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Koons and Philanthropy

  • Jeff Koons and Philanthropy
September 12, 2014

It would be an overstatement of sorts if one would say that the activities of artists indubitably embody the idea of altruism. However, there are people who are leaving a significant mark not only on the surface of contemporary art, but also on a humanitarian level. It would be an exercise in futility to explain the artistic practice of Jeff Koons – the name itself has become synonymous with an entire dimension of contemporary art. His presence in public space is always a notable one, whether it may concern the actual space of galleries and museums or the community of digital reality. These days, Mr. Koons became involved in an interesting and inspiring project…

Jeff Koons and Philanthropy
Jeff Koons, artwork

Project Perpetual

This project articulates the creative capital abundant in the activities of contemporary artists and the possibilities to help those who are endangered. Project Perpetual raises funds and facilitates advocacy for children who are identified by the United Nations as high-risk groups. Thus, each particular project is an attempt to influence businesses, governments and the cultural sphere to engage in an action with a goal to transform an object of significance. This, in turn, the project creates a source of inspiration for the artists who create unique art pieces. This way, the artwork becomes an everlasting symbol of good-heartedness. The sale of the exclusive artworks constitutes an important means of raising funds. The project is perpetual since it is grounded on the source of unlimited power of creative work…

Jeff Koons and Philanthropy
Jeff Koons, Gazing Ball (Ariadne), 2013

Jeff Koons for United Nations Foundation

Project Perpetual has began its philanthropy mission by enlisting Jeff Koons to be the first artist to create a series of new works. The idea of the project is to collaborate with a different artist every year. Sculptures, which Jeff Koons is already working for, will be auctioned on November 9th at a dinner at the Four Seasons restaurant in New York. The sculptures will be made of luxury handbags donated for the project by Marc Jacobs, Almine Ruiz-Picasso, Diane von Furstenberg, Sofia Coppola and others. The beneficiary of the sale will be Shot@Life, a United Nations Foundation’s campaign. Mr. Koons has said that there is a deep connection between art and philanthropy, since “they are both about a way of life.” The artist has also stated that the idea of looking at the world differently by understanding joy and pleasure comes from asking oneself the question “how can I receive a sense of greater fulfillment in this life through a commitment to helping others?” It seems that the artist has chosen a virtuous path of immediate action and altruistic nature…

Jeff Koons and Philanthropy
Jeff Koons