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Mikser Festival Belgrade

  • Mikser Festival 2014
  • Mikser Festival
  • Mikser Festival 2014
June 5, 2014
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There is a festival in Belgrade that has been mixing it up for several years back. It represents a unique platform for promotion of culture, encompassing music, art, design, architecture, sustainability and revitalization of neglected urban areas. The name of the festival is Mikser and it’s known as the mirror of urban Belgrade today.

This year, the Mikser Festival slogan is Sustainable Utopia, which in Serbian makes a clever wordplay referring to the very recent catastrophic floods that struck the country. The rich programming of the four-day event is distinctively colored with Solidarity thematics, directed towards helping the people afflicted by the natural disaster.

Mikser Festival 2014
Sticker Exhibition Mikser

Mikser Festival Against the Floods

Mikser Festival Grand opening will happen in the Mikser House in Savamala quarter of the city, on June 5, 2014. The theme of the first evening is Heroes, while along with the group of rock bands, the military orchestra will be performing as well. Festival crew and the participating musicians all invite the public to purchase tickets and express their solidarity, as all the proceeds will be donated to aid the flood victims of Serbia.

Mikser Festival will be running intensively through June 8, 2014, enabling and engaging all the visitors to enjoy and take part in numerous cultural and interactive events.

Mikser Festival 2014
Mikser Stickers

As every year, Mikser Festival will organized interesting programming, with panel discussions – Mikser Talks, music concerts and DJ performances, artistic actions, exhibitions, lectures, kids workshops… Mikser Bazaar will be the satellite event running throughout the duration of the festival right next to the Mikser House.

Mikser has also been known to endorse street art and mural making, and this edition of the happening will have a particularly curated street art section of the program.

Mikser Festival
Boa Mistura Spanish House Belgrade

Street Art @Mikser

Concentrated in Mostarska street, behind one of the most beautiful old buildings in Belgrade, #MF2014 organizes graffiti jam creative expo. Numerous street artists from across the globe will gather at the spot, some of whom will be holding workshops, while others will be painting the surrounding walls, or creating other artwork, all to be exhibited in collaboration with the locals. Dutch muralist and graffiti artist Roeland Otten will be demonstrating his skill to transform shabby city corners into inspiring urban landscape, realizing a section of his project City Camouflage. Austrian conceptual artist, Willi Dorner will be having an open air performance named Bodies in Urban Spaces, while Spanish urban collective Boa Mistura will be painting a mural inside the ruins of the Spanish house, next to the bridge. Street art sticker exhibition and Tattoo convention will be held parallely in the area, with some of the stickers available for purchase.

Mikser Festival 2014
Tatoo @ Mikser


The street art section of the Belgrade event will result in the making of a completely new mural above the Mikser House. A Mural is currently in the making, being executed by NEVERCREW from Switzerland.

NEVERCREW is the street art duo, active since the mid 90s. Through the years, they developed a distinctive style and recognizable expression, especially in their imaginative mural work. Big, dreamy whales are combined with complicated-looking, but tame machinery, while the duality and the dialogue within their work and with the observer never seem to cease. NEVERCREW recently painted interior walls of Facebook quarters in Milan. The Belgrade mural will be featuring their signature iconography, as the duo made of artists Pablo Togni and Christian Rebecchi develops their latest wall feature.

NeverCrew Facebook Milano mural
NeverCrew Facebook Milano mural