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Most Viewed Videos In October

  • street art
November 1, 2014

Last month’s video highlights list is topped by the personal documentary of Steve Powers. Next up is the legendary David Choe with Asa Akira with their second episode of Saga 2. The third episode ranks in fifth place right after the studio visit of Jose Parla and Peter Doig. In sixth position is an excerpt of the movie “Skin” that shows Damien Hirst‘s execution of the famous “Butterfly Tattoo”. Following Hirst is Shepard Fairey with a short teaser for the exhibition at CAC Malaga. In eighth position is a time lapse video of Never2501 creating a black mural on white surface. In ninth position is the Empty Walls 2014 video that documents the artists at work. Completing our Top 10 list is the announcement from MTO about his pop-up exhibition and subsequent auction of his works. These are your most viewed videos for October…

1. GB Up Close and Personal: Steve Powers

2. DVDASA – Saga 02 – Chapter 002 – Sardines

3. In Studio with Jose Parla

4. Peter Doig: Famous Artists “are quickly forgotten”

5. DVDASA – Saga 02 – Chapter 003 – The Window

6. Skin Excert: Damien Hirst’s Butterfly Vagina Tattoo in Action

7. Spraying Bricks – Shepard Fairey (Obex) x CAC Malaga

8. Almost Black

9. Empty Walls 2014

10. MTO – First Solo Show

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