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Paris Photo LA 2015

  • Paris Photo LA 2015 news
  • Paris Photo LA 2015 news
April 30, 2015

One of the most renowned fairs in the world – Paris Photo LA 2015 is preparing for its third edition in Los Angeles. After very successful Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2015 art fair,  this very unique and original event takes place in the biggest Californian city; a fair that is now in its 18th year, and which takes place twice a year – at the Grand Palais in Paris in the fall and at Paramount Pictures Studios in Los Angeles in the spring. Paris Photo Los Angeles is the US edition of this famous fair that is focusing on the photographic medium. But, it’s not only about photographs, fine art photography and evolution of contemporary photography, but also about moving images and other artworks from the 20th and 21st centuries that are using photography and moving image. And, to be honest, is there a better place for exhibiting amazing photographs and moving images then in one of the central Hollywood’s studios? Paris Photo Los Angeles 2015 exhibitors will present historical and contemporary bodies of works, cutting edge solo shows, and book projects by renowned and emerging artists and their arts in the legendary Paramount Pictures’ soundstages and the New York Street Backlot’s exclusive movie set replicas of NYC streets. In this extraordinary space, 79 premier galleries and specialized book dealers will be present – great opportunity for making contacts. For Los Angeles 2015, a focus will be made on presentations dedicated to the work of one artist with over 30 gallery solo shows, highlighting both the emerging ones and cutting edge young galleries. Exhibitors are coming from 17 countries worldwide (mostly from Europe), and the program itself is divided into several sectors, with the main focus on projects.

  • Paris Photo LA 2015 news
  • Paris Photo LA 2015 news

Paris Photo LA 2015 Highlights

Without any doubt, Paris Photo Los Angeles 2015 central events will be focused on solo shows – presentations dedicated to the work of one artist with over 30 gallery solo shows, highlighting both emerging ones and cutting edge young ones. Apart from 23 renowned galleries participating in the Solo Show section, this year there will be also 20 young galleries – exhibitors present, with 16 solo shows, and 25 galleries in Highlight section as well. Be sure to visit the Fabien Castanier booth that will exhibit the work of Canadian photographer, Diana Thorneycroft. Also, some of the highlights of Paris Photo LA 2015 include: Jenkins Johnson presenting Melanie Pullen; Taschen presenting master photographers David Bailey, Anton Corbijn, Gered Mankowitz, Terry Richardson, Dominique Tarléand and Albert Watson; Catherine Edelman Gallery presenting Daniel Beltrá,  Floriane de Lassée,  Heather Dewey-Hagorg, Ysabel LeMay , Sandro Miller and Gregory Scott; Dillon Gallery presenting Cristina De Middel, Ricardo Cases, and Max Pinckers; and many others.

Paris Photo LA 2015
Edward Burtynsky – Eystri-Rangá River, Iceland, 2012. C-print, edition of 6. Von Lintel Gallery

Paris Photo LA 2015 Additional Program

One of the main features of the Paris Photo Los Angeles fair is its rich additional program (this year as well), with many opportunities for collectors and dealers to make contacts. Apart from amazing list of exhibitors participating in the main program, special SOUND & VISION conversation series about arts will be organized. This program will offer guests a wide array of intellectual perspectives on the use of image from some of the leading international masters and curators working today, with opportunities to make contacts (so the fair is not only about shop and sale). Also, after the success of last year’s UNEDITED! Archives of the Los Angeles PD exhibition, the program returns with CALIFORNIA UNEDITED! unveiling an exceptional collection of 19th century pictures from the R.J. Arnold Archive, curated by Anthony Lepore. This program is not only for the VIP guests, but for every guest as well. Finally, in support of young talent, Paris Photo (with its partner) will present the INTRODUCING! Young California Photographer Award, with J.P. Morgan Private Bank as a partner. The finalists and the award winner will be exhibited at the Fair.

Paris Photo LA 2015
Thierry Fontaine – Une île de plus, 2003, C-print, JPMorgan Chase Art Collection

Paris Photo LA 2015 – Practical Information

The Paris Photo LA 2015 will take place at Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Guests can buy tickets online. The art fair opens on May 1st, and it will last until May 3rd.

Scroll down, and take a look at the list of exhibitors. Bellow you will also find floor plan.

  • Paris Photo LA 2015 news

Paris Photo LA 2015 - List of Exhibitors and Floor Plan

AcmeStage 31 - Stand 8Zaki Amir
Ag GalerieStage 14 - Stand 8Ghazali Mohammad
ammann//galleryStage 31 - Stand 2Binet Hélène, Sachs Rolf
Andrea MeislinStage 31 - Stand 24Azoulay Ilit, Evron Assaf, Frydlender Barry, Shochat Tal, Strassheim Angela
APERTURENew York Backlot - Stand D1_x000D_ Alshaibi Sama, Arbus Diane, Callis Jo Ann, Davidson Bruce, Fulford Jason, Goldin Nan, Hido Todd, Hugo Pieter, Kawauchi Rinko, Koudelka Josef, Lyon Danny, Mark Mary Ellen, Misrach Richard, Mollison James, Moriyama Daido, Mosse Richard, Naudé Daniel, Olaf Erwin, Parr Martin, Pillsbury Matthew, Sherry David Benjamin, Shore Stephen, Strand Paul, Thomas Mickalene, Umbrico Penelope, van Meene Hellen, Welling James, Wojnarowicz David
ART LEXÏNGStage 31 - Stand 15_x000D_ de Pibrac Pierre-Elie, Menlibayeva Almagul, Shih Quentin
ARTBOOK | D.A.P.New York Backlot - Stand C5_x000D_ Divine Jeff, Humble John, Hyers Martin, Mebane William, O'Neal Jane, Slack Mike, Street-Porter Tim
Bernhard Knaus Fine ArtNew York Backlot - Stand B1_x000D_ Peters Ralf
Black Eye GalleryStage 14 - Stand 14_x000D_ Evangelidis Tom
bookshop MNew York Backlot - Stand M2_x000D_ A-chan, Araki Nobuyoshi, Fujiwara Shinya, Homma Takashi, Imai Tomoki, Kon Michiko, Kumagai Seiji, Miyoshi Kozo, Moriyama Daido, Motoda Keizo, Nagashima Yurie, Ninagawa Mika, Nomura Sakiko, Nomura Hiroshi, Omori Katsumi, Sanai Masafumi, Sawatari Hajime, Takahashi Kyoji, Takimoto Mikiya, Tamura Akihide, Tatsuki Yoshihiro, Teller Juergen, Watanabe Yoichi, Yoshinaga Masayuki
BREESE LITTLEStage 14 - Stand 12_x000D_ Kempenaers Jan, NASA Photographers
Bruce Kapson GalleryStage 32 - Stand 14_x000D_ Sheriff Curtis Edward
Capricious 88Stage 14 - Stand 4_x000D_ Ren Hang
Casemore KirkebyNew York Backlot - Stand H2_x000D_ Hido Todd
Catherine EdelmanStage 31 - Stand 16_x000D_ Beltra Daniel, De Lassée Floriane, Dewey-Hagborg Heather, Itkoff Michael, LeMay Ysabel, Miller Sandro, Scott Gregory
Charlie James GalleryStage 31 - Stand 14_x000D_ Comani Daniela, Gomez Ramiro
Cherry and MartinNew York Backlot - Stand G2_x000D_ Thomas Lew
Christophe GaillardNew York Backlot - Stand G1_x000D_ Unglee
DAMIANINew York Backlot - Stand B2_x000D_ Brandt Matthew, Cattelan Maurizio, Guardans Xavier, Mitteldorf Klaus, Ridgers Derek, Serrano Andres, Sugimoto Hiroshi, Wasser Julian
De Soto GalleryStage 14 - Stand 2_x000D_ Trujillo Joaquin
DIANE ROSENSTEIN GalleryStage 32 - Stand 10_x000D_ Antin Eleanor, Hummel Hannah, Kuhn Mona, Lichtenstein Miranda, Müller Karin Apollonia, Rolston Matthew
Dillon GalleryStage 31 - Stand 18_x000D_ Cases Ricardo, De Middel Cristina, Pinckers Max
DOCUMENT ARTNew York Backlot - Stand D4_x000D_ T. Vizcaíno Zoé, T. Vizcaíno Zoé
Downtown PhotoroomStage 14 - Stand 10_x000D_ Tavitian Avo
EquinoxStage 31 - Stand 6_x000D_ Elder Marten, Herzog Fred
EthertonStage 32 - Stand 20_x000D_ Gibson Ralph, Gibson Ralph
Fabien Castanier GalleryStage 14 - Stand 9_x000D_ Thorneycroft Diana, Thorneycroft Diana
Flowers GalleryStage 31 - Stand 7_x000D_ Boomoon, Kander Nadav, Kuhn Mona, Vitturi Lorenzo
Galeria LumeNew York Backlot - Stand C1_x000D_ Cohen Maxi, Edinger Claudio
Galerie Clémentine de la FéronnièreStage 14 - Stand 15_x000D_ Baudouin, de Pibrac Pierre-Elie, Habib Alla Abdulatif Abbas, Iverné Claude, Mahdi Rashid
Galerie de RoussanNew York Backlot - Stand D2_x000D_ Mogenet Juliette, Mogenet Juliette
Galerie E.G.PStage 14 - Stand 6_x000D_ Rom Rachel
Galerie Suzanne TarasieveNew York Backlot - Stand G5_x000D_ Teller Juergen
Gallery JonesNew York Backlot - Stand C3_x000D_ Singer Danny
Gallery Paule AnglimStage 32 - Stand 1_x000D_ Carter John, Conner Bruce, Conner Jean, Coppola Eleanor, Dorsky Nathaniel, Hershman Lynn, Labat Tony, Oursler Tony, Priola J. John
Garis & HahnStage 14 - Stand 5_x000D_ Levy Julien
GRIMMNew York Backlot - Stand C6_x000D_ Dolron Desiree
GUSFORD | los angelesNew York Backlot - Stand H1_x000D_ Hajjaj Hassan
HamiltonsStage 32 - Stand 7_x000D_ Ballen Roger, Bensimon Gilles, Felländer Jacob, Fredericks Murray, Horst Horst P., Israel Kobi, Leibovitz Annie, McCullin Don, Mocafico Guido, Mollino Carlo, Moriyama Daido, Naundorf Cathleen, Newton Helmut, Olaf Erwin, Penn Irving, Rheims Bettina, Ritts Herb, Schapiro Steve, Seike Tomio, Thomas Christopher, Watson Albert
HARDHITTA GALLERYNew York Backlot - Stand D5_x000D_ Shabazz Jamel
HARPER'S BOOKSNew York Backlot - Stand L1_x000D_ Alvarez Bravo Manuel, Colen Dan, Johnson Bob, Kinzazadan, Korine Harmony, Prince Richard, Terasaki Hisashi, Warhol Andy, Wool Christopher
In The GalleryStage 32 - Stand 12_x000D_ Gils Jacob, Ingemann Carsten, Moore Andrew
Ingleby GalleryStage 31 - Stand 1_x000D_ Cauchi Ben, Cooper Thomas Joshua, Derges Susan, Fabian Miller Garry, Liversidge Peter
Jenkins Johnson GalleryStage 32 - Stand 16_x000D_ Pullen Melanie
Klein Sun GalleryStage 31 - Stand 3_x000D_ Bolin Liu
Klowden MannStage 32 - Stand 17_x000D_ Hubby Bettina, Ndiritu Grace
lam galleryStage 14 - Stand 3_x000D_ Crosher Zoe, Crosher Zoe
LIBRAIRIE 213New York Backlot - Stand M1_x000D_ Bramly Sophie, Gursky Andreas, Ruff Thomas
Little Big Man GalleryNew York Backlot - Stand C7_x000D_ Araki Nobuyoshi, Daifu Motoyuki
Louise Alexander GalleryStage 31 - Stand 5_x000D_ Bourdin Guy, Pigalle Sabine
Luis De Jesus Los AngelesStage 32 - Stand 8_x000D_ Bonner Kate, Engman Chris, Gonzales-Day Ken, Halloran Lia
M+BNew York Backlot - Stand G3_x000D_ Grannis LeRoy
M97 GalleryNew York Backlot - Stand C4_x000D_ Ningde Wang
MACKNew York Backlot - Stand F2_x000D_ Demand Thomas, Porter Matthew, Rødland Torbjørn, Schorr Collier, Soth Alec, Struth Thomas
MAMANew York Backlot - Stand H3_x000D_ Sternberg Cole, Sternberg Cole
MARC SELWYNStage 32 - Stand 5_x000D_ Misrach Richard, Ruppersberg Allen, Stuart Michelle, Wegman William
Mariane Ibrahim GalleryNew York Backlot - Stand D3_x000D_ Guerresi Maimouna Patrizia, Yoshida Kimiko
MARTIN ASBÆKStage 32 - Stand 18_x000D_ Jensen Astrid Kruse, Liebscher Martin, Wittrup Ebbe Stub
NextLevel GalerieNew York Backlot - Stand C2_x000D_ Guillou Ronan
NIKOLAUS RUZICSKAStage 32 - Stand 6_x000D_ Hoflehner Josef
Officine dell'ImmagineStage 14 - Stand 7_x000D_ Kocyigit Servet
OHWOW GalleryStage 32 - Stand 15_x000D_ Sherry David Benjamin
Paci contemporaryStage 31 - Stand 20_x000D_ Macku Michal
Pan American Art ProjectsStage 31 - Stand 11_x000D_ Fors Jose Manuel, Garaicoa Carlos, Goode Joe, Lopez Marin (Gory) Rogelio, Perez Bravo Marta Maria, Toirac (with Ricardo Elias) Jose
PicturaStage 31 - Stand 22_x000D_ Johnson Joe, Magnusson David
PRINTED MATTERNew York Backlot - Stand J3_x000D_ Evans Jason, Rafal Ethan, Steffen Roger, Sutherland Peter, Weinberger Karlheinz, Wilson Letha
ROBERT MORATStage 32 - Stand 3_x000D_ Schink Hans-Christian
ROLF ARTNew York Backlot - Stand G4_x000D_ Porter Santiago
Royal BooksNew York Backlot - Stand L2_x000D_ Corbeau Roger, Dudognon Georges, Freulich Roman, Hammid Alexander, Kertész André, Mark Mary Ellen, Schapiro Steve, Willoughby Bob
Sabrina Raffaghello Contemporary ArtStage 31 - Stand 4_x000D_ Fontana Franco, Kenna Michael, Occhiomagico
Samuel Maenhoudt GalleryStand 14 - Stand 11_x000D_ Rose Antoine, Treacy Danny
SCHEUBLEIN + BAKStage 14 - Stand 1_x000D_ Schmidt Oskar
Sous Les Etoiles GalleryStage 31 - Stand 10_x000D_ Caldicott Richard, Rousse Georges
TaschenNew York Backlot - Stand F1_x000D_ Bailey David, Corbijn Anton, Joseph Michael, Mankowitz Gered, Périer Jean-Marie, Rej Bent, Richardson Terry, Russell Ethan, Schatzberg Jerry, Tarle Dominique, Watson Albert, Webster Guy
Tristan Hoare GalleryStage 32 - Stand 4_x000D_ Guijarro Alejandro, Marchand & Romain Meffre Yves, Schulz-Dornburg Ursula, Sidibé Malick
UPFORStage 31 - Stand 9_x000D_ Buswell Ben, Miyoshi Akihiko, Valenzuela Rodrigo
voila! GalleryStage 31 - Stand 12_x000D_ Timmermans Alex
Von Lintel GalleryStage 32 - Stand 19_x000D_ Burtynsky Edward, Kaoru Izima, Karapetian Farrah, McKenna Klea, Neusüss Floris, Willhide Melanie
Wilding Cran GalleryStage 14 - Stand 13_x000D_ Anderson Bill

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Featured Images:

Daniel Beltra – Greenland #10, 2014/ digital chromogenic dye print

Rolf Sachs – 118.03.2013 / 17:24:20′, 2013. digital c-type print mounted on dibond, mirogard glass and framed

R.J. Arnold – Glass Plate 004-­‐06 Circa 1886- 1898. Courtesy of El Paso de Robles Area Historical Society

Images in Slider:

Sophie Bramly –  The Bronx, 1983, B/ W Photograph

Jeff Divine – 80s Beach Scene, 1987

All images courtesy of Paris Photo LA 2015.