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These are the Most Popular Galleries in September!

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  • BC Gallery
  • most popular galleries
  • most popular galleries
  • most popular galleries
October 1, 2016

At the end of every month, we present the list of the most popular galleries as chosen by our readers. September was a very interesting and vivid month; after the summer break and holidays, the contemporary art machine is back with dozens of amazing exhibitions taking place, with big fairs and renowned auctions. As we look behind at the last 30 days, we see a big number of amazing shows that we wrote about, many of them still on view, so be sure to check them out! We are diving into the fall art season, more and more exhibitions will be organized, so be sure to regularly visit our galleries database page, where you can find articles about all the ongoing and upcoming shows.

Widewalls Gallery Section photos photo national news privacy . It is always difficult to decide what is the best art space. Year by year , it's a different space, sometimes located in Paris , sometimes in New York. Paris is known for its amazing galleries, and in 2014 , Paris saw the most interesting exhibition in the year . National spaces are always popular . It's always important to just search and search and search for contact day by day , and day by day , go to the home pages of the wesbsites, take a look at contact and privacy terms , follow the news , see videos and images and you will find world best cultural spaces . What is the best space ? It's difficult to answer , but just search and follow the images and videos It's also important to follow world national scenes from 2014 and look photos or a photo . News are also important if you want to see the best cultural spaces
Widewalls Gallery Section
  • most popular galleries

Urban Spree - Berlin Art at its Finest

Berlin-based Urban Spree Gallery seems to be more active than ever before. Only in September, Urban Spree participated at Berliner Liste fair, and it also organized the exhibition of Polish artist Mikolaj Rejs at the Galerie’s Ecke space. Located at the very center of the Germany’s capital city, this gallery promotes a grassroots artistic approach, working closely with street and graffiti artists, urban photographers and contemporary artists.

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GraffitiStreet - Online Platform for Urban Art

GraffitiStreet is an online gallery serving as leading urban art store bringing you some of the world’s best street art. A premier place for a collector looking to expand their urban art collection, the gallery is completely immersed in the world of graffiti and contemporary art created in the public space. The GraffitiStreet focuses on the most rebellious expressions of street and urban art and their roster includes some of the most renowned names of urban art scene.

  • Galerie Urbaine

Galerie Urbaine - Urban Art Gallery in the Hearth of France

Located in the town of Uzes, in south France, Galerie Urbaine is dedicated to promoting street and urban art. But, it’s also dedicated to other contemporary art movements. Among the artists the gallery represents are: ARDPG, Barros Melvyn, C215, Jean-Michel CAVALLI, Robert COMBAS, Dada Wa and many others.