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Moral Metaphors Visualized by Otto d'Ambra at Burning Giraffe Art Gallery

  • otto d’ambra exhibition
  • otto d’ambra exhibition
  • otto d’ambra exhibition
May 11, 2016
Alias of Ksenija Pantelić

Surrealism as a lens through which he looks at the world aids the Milan-born artist Otto D’ Ambra in the creation of his lyrical, technically precise works. Working across a variety of artistic disciplines, such as etching, drawing, tattoo art, graphics, Otto D’ Ambra ‘s new exhibition Ecce Animal, curated by Giuseppe Savoca follows the artist’s recognizable style and the mixture of the familiar and the surreal. This time, it is the Burning Giraffe Art Gallery in Torino that has the privilege to showcase the re-edition of a show that the artist held in March in London. Comprised of twenty works, some new ones created for this occasion as well, the exhibition showcases the wide variety of techniques mastered by the artist.

otto d’ambra exhibition
Left: Otto D’Ambra – Monday Morning / Right: Otto D’Ambra – Eulogy

Fantastical Creatures of Otto D’Ambra

Challenging the perception of reality, the fantastic world of the animals is the point of departure that lifts the artist’s creativity to roaring heights. Behind the detailed and minute graphic realism, which characterizes Otto D’Ambra’s works, lays the word where nothing is what it looks like at a first glance. Two-headed zebra with octopus legs and the body of the kangaroo is just one of the fantastical creatures that D’Ambra creates for us aiming to use the strong animal symbolism to visualize a series of moral metaphors, which focus on raising the understanding of the chaotic and schizophrenic world we all share. Could the fantastical, mythological creators stand as a warning of the world approaching, where the reality is blurred and the dominance of technology has destroyed any understandable natural laws? The hybrid creatures are both beautiful and yet at the same time we are left wondering if they are creatures of nightmares or animal spirits sent to guide us.

otto d’ambra exhibition
Otto D’Ambra – Points of View

Variety of Techniques

Well-known for his pictorial and graphic drawings, set designs, and body art, D’Ambra started his career as a designer for a variety of interior design practices in Milan. Always on the side of experimentation, his love and need for artistic creativity led the artist to focus on his individual art projects. In 2013, D’Ambra opened his own studio White Elephant in London where he works on numerous fantastical artworks and experiments, that are more often than not, filled with the surrealist atmosphere. This is also evident in his new exhibition Ecce Animal, where the works presented are black and white ink drawings on paper, etchings, drypoint and lithography prints. The base for all of the works presented is found in the balanced design and amazing ability that D’Ambra displays for the production of the most amazing and detailed examples of contemporary drawings, collages, and prints.

otto d’ambra exhibition
Left: Otto D’Ambra – Music Evolution / Right: Otto D’Ambra – Behind the Beauty

Otto D’Ambra new exhibition at Burning Giraffe Art Gallery

The exhibition Ecce Animal, curated by Giuseppe Savoca, is an opportunity for the public to enter a world of phantasmagoric creatures of Otto D’Ambra. Standing as powerful icons, both surreal and symbolic, the creatures capture the public’s attention by the precise technological execution and then hold the gaze by offering a new ironic and witty view of the society created with the use of animals. By entering the world of the new hybrid horizons, presented to the public in the period between May12th and June 11th, 2016, at the Burning Giraffe Art Gallery in Torino, the artist presents to us his personal view of the world around us and his enormous talent that occupies different art disciplines.

All images courtesy of the artist and the Burning Giraffe Art Gallery. Featured images in slider: Otto D’Ambra – The Heart Breaker, drawing; Otto D’Ambra – Beauty and the Beast, drawing; Otto D’Ambra – App Generation, etching.