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A Stoneware Tankard - Annaberg, circa 1670

A Stoneware Tankard - Annaberg, circa 1670-

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A Stoneware Tankard - Annaberg, circa 1670
height: 22 cm
Medium :
Stoneware with brown slip glaze glaze, embellished in enamels and gilding.
Dated 1630, hallmarked
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Neumeister Munich

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Notes :
Pewter cover and base, cover engraved with weavers guild emblem. Tapering cylindrical form with ear-shaped handle. Relief decoration. The front a with female bust, flanked on each side by a reclining deer, on each side of the handle a bear hunting scene. Rosette and palm fruit frieze. Minor damage to pewter cover. Cf. Horschik, Josef, Steinzeug. Dresden 1978, p. 237, illustration 115.