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Patrick Martinez - Buy Now or Cry Later

  • Patrick Martinez
  • Patrick Martinez
  • Patrick Martinez
December 19, 2013
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A great show by Patrick Martinez presented at Minneapolis’ Public Functionary art space is closing tomorrow, on December 20. In concordance with the new gallery’s tradition of Late night Fridays, current exhibit titled Buy Now or Cry Later will be concluded with a party, hosted by L’étoile magazine and will have music host, Sarah White.

The exhibition displayed Patrick Martinez’ metaphorical commentary on the consumeristic and hungry nature of the American society, communicated through various media. The show contains seventeen new neon artworks and paintings showcased through an innovative and interactive Public Functionary approach. Buy Now or Cry Later is the first Midwest exhibition for Patrick Martinez, and the third one for the Public Functionary space. The suggestive title of the show discloses rendering of the subject, which is critical situation in which the American society finds itself today. Mainstream media have polluted the public with ideas of true need for more and more things, resulting in an overstressed and sedated society. People are constantly struggling with anxieties brought upon them by jobs, safety issues, gun control, rising violence, racial matter, health and education. The author gives all of these questions an equal value, since they all are in desperate need of resolving. Patrick Martinez addresses the crisis of the eclectic identity with a notable use of personal experiences, as some of the pieces exhibited have a distinct autobiographical character.

Patrick Martinez
Pawn Your Dream

Buy Now or Cry Later

neon art
Buy Now or Cry Later

The work

Patrick Martinez choice of media for this exhibit is rather interesting and it could be partly described as neon light art meets classical still life, along with sculpture. The dominating colors are greens, yellows, pinks and blues indicating the inspiration with his flashy hometown of Los Angeles. His drawing talents are discovered through the diverse pictorial citations in drawings influenced by comics, pop art, photography and classical genres. The final outcome of this work series is a carefully contemplated answer to the question of consumerist values, presented in a manner that completes the artistic concept.

Neon art
Still Life by Patrick Martinez

Public Functionary – Background

Founded in 2012, Public Functionary is a new space meant for art exhibitions and cultural events. Prior to the Patrick Martinez show, PF had two exhibits: One of the Chicago based artist Dzine/Carlos Rolon, and the other by a New Yorker Sougwen Chung. The aim of Public Functionary is to encourage cultural diversity by introducing contemporary artists to the Twin City public and highlighting excellent creatives from the area. An innovative outlook on the issue of exhibition setup makes this art space more accessible to the viewers, enhancing the experience of the presented works.

Last Chance

Patrick Martinez exhibit was well received among the Minneapolis community, inducing positive critique and interest. In affiliation with the show, gallery and the artist produced a limited edition reproductions of the artwork, available for purchase along with the original works at PF. These are comprised of 3 small prints and a digital print of Patrick Martinez’s sculpture featuring Tupac on a cake. Hurry and see the show before it closes, or you will cry later!

Pictures retrieved from: Patrick Martinez