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Dolby Chadwick Presents Philip Buller Art Exhibition

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January 29, 2017
Alias of Ksenija Pantelić

As a painter whose practice is influenced by a range of artmaking techniques, Philip Buller art exhibition Human Pattern at the Dolby Chadwick in San Francisco showcases the fusion of painting, printmaking, and photography. Following with his investigation of the human experiences, and of the organization, by recognizing the echo of our bodies in visual patterns, Philip Buller art researches the human body and the space it inhabits. By focusing also on the negative space, defined as a certain ‘back door’, his images allow for a deeper, freer refinement of its formal and emotional elements. Recently, the artist started using found photography that frequently feature crowds as an inspiration for his new images which make up Buller’s latest show at the gallery.

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Philip Buller – Gathering

Philip Buller Art – The Mixture Which Works

The question concerning the human existence, viewed through the visual patterns our body and the grouping of various figures produce is a rooted interest defining Buller’s art. In his earlier works, the artist used carefully composed faces, especially those looking back out, in order to ignite within us a recognition of what it is to be human. As a keen observer of life and figures surrounding us, Buller’s paintings are also an homage to the masters of the past, especially the Italian Renaissance painters such as Titian, and the Baroque masters Caravaggio and Velazquez. For the author, the paintings of the past fuse the aesthetic, the conceptual, and the spiritual concerns which his pieces also aspire to. Existing between figuration and abstraction, the many layers of the painted surface of his work, celebrate both the shifting energy of life and the formal art elements, such as color and patterns.

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Philip Buller – Bicycle

The Fusion of Painting, Printmaking, and Photography

The repetition, as both a process of creation and as a defining rhythm of his artworks, is extremely important for the artist. Understanding repetition of visual information as a tool which enables him to access a feeling inflected by longing and familiarity, Buller also incorporates the repetitive rhythm as his tool for creation. By incorporating printmaking, photographic references, and a type of alkyd painting medium that dries in twenty-four hours, Buller is not only forced to work without pause and during a long stretch of time, but the artist also re-uses the mediums which he works with. After printing through a screen set flush with the surface of a canvas, he uses the residue on the screen to reproduce the image – often distorted, flipped, or reversed – either on the same image or entirely new painting altogether. These visual effects, enhanced by Buller’s signature of blurring and obscuring, produce a mystical energy of the piece.

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Philip Buller – Human Patterns

Philip Buller Art Exhibition at Dolby Chadwick in San Francisco

Dolby Chadwick gallery is proud to present a new exhibition Human Pattern by the celebrated artist Philip Buller. Characterized as images which explore the human existence, Buller’s art references some of the most important concerns of the human existence. The course of memory, and the various cycles of the human existence, such as loss and transformation, conflict and redemption, are all articulated in this new series of paintings produced for the occasion of his show. These, the San Francisco audience will have the opportunity to see starting from 2nd March, 2017 through to 1st April, 2017.

All images courtesy of Dolby Chadwick. Featured image in slider: Philip Buller – Human Patterns, detail