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Decades of Printmaking Experience Behind the New Work of Pat Steir in Exhibition at Pace Prints

  • pat steir exhibition
April 3, 2016
Alias of Ksenija Pantelić

The artist Pat Steir needs to make art every day. Her work is the extension of her creative and young spirit. The gestural brushstrokes, often linked to Abstract Expressionism, that are evident in her large-scale paintings, have now entered into the printmaking medium. Pat Steir’s new exhibition, on view at Pace Prints Gallery in New York, showcases the artist’s process of work informed by decades of printmaking experience. For this occasion, Pat Steir created new monotype prints, that follow the artist’s interest in the abstract, drip-like paintings, and the combination of different elements, produce in her work the aura of nature and the powerful force of water and waterfalls.

pat steir exhibition
Left: Pat Steir – Diptych C, 2015, a set of two screenprints with hand-painting, Monoprint / Right: Pat Steir – Single G, 2015, Screenprint, Monoprint

The Unique Print

Monotyping produces a unique print, where the reprint in some cases is possible, but the subsequent results differ greatly from the first print and are generally considered inferior. Every print is, therefore, unique, and the repetition and massive production, in this case, is not possible. The choice of the technique used, echo the free spirit of the artist and the importance of the creative process that allows for the chance to filter through. The long lasting career of Pat Steir is rooted in elements of Abstract Expressionism but is also decadently postmodern, influenced by poetry and natural elements. It is no surprise then that her latest works, follow this pattern and the broad strokes of paint, this time, applied to the screenprinted surface, create shimmering veils of color in loops, lines, and dabs.

pat steir exhibition
Pat Steir – Diptych B, 2015, Screenprint, Monoprint

The Dripping

The magic is created with the layering of different colors. Employing a fastidious, yet the seemingly loose use of color, her latest prints seem to be a dripping dreamscape. The color, different marks, lines, and dots, almost resemble a palimpsest, where the new world or a new natural force is hidden just behind the next layer. Producing the works, which rely on chance and place importance on the process of creation, Pat Steir refers to ideas of John Cage and the I Ching and references the meditative and the esoteric. The drip-like surface of her prints engages the viewer and they become a part of the illusion that Stein creates with color and the shimmering surface of her new works.

pat steir exhibition
Pat Steir – Triptych B, 2015, Screenprint, Monoprint

Pat Steir Exhibition at Pace Prints in New York

The process of printmaking is a truly magical process that the artists can involve themselves in. Even though one needs to follow certain rules, printmaking allows for the playful and experimental approach. Utilizing this ability, Pat Steir knows and uses all her years of printmaking as an advantage for the production of prints that showcase the process and pay homage to the moment they are created.

Her latest exhibition at Pace Prints in New York will last from April 7th till May 7th, 2016, and will display her most recent hand-painted monoprints. Making for this occasion unique works on mylar to be silkscreened on paper, Stein follows with her interest in the creation of large-scale, free spirited and powerful works, that celebrate the spirit and that aim to touch each viewer that stands in front of them.

All images courtesy of Pace Prints Gallery, New York, and the artist. Featured image in slider: Pat Steir – Set of Four Lines, 2015, a set of 4 screenprints with hand-painting, (detail).