L'histoire en marron

Johannes Mundinger - L'histoire en marron (detail), Boulogne sur Mer, 2016 - image courtesy of The Art Union
Artist: Johannes Mundinger
Creation Year: 2016
Location: Boulogne-sur-mer, FR

A Celebration of the Sea

Johannes Mundinger was one of five artists invited to a small coastal town of Boulogne sur Mer, where they each painted a wall in the city center. His mural, titled L’histoire en marron, is a reflection of the city’s history. The sea has always been important to the people of this harbor town. Once again, Mundinger makes his piece look alive by choosing not to use typical water colors. He rather integrates his works with their environment, and L’histoire en marron is no exception. The piece goes very well with its yellow, brown and yellow surrounding. Architectural forms are slowly being born from the floating shapes, making the mural look quite astonishing.

Johannes Mundinger
Johannes Mundinger - L'histoire en marron, Boulogne sur Mer, 2016 - image courtesy of The Art Union

Johannes Mundinger
Johannes Mundinger working on L'histoire en merron, Boulogne sur Mer, 2016 - photo credits Guillaume Euchin