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Multifarious Abstraction at Fabien Castanier Gallery

  • Fabien Castanier gallery, Culver City
  • Fabien Castanier gallery, Culver City
June 18, 2015
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Fabien Castanier gallery in Culver City, California will be featuring the work of five Latin American artists at a group exhibition titled Multifarious Abstraction. The exhibition represent the exploration of different themes in relation to art and an artistic experience through the works of conceptual abstraction. The participants are questioning the traditional artistic vocabulary and refuse to separate the art from everyday life. Artworks displayed at the exhibition are challenging the notion of pure aesthetics separated from reality and in this show the abstraction is strongly related to industrial and popular culture, inner struggle, politics, gender and experiences of the artist.

Fabien Castanier gallery, Culver City
Ricardo Rendón – Dos Estados

Multifarious Abstraction by the Latin American artist

The central topic of the Multifarious Abstraction exhibition is the mixture of high art and everyday life that is easier for the participating artists to relate to considering that the separation between high and low culture in not as prominent in the Latin American art as it is in Europe and United States. Chilean artist Magdalena Atria had worked with many different media but kept on coming back to plasticine, the material she consider to be flexible and fragile but also very common and familiar. For the Multifarious Abstraction exhibition she created several colorful and complex surfaces that aim to connect the ideal represented by the abstract art with the reality embodied by the material used.

Antonio Muñiz employs the surrealist art technique of fumage to explore the concept of gray area where the mind is free and duality overpowered. Fumage is an unique style of creating forms and compositions with the use of candle smoke. Complex compositions are made by varying the angles and distance between the candle and the surfaces. Antonio Muñiz’s artworks are dealing with the abstraction of gray area that is a place where the contradictions such as black and white or right and wrong are deconstructed and the mind is free of any pre-determinated responses. Ricardo Rendón is an artist famous for his works characterized by the vise use of non-conventional materials such as sand paper, felt or leather and the space where they are presented. At Multifarious Abstraction group show he will be presenting two free standing sculptures made out of copper and industrial felt that change the perception of pluming and show of his traditional know-how while the artist rearranges copper pipes that form his unique art peaces.

Fabien Castanier gallery, Culver City
Magdalena Atria – Septaria III (detail)

Political Exploration at Multifarious Abstraction

A more politically charged artwork comes from Venezuela as the artist Mariángeles Soto-Díaz discusses the issues of social equality. The Pink Elephant in the Room is an ink and acrylic on canvas artwork that reflects the invisibility of gender and racial inequality in the art world while re-signifying the language of abstract painting. Black Mexican and American flags made by the Mexican-born and L.A.-based artist Rubén Ortiz-Torres strongly embody the minority’s standpoints while at the same time referring to the anarchistic ideology in contemporary society. His other artwork Womb Envy represents the artist’s fascination with the car paint industry latest achievements while showing the baby-bump artwork made of urethane, thermo-chromic paint and high-density foam.

Fabien Castanier gallery, Culver City
Left : Rubén Ortiz-Torres – Womb Envy / Right : Ricardo Rendón – Circuitos de iluminación

Latin American Abstraction at Fabien Castanier Gallery

Multifarious Abstraction group exhibition at Fabien Castanier gallery in Culver City will open on Saturday, June 20th and opening reception will be held the same day from 6pm to 9pm. The visitors will be able to take a glimpse into the works of the fines Latin American artists that connect the purity and idealism of abstract art with the complexity and struggle of everyday life. Multifarious Abstraction exhibition at Fabien Castanier gallery will close on July 25th, 2015.

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Featured Image: Magdalena Atria – Septaria I, (detail)

All images courtesy of Fabien Castanier gallery