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Behold Our Most Popular Galleries in January!

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February 1, 2017
Passionate about art, frequent visitor of exhibitions, Widewalls photography specialist and Editor-in-Chief.

One month into the new year, we already have our schedules full with exciting exhibitions and events ahead of us. Galleries and art spaces around the world are ready to host yet another exciting roster of shows for us to visit and enjoy, hence it is a great pleasure for us to be able to bring these to you. After a series of Christmas exhibitions behind us, we’ve also focused on all the artworks on display you certainly shouldn’t miss in 2017, as the year already looks promising when it comes to the world of contemporary arts. As for Widewalls’ own ever-growing database of top-notch galleries around the globe, we are proud to present the most popular ones in the month behind us and let you know what their remarkable programs for the month ahead are! Scroll down to find out.

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Imitate Modern - On New Location!

With a brand new gallery space at 19 Shepherd Market in London, Imitate Modern is set to continue with an even better program this year! They have already announced an exhibition titled New Beginnings, which will be all about newness. Here, we can find the latest bodies of work by artists Tyler Shields, Rebecca Mason, Henry Hate, Tony McGee, Rich Simmons, Cartrain, Nick Waplington, Oliver Dunsch and many more, along with a new selection of Taschen art books!

Benjamin Eck - Contemporary Art in Munich

After a wonderful showcase featuring the works of Reisha Perlmutter and Eunjung Seo, Munich’s Benjamin Eck Contemporary Art is set to open another exhibition featuring a dynamic duo of artists: Sheila Furlan and Dieter Noss. Entitled VERNETZT, it will let the visitors get an insight into the interior of a human being, through a series of sculptures out of cloth and thread and wire pieces. On view through March 4th, 2017!

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Art is Just a Four Letter Word - An Urban Art Hotspot

Located in Soest, Germany, art is just a four letter word is an urban art hotspot on a continental scale. On view for a month starting February 18th, the gallery will host a solo show by German artist Mason, whose unique lettering left a deep mark on the graffiti history of his country and beyond. This will be his first ever solo exhibition at the gallery, and the title For Your Eyes Only surely promises a spectacle that should not be missed!

Galerie Nicolas Xavier - Showcasing the Contemporary

Galerie Nicolas Xavier is a space putting on display and promoting the very best of urban and contemporary art today. The viewers have been able to visit the exhibition dedicated to Bault and his intriguing characters, while it is certain we can look forward to even more renowned creatives to put their artwork on view here. If you find yourself in the French Montpellier area, feel free to stop by and check them out!

Vroom and Varossieau - Not To Be Missed

At Vroom&Varossieau, the incredible line-up of exhibitions dedicated to the uniqueness of street art today doesn’t seem to stop. Through February 26th, 2017, there will be a great solo show of Jaune, with whom we also had the pleasure of talking just recently. I wish you could see it for real is definitely inviting us to look harder at the artist’s curious sanitation workers, spread across numerous paintings and installations.

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Jonathan LeVine - From Gallery to Projects!

It is already a promising start of the year for Jonathan LeVine, whose initiative moved from New York to Jersey City and became Jonathan LeVine Projects! They have now teamed up with the local Mana Contemporary, with a new group show already in the works. Opening on February 18th, it will showcase the former gallery’s biggest artists and will welcome the new visitors in New Jersey in style. We wish them good luck and we’re looking forward to their new projects coming up!