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Moscow Biennale for Young Art Announces Artist List

  • Moscow Biennale
March 23, 2016

Couple of weeks ago, we covered the news coming from Russia that was quite controversial; it was about Pyotr Pavlensky being removed from the shortlist for the state-sponsored Innovatsiya (Innovation) Prize, an equivalent of Russia’s Turner Prize. But, now we have quite nice news coming from Moscow, and it’s about Moscow Biennale for Young Art. The Moscow International Biennale for Young Art announced the artist list for its fifth edition, confirming the participation of 87 artists from 36 countries, all of whom are in the emerging category. The previous edition took place from June till July 2014. It’s very important to mention that this Biennale should not be confused with “regular” Moscow Biennale that will take place in 2017.

Moscow Biennale
Nadim Samman, curator, and Ekaterina Kibovskaya, commissioner of the 5th Moscow International Biennale via

Focus on Ecology and Economics

The list of 87 young artists and artistic duos, representing 36 countries has been announced by curator of the biennial, Nadim Samman: The open call received an overwhelming response from artists worldwide. More than 2000 applications from more than 80 countries were submitted, and the quality of the proposals made choosing the final selection a difficult but eye-opening process. Ranging from installation to video, interdisciplinary collaborations, painting and more, the scope of artistic approaches was huge. This year’s biennial is titled Deep Inside and is themed around penetration and “abyssal culture,” according to Nadim Sadim, this edition’s curator. As Samman wrote in the statement about the biennale’s theme: We are climbing, or falling, ever deeper into a kind of black hole. As we do, it is perhaps to be expected that artists should be fascinated by opacities, by occultations, encryptions, and conspiracies—the other side of the event horizon. In addition to ecology and economics that are the curatorial focus this year, the Biennale will also tackle questions regarding the dangers presented by new technologies and social instability.

Moscow Biennale
Trehgornaya Manufactory, building #5

The List of Participants at the Moscow Biennale for Young Art

The Moscow Biennale for Young Art was first held in 2008, and grew from the combined efforts of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA) and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) to offer a platform for emerging artists. Since 2008, hundreds of artists participated at the Moscow Biennale for Young Art. Bellow you will find the list of artists who will participate in this year’s edition!

Ozan Atalan, Turkey/USA
Stacy Belevicheva, Ukraine
Matilde Benmayor, Chile
Julius von Bismarck, Germany
Pamela Breda, Italy
Vladislav Brut, Russia, and Alisa Beketova, Kazakhstan/Russia
Ekaterina Burlyga, Ukraine/Germany
Olga Butenop, Russia
Martin Callanan, Great Britain
Noor Ali Chagani, Pakistan
Julian Charrière, Switzerland/Germany
Revital Cohen, Israel, and Tuur van Balen, Belgium/Great Britain
Juan Covelli, Colombia/Great Britain
Chris Coy, USA
María Dalberg, Iceland
Jasmin Daryani, Iran/Sweden
Petr Davydtchenko, Russia/Sweden/Great Britain
Jonathan Doweck, Israel
Liat Elbling, Israel
Hüseyin Mert Erverdi, Turkey
Karin Ferrari, Italy/Austria
Christian Fogarolli, Italy
Verena Friedrich, Germany
Veronika Geiger, Denmark/Switzerland
Adam Gibney, Ireland
Iuliana Golub, Ukraine
Florian Goldmann, Germany
Katharina Gruzei, Austria
Logi Leó Gunnarsson, Iceland
Ali Jan Haider, Pakistan
Elisabeth Haust, Russia/Czech Republic
Joey Holder, Great Britain
Marguerite Humeau, France/Great Britain
Marc Johnson, France
Graham Kelly, Great Britain/The Netherlands
Daria Khlapova, Russia
Felix Kiessling, Germany
Paul Kneale, Canada
Fabian Knecht, Germany
Darya Koltsova, Ukraine
Lilia Kosyreva, Russia
Egor Kraft, Russia/Great Britain/Austria
Ksenia Kuleva, Russia
Joshua Leary (Evian Christ), Great Britain, and David Rudnick, Great Britain/USA
Juliana Cerqueira Leite, USA
Ekaterina Lukoshkova, Russia
Eli Maria Lundgaard, Norway
Vlad Lunin, Ukraine/Canada
Steve Maher, Ireland/Finland
Nadja Verena Marcin, Germany/USA
Maxime Marion, France, and Émilie Brout, France
Zoë Claire Miller, USA/Germany
Alice Miceli, Brazil/The Netherlands
Marina Moskalenko, Russia, and Tatiana Smirnova, Russia
Lee Nevo, Israel
Alisa Nikolaeva, Russia/France
Ismael Ogando, Dominican Republic
Tim Parchikov, Russia
Pau Pahana, USA/Germany
Claire Paugam, France/Iceland
Davide Quayola, Italy
Marina Ragozina, Russia
Martin Reiche, Germany
Rune Rasmussen, Denmark
Farid Rasulov, Azerbaijan
Paul Rosero Contreras, Ecuador
Vesna Rohaček, Croatia/Sweden
Andrew Ranville, USA
Jeremy Santiago-Horseman, USA
Hadas Satt, Israel
Dagmar Schürrer, Austria/Germany
Julia Selin, Sweden
Jura Shust, Belarus/Belgium
Rustan Söderling, Sweden/The Netherlands
Emmy Skensved, Canada/Germany, and Grégoire Blunt, Canada/Germany
Joe Sobel, USA/France
Wilf Speller, Great Britain
Yulia Spiridonova, Russia
Arya Sukapura Putra, Indonesia
Natalia Tikhonova, Russia
Alvaro Urbano, Spain/Germany
Ivar Veermäe, Estonia/Germany
Martin Volman, Argentina/Germany
Addie Wagenknecht, USA/Austria
Beny Wagner, Germany/USA
Andrew Norman Wilson, Germany/USA
Helga Wretman, Sweden/Germany

Moscow Biennale for Young Art Events

Parallel with the main exhibition, the biennial’s Organizational Committee has announced the names of the curators, whose concepts were selected for realization as part of the two Strategic Projects. João Laia, a curator from Portugal, will present the exhibition H Y P E R C O N N E C T E D, which will be held in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art at Ermolayevsky Pereulok; Silvia Franceschini and Valeria Mancinelli, curators from Italy, will be showing their project Time of Reasonable Doubts in the National Centre for Contemporary Art. Both projects will run from June 30-August 14, 2016. The Moscow Biennale for Young Art takes place this summer, from July 1 until August 10, 2016 at the Trekhgornaya Manufaktura, one of Moscow’s oldest textile mills.

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Featured Image: Installation view from the Third Moscow Biennale, 2012 (via All Images used for illustrative purposes only.