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Galleries You Must Visit - October's Favorites

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November 2, 2016
Passionate about art, frequent visitor of exhibitions, Widewalls photography specialist.

In the midst of the art fair season, we are blessed with many opportunities to see remarkable exhibitions of our favorite artists outside the gallery spaces as well. As ART.FAIR Cologne is behind us, we are looking forward to the 2016 edition of Artissima, where the eclectic modern and contemporary art from Italy will meet the international scene yet again. Many of our favorite galleries will once more be there to show their very best works, but let’s not forget the amazing shows opening outside the realms of art fairs as well, which are definitely worth our attention and time. Straight from our galleries database, following our monthly tradition, we bring you the most popular spaces you should visit, as we explore what’s on view and what’s coming next! Scroll down.

kunzt - An Online Gallery Par Excellence

As one of Europe’s longest-existing online galleries, kunzt was founded in Belgium by Kris Ghesquière. Since then, they have done nothing but grow, counting over 40,000 worldwide subscribers and an impressive, comprehensive artwork database featuring original artworks, limited edition prints and sculptures by the world’s best artists. Kunzt also partners with galleries and publishers from around the globe and we invite collectors to consign their works to sell.

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Urban Spree Gallery - Berlin’s Finest

Last month, we had the pleasure of talking to Pascal Feucher of Berlin’s Urban Spree Gallery at the 2016 Berliner Liste fair. As one of the most prominent urban art galleries in the German capital and beyond, they offer a range of top-quality exhibitions, such as the one of Hendrik Czakainski, currently on view at their space through November 12th. We’re looking forward to see which world-class artist working in this exciting artistic movement will have a show at their 400 square meter exhibition space next!

  • Galerie Urbaine

Galerie Urbaine - A Space in Uzes

Located in Uzes, France, Galerie Urbaine often hosts some of the most famous urban artists, such as C215, Shepard Fairey, SEEN, as well as the gems of the current generations such as Kurar, Nyne Factory, Zeklo. In October, they held a solo show dedicated to artist L’insecte, dedicating their space to Joachim Romain before that. They remain committed to the promotion of urban art as one of the most exciting movements of our time, constantly expanding the roster of their represented artists.

  • Thomas Baumgartel stencils

30works Gallery - Urban and Contemporary Art in Cologne

Just a while ago, we’ve been able to visit the booth of Cologne’s 30works Gallery at the local ART.FAIR, where they exhibited the works of three remarkable artists that are Van Ray, Salvador Ginard and Peintre X. In the meantime, at their space a showcase of photographs by Sander Dekker just concluded, opening the space up for a group show opening on the 4th of November and featuring works of AVone, Johann Büsen, Fabian Gatermann, Salvador Ginard, Harald Klemm and Peintre X. Another display not to be missed!