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Are We Looking at a New Age of Penis Graffiti ?

October 7, 2016
Alias of Ksenija Pantelić

Who would have thought that the true spirit of activism stands at the core of penis art? Believe it or not, a new essence is given to penis graffiti we have come to know. From white tiles in almost every toilet of any club, penis graffiti would stare back at us. Such drawings, none of us could take seriously. But, recently, a new craze for this type of artistic expression displays that there is so much more to a penis. There is a call for change through simple penis graffiti, but does it in fact work? Yes. Change is happening thanks to much-adored male genitalia and we just couldn’t wait to tell more.

2016 news said people like penises around potholes. photo documentation of penises boomed.
Penis Graffiti are truly everywhere. Image via

The Adoration for a Penis

Let us face it, the adoration for the penis in art follows us from the dawn of time. There, at its center, in the small figurines of Roman art, we find the love for this part of the human body. From the beginning, this part was never seen as just a part but quite possibly the essence of a man. Surely, this is a well-known fact, but we also know that it is a never ending story.

The phallic sculptures were a commonplace in the everyday lives of Romans. As symbols of fertility, the sculptures were also emblems for good luck, growth, and power. From all the corners of the planet, every civilization had its gods of fertility, and the phallic art flourished. Witnessed as some of the most bizarre examples of illustrations, we find the penis art in the ancient Medieval manuscripts. There, the penis was in the trees, was a wild beast a naked woman set on, was pretty much presented as one of the pillars of the civilization. This, in fact, is Freud’s statement which further emphasized the explicit and imaginative genitalia representations in Western art that followed centuries later. From that point, male and female genitals were everywhere.

 woman asked a question - around the city, particularly street next to school, do people like penises drawn around potholes?
Wanksy – Penis Graffiti. Image via

Penis Graffiti – Simple and Effective Wake-Up Call

It all started when one of Wanksy’s friends fell off his bicycle due to a pothole on one of the streets around Bury and Ramsbottom, near Manchester. The fall started a revolution and penis graffiti was given a new role. Not produced as a croquis drawing on a toilet wall or a door, not even to diminish the importance of a political figure or to help decorate a bachelorette party’s baked goods, but in the service of a civic good, penis graffiti is making a change. The anonymous artist Wanksy, in an attempt to attract the local council’s attention to potholes and to make it a memorable act, is crudely drawing the male genitalia around the holes. Using easy to wash paint, described as a step-up from chalk, his graffiti works are in fact working. The latest news is that the potholes are in fact getting fixed. Be it because some are offended by the cock drawing and have reported the product of Wanksy’s art as a vandalism act, the holes are disappearing. This action has actually inspired a copycat artist in Pakistan to attempt and do the same and who knows, maybe more artists from various cities will follow the same path.

 in 2015 news tells of no better way to get city streets fixed then what this artist does. is it just entertainment ?
Left: Big Penis Painting, Brussels / Right: Art Group Voina – Penis Graffiti on the bridge

Most Memorable Penis Graffiti Examples

This, of course, is not the first example of a penis graffiti making a true statement. Russia’s art scene a few years ago fell into controversy after an award for innovation went to a giant piece of graffiti many found obscene. The radical art group Voina, armed with paint, attacked the bridge opposite the FSB Headquarters. The act of painting lasted less than a minute. The interruption by the police resulted in jail time for the few members of the group but, for them, it was worth it. Only upon the lifting of the bridge, the extent of their work was evident. There, just opposite the government buildings, stood a giant painted penis, fully erect. Such a statement for sure makes us wonder if the work of art, in fact, lies in the message of the piece or the quality of the work and its image.

Recently on the side of a building in Brussels, the Belgian capital, someone has painted an image of a large penis and a woman masturbating. The location of such work is in fact opposite a Catholic girl’s school and again a large amount of controversy followed.

At a time when penis graffiti are in fact everywhere, how is it possible that they still manage to cause a split opinion by the public? Some would still define such drawings as vandalism acts, while some would even walk past such an image not even seeing it. One simple fact still remains – penis and vagina will continue to be used as symbols for rebellion against the political system. What is new today is that penis graffiti is making authorities actually work on the problem. Should we wish for this to continue?

Have a look at some of the best examples of Wanksy’s art

in a week from this photo public said the street was in a better condition.
Wanksy – Painted Penis Graffiti. Image via
week flew by and the hole was fixed.
Wanksy – Artwork. Image via
Wanksy – Penis Graffiti. Image via
Wanksy – Penis pothole graffiti, Manchester
Wanksy – Penis pothole graffiti, Manchester

All images used for illustrative purposes only.Featured image: Anonymous artwork. Image via