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The Most Expensive Paintings of 2016

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  • painting sold for 84 million
December 17, 2016
Passionate about art, frequent visitor of exhibitions, Widewalls photography specialist and Editor-in-Chief.

It may have not been as successful as the year before, but 2016 brought some interesting auction sales and donned additions to the list of the most expensive paintings ever sold. The roaster of modern and contemporary artists whose work was offered at the high-profile auctions in New York and London, particularly at Sotheby’s and Christie’s, is nothing short of top-notch. Although there have also been some warnings about the art market plunging due to shifting political and economic situation, collectors spared no money for freshly made artworks: let us remember Yusaku Maezawa’s $98 million spree in May. Many legendary names, such as David Hockney and Willem de Kooning, managed to reach records, while artists like Adrian Gehnie and Njideka Akunyili had a serious break-through toward the buyers, establishing firm prices. With a couple of weeks left till the next sales season, we take a look at the highest grossing artworks of the year.

Here are the most expensive paintings of last year.

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Mark Rothko - No. 17

Described as the painting that ”encapsulates all of the drama and psychological intensity of an artist who became one of the most celebrated and influential artists of the twentieth century,” Mark Rothko’s No. 17 is one of the most seminal works of the 1950s. The luxuriant blues and verdant greens segmented into three parts that spread across the canvas elude the artist’s famous “immediate radiance”. The painting sold a little over low estimate for $32,645,000 with buyer’s premium, even though its high estimate was at $40 million, at Christie’s New York sale in May.

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Gerhard Richter - A B, Still

According to Sotheby’s, who sold Gerhard Richter’s A B, Still in November, the painting ”ranks amongst the very finest achievements of the artist’s abstract output.” Part of his iconic Abstrakte Bilder series, it is an example of a visual stimulus through the use of color, in this case the tonal vivacity of red, yellow and blue, drawing our attention to the physicality of the oil paint itself, as a physical substance in both its original and manipulated forms. The work reached the price of $33,987,500 with buyer’s premium, from the low estimate of $20 million.

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  • Francis Bacon - Two Studies for-a Self Portrait, 1970

Francis Bacon - Two Studies For A Self-Portrait

In 1979, Francis Bacon said he “loathes his own face”. At a rare time when he produced a significant number of self-portraits, he explained he had no one else to paint, because people were dying around him like flies. This is perhaps where the real significance of Two Studies For A Self-Portrait lies – rarely do we see the artist’s honesty, vulnerability and startling virtuosity like this, on his own face. The painting, which has only been exhibited twice, sold at Sotheby’s in New York for $34,970,000 with buyer’s premium, exceeding its high estimate of $30 million by little.

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  • Christie's

Cy Twombly - Untitled (New York City)

Cy Twombly’s Untitled (New York City) is the only painting from the artist’s famed Blackboard series executed with blue loops on grey ground. It was acquired from the artist’s studio in 1968 and has not been seen public since. He often described his lines as “child line” but not “childish”, which came after the vibrant, wild paintings he created while living in Rome. Untitled (New York City) are predominantly grey and explore the repetition of shapes in a way that looks like doodling, the technique of drawing line. At Sotheby’s, the canvas achieved $36,650,000 with buyer’s premium.

Edvard Munch - Pikene Pa Broen (Girl On The Bridge)

The 1902 Pikene på broen (The Girls on the Bridge) by Edvard Munch captures all of the hallmark of the Norwegian master’s genius: bold color, sharp perspective, sinuous line and existential angst. In fact, by using the power of hues, he explains the feeling he had during the observation of the scene he conveyed, suggesting emotions like melancholy, loneliness, anxiety, jealousy. The motif of the bridge can also be found in his legendary Scream for instance, perhaps evoking the fragility of the mind and the states it stands between. The artwork was sold at Sotheby’s for $54,487,500 with buyer’s premium.

  • Amedeo Modigliani - Jeanne Hebuterne (Au foulard)

Amedeo Modigliani - Jeanne Hebuterne (Au Foulard)

Jeanne Hébuterne (Au Foulard) by Amedeo Modigliani was executed shortly before both the artist’s and Jeanne’s premature deaths which were two days apart. Oozing in the aesthetic that the Italian painter developed in the last years of his life, it is very elegant and in a way calming, portraying a woman that was Modigliani’s companion and muse at the time. Jeanne committed suicide at the age of 22 and even though she was a painter herself, Modigliani’s portraits are her only artistic references. This work went for $54,890,730 with buyer’s premium at Sotheby’s London.

  • Jean-Michel Basquiat - Untitled (Black Devil Head)

Jean-Michel Basquiat - Untitled (Black Devil Head)

Measuring 2,3 meters in height and 5 meters in length, Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Untitled (Black Devil Head) is a monumental work which is described as his most accomplished piece. From the demonic figure in the center of the canvas to the ensemble of painterly drips, splashes and brushwork, broad swaths of muted pinks, yellows, reds and blues to streaks of explosive reds and neon greens, this piece is the artist’s self portrait which, in a way, announces his radical approach to art in general, in the years that will follow. The artwork went for whopping $57,285,000 at Christie’s New York in May.

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  • Pablo Picasso - Femme Assise

Pablo Picasso - Femme Assise

A painting worth $61,675,630 with buyer’s premium, as sold at Sotheby’s London, Pablo Picasso’s Femme Assise is one of the portraits of his lover Fernande Olivier, from the time they spent in a remote Catalan village. Widely recognized as from the beginnings of true Cubism, in particular the Analytical one, the work is characterized by geometricized, broken down forms which explore the figure from multiple points of view, achieving a highly voluminous, sculptural feel. Picasso also executed actual sculptures of Fernande immediately after painting several paintings of her.

  • This painting sold for $66 million

Willem de Kooning - Untitled XXV

In November, the 1977 canvas Untitled XXV by Willem de Kooning smashed the artist’s previous auctions record by the double, selling for $66,327,500 with buyer’s premium at Christie’s. It is one of the works de Kooning painted in the middle of a period dedicated to sculpture, dedicating himself to the sensual experience of the very act of applying paint with a brush. It was a very productive period, which was described as “a sudden burst of activity”, and it lasted over the course of the next three years. It marked the beginning of a new way in which the artist saw the world around him: the space, the light, the trees.

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Claude Monet - Meule (Haystack)

As the most expensive painting of 2016, Claude Monet’s 1891 Meule or Haystack remained in private hands for $81,447,500 with buyer’s premium. Sold at Christie’s New York, it is a part of the Grainstack series that the then-50-year-old artist painted through a total of 25 canvases in total. The pictures were differentiated almost entirely through color, touch and atmospheric effect, and this example shows the play of light and color, oozing in the late afternoon sky glowing peach and gold, and the stack immersed in pink and red. The colors become the protagonists themselves, deprived of rural workers or any other element that would disrupt the composition. It is indeed a fine opportunity to experience Monet’s true poetry of colors.

  • painting sold for 84 million

List of The Most Expensive Paintings of 2016

Here, we take a look at the 1000 most expensive paintings of the year, sold at the world’s top houses.

Artist NameArtwork TitleSold For Price (USD)
Claude MonetMeule81447500
Willem de KooningUntitled XXV66327500
Pablo PicassoFemme Assise61675630
Jean-Michel BasquiatUntitled (Black Devil Head)57285000
Amedeo ModiglianiJeanne Hebuterne (Au Foulard)54890730
Edvard MunchPikene Pa Broen (Girls On The Bridge)54487500
Cy TwomblyUntitled (New York City)36650000
Francis BaconTwo Studies For A Self-Portrait34970000
Gerhard RichterA B Still33987500
Mark RothkoNo. 1732645000
Clyfford StillPH-23428165000
Gerhard RichterDusenjager (Jet Fighter)25565000
Andy WarholSelf-Portrait (Fright Wig)24425000
Jean DubuffetLes Grandes Arteres23767500
Wassily KandinskyRigide et courbe23319500
Lucian FreudPregnant Girl22940700
Pablo PicassoBuste de femme (Dora Maar)22647500
Gerhard RichterA B St. James22737500
Gerhard RichterAbstraktes Bild (809-2)22087500
Roy LichtensteinNudes in Mirror21530000
Jean-Michel BasquiatBrother Sausage18650000
Pablo PicassoHomme a la pipe18391500
Maurizio CattelanHim17189000
Peter DoigThe Architect's Home in the Ravine16070680
Jeff KoonsOne Ball Total Equilibrium Tank (Spalding Dr. J Silver Series)15285000
Cy TwomblyUntitled [Bacchus 1St Version V]15370000
Christopher WoolUntitled13914000
Christopher WoolAnd If You13605000
Clyfford StillUntitled13690000
Jean-Michel BasquiatHannibal13464036
Gerhard RichterGarten13035837
Alberto BurriSacco E Rosso13017310
Pablo PicassoLe Peintre Et Son Modele12906000
John CurrinNice 'n Easy12007500
Sam FrancisSummer #111842000
Amedeo ModiglianiMadame Hanka Zborowska11689330
David HockneyWoldgate Woods 24 25 And 26 October 200611712500
Agnes MartinOrange Grove10693000
Robert RymanConnect10775500
Willem de KooningUntitled10362500
Joan MitchellNoon9797000
Richard PrinceRunaway Nurse9685000
Willem de KooningUntitled XXXIX9800000
Robert RymanVenue9349000
Adrian GhenieNickelodeon9218098
Clyfford StillPH-669125000
David SmithZig I9210000
Zao Wou-KiUntitled (Vert emeraude)9099060
Jenny SavilleShift9010670
Gerhard RichterZiege8986000
Jean-Michel BasquiatUntitled (Head of Madman)8855880
Frank StellaPratfall8900000
Roy LichtensteinSailboats8677000
Jean-Michel BasquiatAir Power8647785
Pablo PicassoTete De Femme8450000
Alexander CalderUntitled8314000
Piero ManzoniAchrome8019740
Andy WarholLenin8112500
Franz KlineElizabeth7978000
Francis BaconTwo Figures7775030
Andy WarholSelf-Portrait (Fright Wig)7698000
Marc ChagallL'hiver7639500
Jeff KoonsSmooth Egg with Bow (Magenta/Violet)7445000
Maurice de VlaminckLe Verger7550000
Peter DoigGrasshopper7469258
Jean-Michel BasquiatPork7356930
Andy WarholLarge Campbell'S Soup Can7335360
Alberto BurriSacco7306000
Bruce NaumanHenry Moore Bound to Fail6997000
Fernand LegerFemme portant une statuette6967500
Joan MiroFemme, monument6967500
Paul CezanneTheiere et oranges (La Nappe)6967500
Jeff KoonsLobster6885000
David HockneyThe Gate6970000
Lucian FreudHead of Esther6817840
Agnes MartinUntitled #66743500
Christopher WoolYour Sweetness Is My Weakness6762500
Jean-Michel BasquiatOnion Gum6600000
Andy WarholTwo Dollar Bills (Fronts) [40 Two Dollar Bills in red]6391810
Chaim SoutineLe garcon d'etage6519500
Andy WarholSelf-Portrait6519500
Louise BourgeoisSpider III6522000
Gerhard RichterAbstraktes Bild (720-2)6410000
Andy Warhol20 Pink Mao's6165244
Pablo PicassoL’Atelier6183500
Alberto BurriRosso Plastica 56018210
Brice MardenStar (For Patti Smith)5989000
Laszlo Moholy-NagyEm 1 Telephonbild (Em 1 Telephone Picture)6087500
Zao Wou-KiPaysage Dans La Lune6018639
Alexander CalderSumac 175765000
Jean-Michel BasquiatUntitled (Red and Black Face)5847500
Richard PrinceNurse Elsa5847500
Peter DoigOlin MK IV Part 25847500
Gerhard RichterAbstraktes Bild (802-1)5847500
Jeff KoonsNaked5765000
Gerhard RichterLandschaft 5862500
Gerhard RichterAbstraktes Bild5850000
Vincent van GoghVase aux glaieuls5862500
Joan MitchellUntitled5738000
Keith HaringThe Last Rainforest5529670
Christopher WoolUntitled5500000
Pierre SoulagesPeinture 162 x 130 cm 14 Decembre 19585532312
Mark TanseyInvisible Hand5317000
Joan MitchellUntitled5399500
Willem de KooningUntitled VI5399500
Chu Teh-ChunNo.3125206080
Jean-Michel BasquiatSelf-Portrait (Triptych Portrait)5104970
Wu GuanzhongThe Hometown Of Lu Xun5152202
Peter DoigIsland Painting4903460
Jean DubuffetRue de l'Entourloupe4869000
Alberto BurriRosso Combustione Plastica4951500
Zhang XiaogangBloodline: Big Family No. 14954000
Mark BradfordRat Catcher Of Hamelin III4854431
Jean DubuffetVache A L'Herbage4898000
Thomas SchutteBronzefrau Nr. 134861253
Paul GauguinNature Morte Aux Pommes4842080
Zao Wou-KiAilleurs4863390
Willem de KooningUntitled XVIII4757000
Richard PrinceUntitled (Jokes)4757000
Cy TwomblyUntitled4850000
Barbara HepworthParent I4735461
Yves KleinSculpture eponge bleue sans titre (SE 284)4622410
Ben NicholsonApril 57 (Arbia 2)4694873
Mark BradfordLet's Make Christmas Mean Something This Year4737500
Marc ChagallNature Morte4737500
Richard PrinceAloha Nurse4730000
Frank AuerbachHead Of Gerda Boehm4619548
Simon HantaiM.A.4 (Mariale)4697696
Roy LichtensteinLandscape With Grass4573478
Zao Wou-KiVieille Ville (Ancient city)4485160
Willem de KooningUntitled XXIX4477000
David HockneyBeach Umbrella4424870
Sam FrancisRed No. 14421000
Jackson PollockNumber 7, 19514503500
Keith HaringSelf-Portrait For Tony4512500
Mark RothkoUntitled4512500
Adrian GhenieThe Sunflowers In 19374454380
Marino MariniCavaliere4447500
Lyonel FeiningerRaddampfer Am Landungssteg (Side-Wheel Steamer At The Landing)4456250
Alexander CalderUntitled4391500
Marc ChagallLa Famille4400000
Agnes MartinUntitled #94282500
Marc ChagallNu rose ou Amoureux en rose4279500
Jean DubuffetBarbe De Lumiere Des Aveugles4196510
Sigmar PolkeRoter Fisch (Red Fish)4122450
Gerhard RichterAbstraktes Bild (903-7)4085000
Roy LichtensteinSleeping Muse4167500
Alexander CalderWhite Moon3973000
Alexander CalderClaw3973000
Adolph GottliebGreen Over Black4062500
Rudolf StingelUntitled4006250
Zeng FanzhiMeat No. 3: Nativity3908420
Adrian GhenieThe Bridge3943500
David HockneyFlowers Sent as a Gift3943500
Peter DoigHigh-Way3946000
Andy WarholFour Marilyns (Reversal Series)3826200
Pierre SoulagesPeinture 195 x 130 cm 7 Mars 19583982311
Alexander CalderUntitled3749000
Joan MitchellSouth3749000
Chaim SoutineLe Rouquin3837500
Gerhard RichterSaulen3758205
Sigmar PolkeFlucht (blau) (Flight (blue))3657280
Piero ManzoniAchrome3734130
Lucian FreudHead of Ib3627210
Richard PrinceDrink Canada Dry3637000
Andy WarholStatue of Liberty3719500
Ed RuschaMirror-Image Level3725000
Gerhard RichterAbstraktes Bild3615472
Claude MonetLes bords de la Seine pres d’Argenteuil3607500
Pierre BonnardGouter au jardin3607500
Richard PrinceUntitled (Cowboy)3525000
Jean-Michel BasquiatUntitled3607500
Jean-Michel BasquiatDevil's Head3610000
Jeff KoonsItalian Woman3610000
Mark BradfordBuilding "The Big White Whale"3525000
Philip GustonUntitled (Smoking)3612500
Robert RymanBrief3612500
Milton AverySea & Sand Dunes3612500
Jean-Michel BasquiatO.M.R.A.V.S3610000
Joan MitchellRiver II3610000
Kees van DongenFatimah Ismael De Louxor3612500
Claude MonetLa Vague3547500
Gerhard RichterVenedig3492500
Hans HofmannMoonshine Sonata3492500
Pino PascaliCoda di delfino (Tail of a Dolphin)3409419
Cy TwomblyUntitled3408972
Jean DubuffetLa Vie Agreste (The Rural Life)3408972
Anselm KieferFur Velimir Khlebnikov: Die Lehre Vom Krieg: Seeschlachten3401220
Sigmar PolkeSpirale3330007
Pablo PicassoPortrait d'Angel Fernandez de Soto3367500
Mike KelleyMemory Ware Flat 13301000
Yves KleinUntitled Blue Monochrome (IKB 108)3301000
Alexander CalderLeaves3301000
Willem de KooningWoman in Landscape II3367500
Alexej von JawlenskyJunges Madchen Mit Zopf3182410
Jean-Michel BasquiatUntitled3189000
Mark RothkoUntitled3189000
Jean DubuffetGeorges Dubuffet Au Jardin3250000
Marlene DumasRed Head3250000
Mark TanseyCoastline Measure3250000
Andy WarholFour Marilyns (Reversal)3187500
Jean DubuffetTrime Burine3104542
Robert RauschenbergRobert Rauschenberg - Untitled (Small Oil On Canvas # 3)3127500
Christopher WoolUntitled3127500
Jean DubuffetBarbe Des Rites3077000
Sigmar PolkeUntitled3132500
Amedeo ModiglianiFillette A La Chevelure3132500
Anselm KieferGrab des unbekannten Malers (Tomb of the Unknown Painter)3118515
Yoshitomo NaraThe Little Ambassador3104730
Alexander CalderRouge et Noir3021000
Ed RuschaDidja?3072500
Jean-Michel BasquiatUntitled2988130
Frank AuerbachE.O.W. on her Blue Eiderdown V2127640
Frank AuerbachPrimrose Hill3008170
Pablo PicassoPortrait de Renart3007500
Cy TwomblyUntitled2965000
Mark BradfordMixed Signals2965000
Rudolf StingelUntitled2965000
Cy TwomblyUntitled (Bolsena)2952500
Rudolf StingelUntitled2950000
Pablo PicassoSylvette2952500
Alberto BurriLegno2859920
Wu GuanzhongThe Yulong Mountains After Rain2899130
Jean-Michel BasquiatUntitled2912668
Paul SignacLe ponton de la Felicite. Asnieres (Opus no. 143)2887500
Alexander CalderFranji Pani2853000
Richard PrinceUntitled (Fashion)2853000
Cy TwomblyUntitled2887500
Vija CelminsUntitled2890000
Jean DubuffetL'Adieu A La Fenetre2892500
Andy WarholCamouflage (Blue)2890000
Yves KleinIKB 2172863360
Richard PrinceHeartbreak Nurse2836680
Willem de KooningWoman Landscape X2832500
Zeng FanzhiSociety No. 32795289
Salvatore ScarpittaForager For Plankton2781094
Richard PrinceAnyone Can Find Me2741000
Georg BaselitzOrangenesser VII2767500
Vincent van GoghCoin de parc2772500
David HockneyGuest House Wall2759076
Alexander CalderCrag with Yellow Boomerang and Red Eggplant2670020
Wade GuytonUntitled2685000
Alexander CalderPuntos Blancos2710000
Zeng FanzhiSelf-Portrait2704660
Henry MooreMother and Child: Block Seat2623190
Barbara HepworthQuiet Form2690260
Chaim SoutineLe nain rouge2647500
Christopher WoolUntitled2650000
Rudolf StingelUntitled2650000
Paul DelvauxLa Route De Rome2652500
Domenico GnoliSofa2778511
Lucio FontanaConcetto Spaziale, Attese2590000
Adrian GhenieSelf-Portrait As Vincent Van Gogh2590000
Edvard MunchThe Scream2572850
David HockneyThe Sea at Malibu2510490
Lucio FontanaConcetto Spaziale, Attese2510490
Gerhard RichterAbstraktes Bild 776-1 (Abstract Painting 776-1)2562592
Pablo PicassoA Complete Set Of Twenty-Four Silver Plates ((i) Dormeur; (ii) Visage aux feuilles; (iii) Faune cavalier; (iv) Visage aux mains; (v) Visage tourmente; (vi). Visage de faune; (vii) Joueur de flute et cavaliers; (viii) Poissons; (ix) Profil de Jacqueline; (x) Taureau; (xi) Visage larve; (xii) Visage en forme d'horloge; (xiii) Visage geometrique aux traits; (xiv) Horloge a la langue; (xv) Jacqueline au chevalet; (xvi) Tete au masque; (xvii) Visage dans un carre; (xviii) Tete en forme d'horloge; (xix) Vallauris; (xx) Visage au carton ondule; (xxi) Centaure; (xxii) Visage aux taches (xxiii) Joie de vivre; (xxiv) Visage geometrique)2559330
Yayoi KusamaCloud Considering2538670
Wassily KandinskyEsquisse pour Autour du cercle2494700
Henri MatisseL'Italienne (Lorette)2527500
Ai WeiweiMap of China2517000
Donald JuddUntitled2517000
Alexander CalderJohn Graham2527500
Alexander CalderUntitled2527500
Marlene DumasNight Nurse2517000
Helen FrankenthalerUnder April Mood2532500
Pablo PicassoLa Suite Vollard2532500
Edvard MunchUng Kvinne Pa Verandaen (Young Woman On The Veranda)2532500
Max BeckmannDie Walkure (The Valkyrie)2532500
Miquel BarceloPinassi2450880
Michelangelo PistolettoUomo appoggiato (Leaning Man)2496436
Rene MagritteLa Femme Au Miroir2668402
Marc ChagallLe grand bouquet2467500
Alexander CalderUntitled2466590
Adrian GhenieThe Hunted2466590
Pablo PicassoLe hibou (rouge et blanc)2407500
Adolph GottliebOmens of Spring2405000
Jasper JohnsUntitled2405000
Richard PrinceUntitled (Fashion)2405000
Richard DiebenkornBerkeley #332407500
Donald JuddUntitled (Menziken 88-16)2410000
Andy WarholThe American Indian (Russell Means)2412500
Andy WarholWood2412500
Agnes MartinUntitled2410000
Kazuo ShiragaUchoten (Ecstasy)2356220
Rudolf StingelUntitled2347240
Liu XiaodongShowered In Sunlight2331126
Rudolf StingelUntitled 2307880
Robert GoberUntitled2285000
Vincent van GoghWever naar rechts gekeerd (Weaver Facing Right)2287500
Alexander CalderSpring2285000
Richard PrinceNeighbor's Wife2287500
Jean DubuffetCorps de dame, la rose incarnate2290000
Yoshitomo NaraWish World Peace2292500
Jean-Michel BasquiatUntitled (Wax)2292500
Laurence Stephen LowryBeach Scene2219290
Zao Wou-Ki20.12.852253766
Yayoi KusamaInfinity-Nets (Howaz) (Quadriptych)2253766
Kazuo ShiragaUntitled (Red Fan)2198610
Kazuo ShiragaKoujouka2236480
Lucio FontanaConcetto Spaziale Attese 2228530
Yoshitomo NaraEastern Youth2173119
Zao Wou-Ki23.05.62-07.01.712167910
Zao Wou-KiMay-September 19922167910
Liu WeiBathing Beauty III2167910
Kerry James MarshallPlunge2165000
Alighiero BoettiMappa2167500
Alexander CalderRed Fossil2167500
Sam FrancisComposition2172500
Alexander CalderMobile With Nine Petals2170000
Frantisek KupkaLa Forme Du Bleu2172500
Martin KippenbergerUntitled ((i) Terroristennachwuchs vom sudlichen Mittelmeer (Junior Terrorists from the Southern Mediterranean); (ii) Gib gas - Bulle (Step on it, Policeman); (iii) Der Sohn von John Lennon als Frau verkleidet (John Lennon’s Son Dressed as a Woman); (iv) Fine Reggae, Fine Funk, Fine Punk; (v) Weil ich durchblicke (Because I see clearly); (vi) Walter Thieler + Freundin Renate Strobel (Walter Thieler + Girlfriend Renate Strobel); (vii) John Holmes; (viii) Herr Doktor ich glaube ich habe mehr als drei Eier (Doctor, I think I have more than three eggs); (ix) Die Mutter von Joseph Beuys (The Mother of Joseph Beuys))2129170
Gerhard RichterGebirge2150740
Luc TuymansMrs.2111660
Pablo PicassoLa Minotauromachie2107500
Lucio FontanaConcetto spaziale, Attese2105000
Anselm KieferDein Aschenes Haar, Sulamith2112500
Alexander CalderUntitled2110000
Lucio FontanaConcetto Spaziale, Attese2053700
Glenn LigonStranger 452053700
Edvard MunchTwo Human Beings. The Lonely Ones (W. 157; Sch. 133)2077772
Georg BaselitzDer Halbierte (The Halved)2048740
Joan MitchellThey Never Appeared With The White2069820
Paul McCarthyTripod2045000
Christopher WoolUntitled2045000
Willem de KooningUntitled2045000
Frank StellaFor Picabia2045000
Kazuo ShiragaChiansei Kinhyoshi2047500
Alexander CalderTwo Horizontals and Nine Verticals2050000
Yayoi KusamaInfinity-Nets (Qrtwe)2045000
David HockneyStudy For Portrait Of An Artist (Pool With Two Figures)2052500
Pablo PicassoLe Verre2052500
Marc ChagallLe petit flutiste2019110
Gerald LaingBeach Wear2029304
Fernand LegerPeinture Murale2025490
Takashi MurakamiFlower Matango (d)2013430
Alexander CalderRed Stalk1985000
Wade GuytonUntitled1990000
Andy WarholTwo White Mona Lisas1979250
Pierre-Auguste RenoirUn Jardin A Sorrente1974180
Henry MooreWorking Model for Reclining Mother and Child1959850
Adrien Jean Le Mayeur De MerpresThree Women In The Interior1941114
Alberto GiacomettiTete d’homme1927500
Glenn LigonStranger #361925000
Sam FrancisGreen1925000
Josef AlbersHomage to the Square1927500
Roy LichtensteinDespair1927500
Louise BourgeoisUntitled (The Wedges)1925000
Ed RuschaHotel1930000
Jasper JohnsUntitled1930000
John ChamberlainSprayed Myopia1930000
Henri MatisseNu Accroupi Devant Un Aquarium (Nu Aux Poissons Rouges)1932500
Jean DubuffetMenage En Gris Outremer Et Carmin1911110
Andy WarholJackie1911110
Georg BaselitzAdler (Eagle)1887880
Wayne ThiebaudWoman In Tub1902500
Lucio FontanaConcetto Spaziale, Attese1893500
Wade GuytonUntitled1893500
Alberto GiacomettiPortrait De Diego1888660
Rudolf StingelUntitled1886400
Wassily KandinskyZersetzte Spannung (Disintegrated Tension)1860580
Lucio FontanaConcetto spaziale, Attese1873948
Mark GrotjahnUntitled (French Grey Fan 10-90% Butterfly With Warm Grey 90% Between)1872500
Kazuo ShiragaWork1866964
Yue MinjunImmortal Cranes1866964
Enrico CastellaniUntitled (Superficie bianca e rosa)1835043
Michael AndrewsNear Malu Kata Evening, Katatjuta (The Olgas)1824760
Rosemarie TrockelMade in Western Germany1805000
Andy WarholThe Two Sisters (After de Chirico)1805000
Philip GustonBranch1805000
Joe BradleyUntitled1807500
Yayoi KusamaInfinity Nets (OZEH)1810000
Louise BourgeoisFee Couturiere1812500
Marc ChagallLe Cirque1812500
Pierre-Auguste RenoirFemme Arrangeant Des Fleurs Or La Femme Au Bouquet - Andree1803130
Anita Magsaysay-HoNag-Iipon Ng Dayami (Gleaners)1786443
Wassily KandinskyVerschleiertes Gluhen (Veiled Glow)1781320
Alexej von JawlenskySitzende Frau1781320
Jean DubuffetPersonnage Au Bicorne1752410
Gerhard RichterAbstraktes Bild1747500
Auguste RodinPenseur Petit Modele1752500
Jean DubuffetBain de Soleil1731220
Nicolas de StaelDeux Vases de Fleurs (Two Vases of Flowers)1727030
Damien HirstIn Search Of Nirvana1722020
Christopher WoolMinor Mishap (Black)1719165
Albert OehlenUntitled (Statue of Liberty)1718101
Fernand LegerDeux figures1702050
Marc ChagallLe voyageur1702050
Alighiero BoettiLa Primavera Dell'Anno Millenovecentonovanta1702055
Yves KleinAnthropometrie, Sans Titre (Ant 135)1683980
Edgar DegasCheval au galop sur le pied droit1687500
Bruce NaumanEat War1685000
Andy WarholTwo Multicolored Marilyns (Reversal Series)1685000
Tom WesselmannGreat American Nude #601685000
Jasper JohnsFlags I1685000
Jean-Michel BasquiatSt. Buzzard1692500
Mark GrotjahnUntitled (White Butterfly Hawaiian Lapis)1645019
Kazuo ShiragaChoji Haten (Unprecedented Leap)1640300
Gerhard RichterAbstraktes Bild 819-4 (Abstract Painting 819-4)1636270
Wifredo LamFruits Tropicaux1632080
Bruce NaumanNo, No, New Museum1625000
Jasper JohnsFlag1627500
Morris LouisTzadik1630000
Andy WarholCampbell's Soup Can1630000
Francis PicabiaSaint-Tropez Effet De Soleil1632500
Enrico CastellaniSuperficie Bianca1624981
Sergio CamargoUntitled (Relief No. 195)1593700
Andy WarholThe Two Sisters (After De Chirico)1593700
Robert DelaunayHommage a Bleriot, esquisse1567500
Yayoi KusamaInfinity Nets1565000
Julie MehretuExcerpt (citadel)1567500
Yayoi KusamaInfinity Nets (HIWO)1567500
Richard PrinceI Went to the Doctor1570000
On KawaraFour Decades (Oct.13, 1970 / May 7, 1980 / Nov.22, 1990 / Apr.16, 2000)1565000
Robert MotherwellAugust Sea No. 31572500
Morris LouisGamma Epsilon1572500
Brice MardenGreen Painting1572500
David HockneyPlant On Yellow Cloth 1572500
Jean-Michel BasquiatUntitled (S in Right Corrner)1570000
Michelangelo PistolettoTurista Che Mangia Un Panino1572500
Mimmo RotellaUntitled1558450
Zao Wou-Ki24.04.981554438
Georges BraqueVerre, Pipe Et Poire1558156
Zhang XiaogangSisters And Brothers1557522
Yoshitomo NaraDaydreamer1557148
Jean DubuffetVeglione d'Ustensiles (Carnival of Utensils)1541900
Jean DubuffetRue Montmartre (la Paltoque)1535320
Andy WarholMao1532950
Ernst Ludwig KirchnerBlaue Artisten1532200
Pierre-Auguste RenoirRochers de l'Estaque1532200
Ed RuschaIf, If1505000
Lucio FontanaConcetto Spaziale, Attesa1492560
Lucio FontanaConcetto spaziale1484893
Alighiero BoettiMappa (Map)1548823
Liu WeiRevolutionary Family Series (Three Figures)1480162
Kazuo ShiragaZuisouhen1472070
Yves KleinUntitled Anthropometry (Ant 59)1464790
Bernard BuffetLes clowns musiciens, le saxophoniste1447280
Richard PrinceWhat A Kid I Was no.21447640
Mike KelleyArena #8 (Leopard)1445000
David HammonsThrowing up a Brick1445000
Alighiero BoettiMimetico1445000
Andy WarholSkull1445000
Robert GoberUrinal1445000
Alexander CalderThe Long Brass Tail on Black and Red1447500
Mark GrotjahnUntitled (Crimson Red and Canary Yellow Butterfly 45.93)1450000
Kazuo ShiragaT401450000
Glenn LigonStranger In The Village #111445000
Jean DubuffetEnfin Chez Soi1452500
Yayoi KusamaInfinity-Nets Opytsdb (Gold)1452500
Donald JuddUntitled [Twelve Works]1452500
Andy WarholLadies And Gentlemen (Wilhelmina Ross)1452500
Richard PrinceUntitled (Cowboy)1452500
Georg BaselitzEin Stuck Malerei1452500
Richard PrinceUntitled (Cowboy)1452500
Joan MiroPersonnage1452500
Otto MuellerAkt Im Spiegel Mit Selbstbildnis (Nude In Mirror With Self-Portrait) Or Akt Mit Selbstbildnis Vor Dem Spiegel (Nude With Self-Portrait Before The Mirror)1452500
Marc ChagallFleurs Dans La Lumiere1452500
Theo van RysselbergheLe Ruban Ecarlate1452500
Louise BourgeoisUntitled1434990
Alberto BurriSacco E Nero1424588
Gerhard RichterAbstraktes Bild 767-2 (Abstract Painting 767-2)1410945
Joaquin Torres-GarciaPeinture Constructive1409720
Josef AlbersHomage To The Square: Midsummer1401043
Wu DayuUntitled 121402801
Yoshitomo NaraThere Is No Place Like Home1402801
Zeng FanzhiLandscape1402801
Alberto BurriBianco Cretto1393758
Adrian GhenieFlight into Egypt1387500
Roy LichtensteinMustard on White1382340
Alfred SisleyBords Du Loing1375510
Alexander CalderUntitled1370980
Domenico GnoliInside Of Lady's Shoe1373870
Yue MinjunUntitled (Magritte Stone)1367070
Atsuko Tanaka84b1322432
Yayoi KusamaNo. Aa21322432
Georg BaselitzGruner Mit Birke1327600
Martin KippenbergerZuerst die Fusse (Feet First)1325000
Paul KleeDaemonische Marionetten (Demonic Puppets)1327500
Henri MatisseTete de femme1327500
Robert MotherwellUntitled (In Orange with Charcoal Lines)1327500
George CondoStreet Fair In New York1330000
Willem de KooningUntitled #91332500
Jim HodgesUntitled (Study For Gate)1332500
Robert RymanUntitled #291332500
Lucio FontanaConcetto Spaziale Attese1316684
Louise BourgeoisUntitled1308020
Bridget RileyMidi1301860
Tauba AuerbachEnfoldFold (inner); EnfoldFold (outer)1299310
Sean ScullyEve1296170
Michelangelo PistolettoViolet Dog1288450
Rudolf StingelUntitled (Topolino)1288450
Mark BradfordValue 601276280
Ju MingTaichi Series1271910
Ju MingTaichi Series: Single Whip1271910
Marino MariniGrande Teatro1270439
Andy WarholJackie1272500
AffandiBorobudur And The Sun1263553
Piero ManzoniAchrome1251460
Andy WarholThe Disquieting Muses (After de Chirico)1244470
Liu WeiNo Smoking1248081
Pierre SoulagesPeinture 146 x 97 cm, 19491240290
Enrico CastellaniSuperficie Bianca1239610
Joseph BeuysZeitpunkt Das Massaker von Muenchen (Point of time The Massacre of Munich)1217140
Zao Wou-Ki12.10.701216154
Wang HuaiqingSix Tables1217136
Adrian GhenieLidless Eye1210000
Andy WarholSkull1210000
Manolo MillaresUntitled (Composition) Painting no. 41210000
Lucio FontanaConcetto spaziale, Attese1267462
Robert LongoUntitled (Tiger Head, No. 8)1207560
Marcel DuchampL.H.O.O.Q. - Mona Lisa1205000
Marc ChagallMeditation1207500
Heinrich CampendonkBergziegen (Blumen und Tiere)1207500
Andy WarholMao1205000
Tom WesselmannStill Life No. 471207500
Andy WarholFive Campbell's Soup Cans1207500
Andy WarholYellow Flowers1207500
Robert MotherwellIn Black and White No. 31207500
Andy WarholMao1207500
Lee UfanFrom Line No. 7901681210000
Glenn LigonStranger #381212500
Park Seo-boEcriture No. 9-791212500
Ernst Ludwig KirchnerAlpweg (Bergweg) (Alp Path; Mountain Path)1204460
Michelangelo PistolettoL' Ecolier (The Schoolboy)1200050
Louise BourgeoisStanding Figure1200050
John LaveryA Windy Day1178414
Lucio FontanaConcetto spaziale, Attesa1173649
Bridget RileyGreensleeves1173495
Max BeckmannMowen Im Sturm (Seagulls In The Storm)1170250
Yoshitomo NaraS-Girl1170711
Yoshitomo NaraBanging the Drum1163770
El AnatsuiPeju's Robe1152540
Alexander CalderTwo Legs And A Belly1153332
Christopher WoolUntitled1148770
Kazuo ShiragaReibu1155248
Josef AlbersStudy For Homage To The Square: Signal1149310
Neo RauchGut Gut1149310
Urs FischerGlazed1145000
Yayoi KusamaPumpkin A/ABC1145000
Robert IndianaDecade Autoportrait 19671147500
Damien HirstDisintegration, the Crown of Life1150000
Sigmar PolkeUntitled1150000
Alfred SisleyFin D'Apres-Midi A Moret1152500
David BombergJerusalem from the Mount of Olives1128760
Alexander CalderAntenna1121900
Jean-Michel BasquiatPlush Safe - He Think1123830
Alighiero BoettiMappa1123830
Sigmar PolkeDruckfehler1121810
Rudolf StingelUntitled1121810
Francis PicabiaEn Badinant1118940
Beatriz MilhazesSampa1114590
Karl Schmidt-RottluffWinter1107570
Keith HaringSnake and Man; Dogs and Men1102000
Yayoi KusamaBetween Heaven And Earth (Set Of Five)1093360
Zhang XiaogangThree Black Songs: Melancholy1086530
Gustave CaillebotteLe Pont de l'Europe, etude partielle1087500
George CondoShowgirls1085000
Jasper JohnsFlags I1085000
Jean DubuffetPapa la Cravate1085000
Philip GustonWindow1090000
Richard PrinceUntitled (Cowboy)1090000
Njideka Akunyili CrosbyDrown1092500
Richard PrinceUntitled1092500
Lucio FontanaConcetto Spaziale Barocco1085461
Zao Wou-Ki12.2.621078950
Ai WeiweiDropping A Han Dynasty Urn1078940
Yayoi KusamaInfinity Nets OPQR1074720
Marc ChagallLes Maries Sous Le Baldaquin1071200
Robert MangoldUntitled1063310
Yoshitomo NaraNorthern Light1059492
Helen FrankenthalerArriving in Africa1061000
Yoshitomo NaraFor Citizen1055640
Keith HaringUntitled 1062500
Jean DubuffetPersonnage Des Legendes1050821
Alexander CalderTen Black1041880
Elisabeth FrinkSeated Man1045810
Jean-Michel BasquiatUntitled1037650
Damien HirstDo You Know What I Like About You?1039500
Michelangelo PistolettoInnamorati (Maria E Michelangelo)1036070
Vincent van GoghMan With An Axe On His Shoulder1033420
George CondoThe Age of Reason1029120
David HammonsStone Head1025000
Glenn LigonMalcolm X (version 1) #11025000
Helen FrankenthalerPirouette1027500
Joe BradleyUntitled1025000
Frank StellaUntitled1025000
Wayne ThiebaudHot Dog and Mustard1025000
Ed RuschaThe Sixties And Seventies1032500
Mark TanseyStudy For White On White1030000
Cindy ShermanUntitled #2161032500
Wayne ThiebaudTwo Hamburgers700000
Yoshitomo NaraMilky Sea1013091
David HockneyFigure in a Flat Style1017894
Lucio FontanaConcetto Spaziale Attese1017574
Takashi MurakamiSkulls & Flowers Red1009290
George CondoNoble Woman1006000
Marc ChagallSirene Au Pin999210
Rene MagritteLa Belle Heretique999210
Rene MagritteHommage a Shakespeare991500
Richard PrinceThe House996500
John CurrinJamita's Sister994000
Chu Teh-ChunUn Geste De Lumiere (A Gesture Of Light)982157
Zao Wou-Ki23.05.84968812
Peter LanyonWitness971702
Bridget RileyRed Return968028
Neo RauchTakt967470
Julian SchnabelWhat Once Denoted Chaos is Now a Matter of Record965000
Neil JenneyThreat and Sanctuary965000
Richard PrinceUntitled (Cowboy)967500
Pablo PicassoFigure967500
Richard PrinceUntitled (Cowboy)965000
Richard PrinceOld Man965000
Andy WarholCampbell's Soup Can967500
Wayne ThiebaudVarious Books967500
Carmen HerreraCerulean970000
Mira SchendelSem titulo970000
Jeff KoonsJim Beam (Passenger Car)965000
Ed RuschaYes Tree972500
George CondoFemale Portrait Composition972500
Tauba AuerbachUntitled (Fold)970000
George CondoWoman On Brown Chair972500
Kerry James MarshallVignette #5970000
Jacques LipchitzBaigneuse972500
Pierre SoulagesPeinture 92 X 65 Cm, 1955968120
Barbara HepworthTwo Forms in Echelon955660
Damien HirstDamien Hirst with David Bowie - Beautiful Hallo Space-Boy Painting957072
Piero ManzoniAchrome951480
Wassily KandinskyAn Die See Und An Die Sonne (To The Sea And The Sun)947890
Giorgio MorandiNatura Morta948235
Frank StellaNowe Miasto III (New Town III)943660
Yayoi KusamaAccreations I943660
Andy WarholShadow (Double)941000
Joan MitchellUntitled943500
Alexander CalderRat943500
George CondoBig John948500
Tsuguharu FoujitaPortrait De Youki Allongee (Reclining Nude, Youki)935756
Chaim SoutinePaysage du Midi937720
Max PechsteinDer Muhlengraben937720
Lucio FontanaConcetto Spaziale940216
Willem de KooningSeated Woman937500
Chu Teh-ChunAux Sources De La Nuit938639
Yoshitomo NaraLife Is Only One!938639
Enrico CastellaniSuperficie Blu931313
Piero ManzoniAchrome931313
Rene MagritteLes Fenetres De L'Aube930790
Cy TwomblyUntitled927120
Damien HirstBeautiful Shattering Slashing Violent Pinky Hacking Sphincter Painting920496
Jean-Michel BasquiatUntitled917620
Jean-Paul RiopelleSans Titre917620
Pablo PicassoGrand Vase Aux Femmes Nues (A. R. 115)918115
Zao Wou-KiL'Echelle904170
Andy WarholJackie907500
Daniel BurenPeinture aux Formes Variables905000
Howard HodgkinIn Raimund Stecker's Garden907500
Mark GrotjahnUntitled (Creamsicle 865)907500
Martin PuryearFraught907500
Marino MariniCavaliere905000
Anselm KieferDein Hausritt die Finstere Welle912500
David SmithAd Mare 912500
Felix Gonzalez-TorresUntitled (Last Light)912500
Robert MangoldThree Squares Within A Triangle910000
Diego RiveraSans Titre (Composition Cubiste)912500
Atsuko TanakaWork907695
Ronald VenturaMeeting Myths907695
Frank AuerbachFigure Seated on Bed899780
Zeng FanzhiUntitled899780
Sam FrancisWhite #5898205
Robert IndianaOne Through Zero (The Ten Numbers)897409
Edgar DegasDanseuse Regardant La Plante De Son Pied Droit (Deuxieme Etude)896580
Gerhard RichterKleine Sekretarin (Little Secretary)892380
Yayoi KusamaInfinity Nets OQWWS892380
Yayoi KusamaInfinity Nets895380
Sigmar PolkeUntitled893000
Adrian GhenieSelf Portrait As A Monkey879510
Neo RauchSUB875290
Laurence Stephen LowryHarbour Scene869110
Andy WarholMao874000
Damien HirstHydrastinine867410
Max ErnstOhne titel863447
Giorgio MorandiNatura Morta869653
Felix Gonzalez-TorresUntitled (March 5th) #2865310
Zeng FanzhiPortrait858421
Mark BradfordClick864773
Sean ScullyGrey Red864773
Rudolf StingelUntitled864580
Howard HodgkinPortrait Of The Artist863640
Damien HirstSalvation862292
Sean ScullyWall of Light Orange Red862292
Michelangelo PistolettoIl Presente, Figura su sfondo nero V (The Present. Figure on a Black Ground V)858190
Alexander CalderThe Black Mountain858190
Alexander CalderCritter Bleue Assise861340
Zeng FanzhiTrauma861072
Zhang XiaogangAmnesia and Memory (One Week)861072
Jia AiliMickey's Redemption854810
Yayoi KusamaThe Sea in the Evening Glow (Facing the Imminent Death)854810
George CondoThe Pilot847476
Marcel DuchampAir de Paris845000
Aristide MaillolBaigneuse sans draperie (Premier etat)847500
El AnatsuiExoke845000
David SmithLandscape with Strata845000
Andy WarholNine Campbell's Soup Cans847500
Robert GoberUntitled847500
Albert OehlenLammle Live845000
Andy WarholMao852500
Jim HodgesLight II (Stars)852500
Yayoi KusamaInfinity Nets (Twowq)850000
Glenn LigonFigure #92852500
Urs FischerUntitled852500
Marc ChagallDeux Tetes A La Fenetre845260
Hendra GunawanVillage Life 845807
Yayoi KusamaPumpkin (A.H.T)832189
Rudolf StingelUntitled832183
Gunther UeckerSpirale831900
Zao Wou-Ki13.1.90831900
Egon SchieleWeiblicher Akt Mit Gespreizten Beinen (Female Nude With Legs Spread)828160
Lucio FontanaConcetto Spaziale, Attese824010
Barbara HepworthStringed Figure (Curlew) (Version I)827170
Kerry James MarshallUntitled (Pin-up)821000
Anish KapoorUntitled821000
Helen FrankenthalerZarathustra823500
Edvard MunchAngst / Anxiety (W. 63; Sch. 61)826000
Giorgio MorandiNatura morta818830
Cy TwomblyRamses815170
Lucio FontanaConcetto Spaziale, Attesa815660
Zeng FanzhiClass One Series No. 1; 23; & 28812139
Gunther ForgUntitled815000
Zeng FanzhiUntitled 06-1809482
Patrick CaulfieldFoyer810768
Alexander CalderUntitled809000
Joan MiroSans Titre811050
Gino SeveriniTango argentino (Argentinian tango)845421
Lucio FontanaConcetto spaziale, Attese (Spatial concept, waitings)845421
Josef SimaEpave801830
Alighiero BoettiTutto801830
Gunther ForgUntitled 801597
Damien HirstCatechesis801597
Mark GrotjahnUntitled (Creamsicle 864)800150
Andy WarholJackie799500
Anselm KieferDer Wolken Heitere Stimmung797000
Samuel John PeploeRed and pink roses, oranges and fan787697
Anselm KieferOdi Navali786748
Josef AlbersHomage To The Square: Orange Tone785000
Anselm KieferLorelei785000
Michelangelo PistolettoGilardi Assis785000
Anselm KieferDie Grosse Fracht (The Heavy Cargo)787500
Georg BaselitzZwei Rehe (Two Deer)792500
Frank StellaKufa Gate790000
Robert RauschenbergRed Body790000
Laszlo Moholy-NagyCh P. Space Modulator Or Iridescent Space Modulator792500
Frank AuerbachSt Pancras Building Site, Summer786160
Manolo MillaresCuadro 64 (3)784491
Gino SeveriniDanseuse dans la lumiere (Dancer in the light)817285
Lucian FreudPoppy and Hand Puppet779140
SanyuNu 783918
Yayoi KusamaPumpkin783730
Zao Wou-KiUntitled776850
Yoshitomo NaraMagic Hand777570
Lucian FreudFrancis Bacon778840
Henri MatisseJeune Fille En Noir776840
Jean DubuffetEtanche Ibitryx Monte Creme772730
Jean-Paul RiopelleFleches771026
Roman Opalka1965/1-8, Detail- 4776969-4795472761900
Cindy ShermanUntitled #150768500
Camille PissarroRue De Village A Auvers759740
Jean DubuffetLe Gommeux760000
Rosemarie TrockelFramed Waterfall755725
Auguste RodinL’un des Bourgeois de Calais: Pierre de Wiessant, vetu, reduction750890
Donald JuddUntitled753371
Gunther UeckerRiß (Rupture)753371
Agnes MartinUntitled #10752540
Harold AncartUntitled751500
Alexander CalderUntitled751500
Maurizio CattelanMini-Me749000
Keith HaringKeith Haring - Untitled754000
Anselm KieferDie Ungeborenen754000
Ju MingTaichi Boxing752974
Chung Sang-HwaUntitled 82-1746670
Zao Wou-Ki20.10.65742830
Giorgio MorandiNatura Morta745789
Frank AuerbachE.O.W.'s Head On Her Pillow I744540
Yves KleinUntitled Pink Monochrome (Mp 17)740426
Georg BaselitzDer Bote740426
Leon KossoffTwo Seated Figures No.1 (My Parents)737000
Yayoi KusamaInfinity-Nets 744500
Piero ManzoniAchrome736670
Barbara HepworthConvolute730630
Paul DelvauxSoir D'Hiver729200
Man RayMademoiselle H...724150
Jean-Michel BasquiatUntitled (Blue Painting)727390
Roy LichtensteinBrushstroke Sculpture727390
Jean DubuffetBenefice du doute721820
Glenn LigonStranger Drawing #1725000
Yayoi KusamaFlowers That Bloom Tomorrow (M)725000
Jasper JohnsFlags I727500
Christopher WoolSans titre (P93)725000
Joe BradleyMouth And Foot (Cock And Balls)725000
Anish KapoorUntitled730000
Jean DubuffetTasse De The III (Orange Pekoe)730000
Yves TanguyLe Prodigue Ne Revient Jamais III732500
Fernando BoteroWoman in a Green Dress719539
Jan SchoonhovenQuadratenrelief Met Schuine Binnenvlakken In 4 Richtingen720800
Andy WarholMao720800
Donald JuddUntitled (DSS 115)713000
Mario SchifanoGrigio 402707360
Yoshitomo NaraDogs From Your Childhood703854
Henry MooreFamily Group708355
Fernando BoteroHorse706990
Shiy De-JinnYoung Girl706558
Adrian GhenieElvis706388
Lee UfanFrom Winds706388
Joel ShapiroUntitled701000
Alexander CalderBlack Waves, Three Dots701000
Philip GustonUntitled701000
Ad ReinhardtAbstract Painting, Blue703500
John ChamberlainValentine703500
Andy WarholJackie703500
Wayne ThiebaudSunglasses703500
Ellsworth KellyBlack Curve (Radius 12')708500
Alexander CalderMobile (Maquette)706000
Richard PrinceWeeping and Crying694650
Sterling RubySP119694650
Christopher WoolUntitled693090
Fernand LegerComposition Sur Fond Rouge691320
Pablo PicassoPortrait De Jeune Fille, D'Apres Cranach Le Jeune, II694000
Barry FlanaganHare and Bell687270
Lucio FontanaConcetto spaziale687270
Yayoi KusamaPumpkin684880
Alighiero BoettiAlternando Da Uno A Cento E Viceversa684675
Edward BurraTea-Leaves Overboard682504
Christopher R. W. NevinsonTroops Resting682300
Marcel DuchampWith Hidden Noise (A Bruit Secret)679094
Georges MathieuGrand Hommage A Jacques De Molay, Brule Vif A Paris En 1314675610
Keith HaringRed-Yellow-Blue #7684500
Josef AlbersStudy For Homage To The Square: Whisper682000
Richard PrinceUntitled682000
Antony GormleyGut II675950
Odilon RedonProfil Sous Une Arche670750
Jenny SavilleStudy For Isis And Horus673190
Wang XingweiArcadia669430
Enrico CastellaniSuperficie Bianca666740
Thomas SchutteKleiner Geist667370
Ellen GallagherDeLuxe665000
Rosemarie TrockelUntitled665000
David SmithMenand IV665000
James RosenquistWelcome to the Water Planet VI667500
Morris LouisDalet Sin672500
Donald JuddUntitled (91-161 Menziken)670000
Sigmar PolkeUntitled670000
Gunther ForgUntitled670000
Robert MangoldTriangle Within A Circle (Red)670000
Cy TwomblyUntitled (St. Maartin)660090
Ilya KabakovSobakin660090
Damien HirstUntitled #2 (Spot Painting)661909
Pierre-Auguste RenoirPaysage Bleu657400
Frank AuerbachThe Studios Under Snow658800
Damien HirstOmniscience658800
Henri MatisseJazz657110
Liu YeKilling Me Softly660142
Wang YidongThe Bride660142
Yayoi KusamaStatue of Venus Obliterated by Infinity Nets653080
Antony GormleyReserve II653080
Jan SchoonhovenRelief653080
Sam FrancisUntitled658000
Laurence Stephen LowryReservoir651460
Lucio FontanaMedusa653846
Andy WarholDollar Sign648669
Zao Wou-Ki2.3.60641800
Mike KelleyMemory Ware #37641000
Jean DubuffetPersonnages Des Legendes638282
Anselm KieferIn Quatuor Annos Patebo641450
Marlene DumasThe Peeping Tom641450
Lee UfanFrom Line No. 790228641650
Georg ScholzNachtlicher Larm (Nightly Noise)640000
Thomas SchutteWicht (Goblin)635990
Ad ReinhardtUntitled635990
Richard SerraC.C. III635990
Chung Sang-HwaUntitled 85-7-14639240
Gerhard RichterAbstraktes Bild639240
Lucio FontanaCrocifisso (Crucified Christ)662537
Wang GuangleTerrazzo No. 12626415
Mike KelleyCastrati Satan629000
Henri MatisseFillette debout, bras le long du corps631500
Bruce ConnerCannabis Collage631500
Jean DubuffetArbre Livre Et Gite636500
Richard EstesOn The Staten Island Ferry Looking Toward Manhattan634000
Josef AlbersStudy For Homage To The Square: Soft Signal634000
Ben Nicholson1940 (Two forms; project)626770
William RobertsWar Celebrations626770
Enrico CastellaniSuperficie Bianca626130
Mario SchifanoGrande particolare di paesaggio italiano a colori (Big Detail of an Italian Landscape in Colour)628972
Albert OehlenBehandlungen mit Kleber (Treatment with Glue)628890
Damien HirstDamnation628890
Frank StellaNorisring (XVI-3x)628890
Neo RauchGold625540
Takashi MurakamiLv Cosmic Blossom: Wisdom629580
Lee UfanFrom Line No. 215625580
Ai WeiweiDropping A Han Dynasty Urn629197
Wu DayuUntitled 24629197
Le PhoMaternity629197
Simon HantaiBlancs621830
Liu WeiPurple Air 1-1; Purple Air 1-2; Purple Air 1-3623080
Liu YeRed No. 2623080
Nicolas de StaelPaves Gris624500
Antony GormleyDrawn Apart624500
Moise KislingMimosas622900
Jean DubuffetTexturologie IV (Nuancee de rosatre)618900
Kees van DongenPortrait De Femme (L'Egyptienne)617360
Roy LichtensteinUntitled (Modern Painting)618088
Juan MunozPiggyback (2 Chinese Laughing)618084
Yue MinjunPost-Modern Garden420000
Ben Nicholson1933 (Still life with jug and bottle)609460
Sean ScullyMontserrat609460
Jenny SavilleHost606790
George CondoAppearing Figures606790
Sean ScullyDoric Light609044
Samuel John PeploeRoses in a vase against an orange background607366
Frank AuerbachThe Studios II603780
Pablo PicassoVisage607350
Jeff KoonsFind a quiet Table605000
Alex KatzDecember605000
Giulio PaoliniNotes for the Description of a Painting Dated 1972605000
Josef AlbersHomage to the Square: Restrained Glow605000
Adrian GheniePie Fight Study607500
Morris LouisPrime607500
Josef AlbersHomage To The Square: Earth And Air612500
Wayne ThiebaudBananas612500
Willem de KooningEast Hampton XVII612500
Helen FrankenthalerSecond Wind610000
Donald JuddUntitled612500
Pablo PicassoPortrait De Jeune Fille, D'Apres Cranach Le Jeune, II610000
Marc ChagallLa Lice Et La Compagne (Fables De La Fontaine)605800
Maximilien LuceParis, Le Pont-Neuf Et Le Quai Conti (Jour)605800
Gunther ForgOhne Titel (Untitled)601800
Adrian GhenieUntitled605070
Mark BradfordThe Father's “No”605070
Andy WarholBeatle Boots (Negative)595500
Alexander CalderCurly Brass600500
AffandiReclining Nude 598253
Zao Wou-KiBol et Feuilles sur Fond Rouge (Bowl and Leaves with Red Background)598110
Jim HodgesAngels Voices590990
Adrian GheniePie Fight Study 5593830
Antony GormleySubmit IV593830
Anselm KieferMaria im Rosen Haag (Mary in the Rose Garden)593593
Yun Hyong-KeunUmber-Blue 7-IIII-75592190
Hendra GunawanShielding from the Rain592190
Adrien Jean Le Mayeur De MerpresDancers in the Garden, Bali592190
Luciano FabroItalia All’Asta Verde592186
Mimmo RotellaAvventuroso 2592186
Harold GilmanInterior (Mrs Mounter)591312
Antoni TapiesMateria Sobre Fusta Amb Oval592974
Pierre SoulagesPeinture 130 x 92 cm, 8 Avril 1989587432
Lucio FontanaConcetto Spaziale590200
Isa GenzkenDoppelraum590200
Fausto MelottiCanone Variato Ii585520
Antoni TapiesCruz Negra Y Sinuoso581490
Cecily BrownFigures in a Garden #1581000
Robert MangoldDouble Circles #1581000
Alexander CalderUntitled581000
Robert RauschenbergRobert Rauschenberg - Headline581000
Andy WarholMyths581000
Sterling RubySp25581000
Richard Pousette-DartFrom The Mind Of The Sea588500
Anthony CaroFlats 588500
Josef AlbersHomage To The Square: Autumn Climax586000
Lee UfanWith Winds586000
Yayoi KusamaNuma586000
Franz KlineStudy For 'Figure'588500
Joan MitchellSeries July 25 (IV)586000
Damien HirstBeautiful Polarisation of a Polar Bear's Dream in the Polar Ice Painting586000
Simon HantaiEtude Pour Pierre Reverdy580256
Gunther UeckerKleine Wolke577960
Adrian GhenieDr. Mengele572330
Le PhoLa Jeune Fille Aux Pommes-Cannelle564547
Carl AndreThirteenth Copper Cardinal567620
Jean-Michel BasquiatBack of the Neck576500
Enrico CastellaniSuperficie bianca566723
Chu Teh-ChunComposition N°9567538
Yue MinjunHappiness567170
Henry MooreMother and Child562283
Frank AuerbachHead of Jake557530
Rudolf StingelUntitled556440
George CondoWoman & Man556440
Anish KapoorUntitled557000
Alexander CalderBrass on Piano Legs557000
George CondoToy Head564500
Michael BorremansPony (II)555090
Tano FestaVia Veneto 2 (Via veneto 2)578129
Kazuo ShiragaShinsen Na Aka (Vivid Red)555900
Sean ScullyDust555900
Gunther ForgUntitled555900
Max ErnstDimanche Apres-Midi Sur Les Champs Elysees554480
Wassily KandinskyFidel (Jolly)554480
Richard PrinceDo I Seem Insecure553820
Agostino BonalumiAmbiente bianco (White Environment)551161
Anish KapoorUntitled551089
Gunther UeckerDiagonale Teilung voeneinander weg (Diagonal Division)551089

All images courtesy Christie’s and Sotheby’s, used for illustrative purposes only.