporal spaces in his paintings. His precisely mixed colors, the choice of pigments, the accumulation of strata layers of painted surfaces, form and structure complex stellar space. The endless constellations of celestial objects are spatial and abstract, at the same time. The artist selects acrylic colors, noble materials such as pearl, gold and silver, merges it as an alchemist and establish a new entity and reality. His objects-paintings are derived from a long and laborious experimentation, leading his artwork to a new language of abstract painting.

Nikolai Makarov - Ballerina Emi Rot 3, Landscape, 2016
Left: Nikolai Makarov – Ballerina Emi Rot 3, 2016; Right: Nikolai Makarov – Untitled, 2016

Paris Calling! at 24 Beaubourg

The Paris Calling! is an invitation to explore the exuberant worlds of the three international artists curated by Mario Bermel, on display for the first time in France. Their encounter is fine blend of chance, destiny and careful intention, the expression of individuality but also universality. The show will be opened for the general public from 14th October until 23rd October, 2016 at Galerie 24 Beaubourg, 24 rue Beaubourg 75003 Paris. The opening is set on Thursday, October 13, 4-9pm.

Featured image: Uli Fischer – Wohin, 2016;  All images courtesy of artists.