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Phillips - Evening & Day Editions Auction Analysis

  • Phillips London
  • Phillips London
June 13, 2015

A real feast for contemporary and urban art collectors happened on June 11 at Phillips London, where Evening and Day Editions auction took place. It was an oportunity for new collectors to enrich their belongings with an edition or two by some famous artist, and for a fairly reasonable price. So, no wonder that the sale almost matched the sum of high estimates for sold lots – and more of 80 percent of them sold. Two compilations of works by Andy Warhol led the way, when we talk of hammer prices.

The Story About the Artist: Andy Warhol (1925-1987)

It’s been almost 30 years since Andy Warhol’s death, and he is still one of the most influential figures in contemporary art and culture. Warhol was a leading figure in pop art movement, and his omnivorous curiosity resulted in an enormous body of work that spanned every available medium and most importantly contributed to the collapse of boundaries between high and low culture.

The turbulent 1960’s ignited an impressive and wildly prolific time in Warhol’s life. It is this period, extending into the early 1970’s, which saw the production of many of Warhol’s most iconic works. Building on the emerging movement of Pop Art, wherein artists used everyday consumer objects as subjects, Warhol started painting readily found, mass-produced objects, drawing on his extensive advertising background. Warhol survived attempted murder in 1968, and the seventies were a much quiter years for him. In the eighties, Warhol regained critical, as well as financial success. He died in his sleep, in 1987.

  • Phillips London

The Overview of Evening & Day Editions Auction at Phillips

There were total of 257 lots auctioned at Evening & Day Editions auction at Phillips, and 207 of them sold (80.5 percent), for around $2.86 million. That was just 0.9 percent shy of the sum of high estimates for sold lots (around $2.89 million), and 64 lots were sold over high estimate (30.9 percent). Almost half of lots sold in range of estimated values (97, or 46.9 percent), while 46 of them sold under low estimate (22.2 percent). Warhol’s Shadows I was sold for $201,328, and it was the highest hammer price of the auction, followed by another compilation of Warhol’s works, Camouflage, that was sold for $170,355 and Christopher Wool’s Run Dog Run, that was sold for $100,664, and these were the only three lots that changed hands for six-figure prices. The average hammer price was $13,815, and the median hammer price was at $5,885.

Speaking of lots that exceeded estimations, the most successful lot of the auction was Gerhard Richter’s Haggadah (P2) from 2006, that had a whooping +537.5 percent difference between hammer price and high estimate. Damien Hirst’s Mickey had +400, another Richter’s work, Abstraktes Bild (P1) had +350 percent, and Takashi Murakami’s eleven offset lithographs (sold as one lot) had +180 percent margin.

Phillips London
Gerhard Richter – Abstraktes Bild (P1), 1990 (Lot 163). Estimated at $9,292 – $12,389, sold for $55,752 (margin of +350 percent, third best of the auction).
Phillips London
Julian Opie – This Is Shahnoza. 5, 2006 (Lot 173). Estimated at $7,743 – $10,841, sold for $26,328 (+142.9 percent difference).
Phillips London
Christopher Wool – Run Dog Run, 1991 (Lot 27). The complete set of three offset lithographs in colours, on smooth wove paper. Estimated at $46,460 – $77,434, sold for $100,664 – the third highest hammer price of the auction.
Phillips London
Left: Jeff Koons – Dom Pérignon Balloon Venus (Magenta), 2013 (Lot 48). Estimated at $30,974 – $46,460, sold for $85,177. / Right: Gavin Turk – Relic (Cave), 1995 (Lot 199). Estimated at $1,549 – $2,323, sold for $5,885, or with +153.3 margin.
Phillips London
Andy Warhol – Shadows I, 1979 (Lot 62). The complete set of six unique variant screenprints in colours with diamond dust, on arches 88 paper. Estimated at $201,328 – $247,789, sold for low estimate. This lot had the highest hammer price of the auction.
Phillips London
Left: Andy Warhol – Camouflage, 1987 (Lot 59). The complete set of eight screenprints in colours (some fluorescent). Estimated at $154,868 – $232,302, sold for $170,355. / Right: Damien Hirst – Mickey, 2014 (Lot 183). Estimated at $6,195 – $9,292, sold for $46,460, or with +400 percent difference – second best of the auction.
Phillips London
Gerhard Richter – Haggadah (P2), 2006 (Lot 164). Chromogenic print, flush-mounted to aluminium (as issued), the full sheet. Estimated at $9,292 – $12,389, sold for $78,983, or with +537.5 percent difference between hammer price and high estimate.
Phillips London
Takashi Murakami – Eleven offset lithographs in colours, on smooth wove paper: An Homage To Yves Klein, Multicolor A; An Homage To Monopink 1960 D; An Homage To Monopink 1960 C; An Homage To Yves Klein, Multicolor D; An Homage To Monogold 1960 D; An Homage To Ikb 1957 D; An Homage To Monogold 1960 C; An Homage To Monogold 1960 A; An Homage To Ikb 1957 C; An Homage To Yves Klein, Multicolor A; And An Homage To Yves Klein, Multicolor D, 2012 (Lot 253). This lot is sold with no reserve. Estimated at $4,646 – $7,743, sold for $21,682, or with +180 percent margin.
  • Phillips London

Phillips - Evening & Day Editions Auction in Details

In these two tables bellow, you’ll find detailed info on every lot auctioned at Evening & Day Editions auction at Phillips London, as well as the summary of the whole auction.

Total number of lots:257
Number of sold lots:207
Sold lots [%]:80.5
Total [$]:2,859,716
Number of sold lots over high estimate:64
Over high estimate (Total) [%]:24.9
Over high estimate (Sold) [%]:30.9
Number of sold lots in range of estimated values:97
In range of estimated values (Sold) [%]:46.9
Number of sold lots under low estimate:46
Under low estimate (Sold) [%]:22.2
Results were under estimate spread of [%]:30.7
Max Hammer [$]:201,328
Average Hammer [$]:13,815
Median Hammer [$]:5,885
Median Hammer Average Hammer Difference [%]:-57.4
Lot No.Artist NameArtwork NameLow Estimate $High Estimate $Hammer Price $Hammer High Estimate Difference [%]Hammer Low Estimate Difference [%]
1Georges BraqueJob, 191118,58427,87618,584-33.30
2Jacques VillonYvonne D. de face, 191318,58427,876Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
3Marc ChagallParis de la fenêtre (Paris through the Window), 1969-7015,48723,23049,558113.3220
4Pablo PicassoFemme au chapeau à fleurs (Woman with Flower Hat), 196238,71754,20449,558-8.628
5Pablo PicassoJeunes femmes nues reposant (Young Nude Women Resting), 194715,48723,23027,8762080
6Pablo PicassoGrand nu dansant (Large Nude Dancing), 196246,46061,94746,460-250
7Pablo PicassoFemme au fauteuil No. 1 (Le manteau Polonais)(Woman in Armchair No. 1 [The Polish Coat]), 194977,434108,40861,947-42.9-20
8Pablo PicassoVisage no. 130 (Face no. 130), 19634,6467,743Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
9Pablo PicassoVisage no. 0 (Face no. 0), 19634,6467,74311,61550150
10Pablo PicassoVisage de femme (Woman's Face), 195312,38918,58415,487-16.725
11Pablo PicassoPetit pichet de hibou (Small Owl Pitcher), 19557,74310,8417,743-28.60
12Pablo PicassoTaureau et picador pichet (Bull and Picador Pitcher), 19563,0974,6465,88526.790
13Pablo PicassoPichet espagnol (Spanish Pitcher), 19546,1959,2926,969-2512.5
14Pablo PicassoVisage (Face), 19557,74310,8417,743-28.60
15Arnaldo PomodoroSpirale, 1990-9110,84115,4879,292-40-14.3
16Lucian FreudThe Egyptian Book, 199415,48723,230Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
17Lucian FreudBella in Her Pluto T-Shirt, 199530,97446,460Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
18Henry MooreEmperor's Heads, 196112,38918,58421,68216.775
19Francis BaconTrois études pour un autoportrait (Three Studies for a Self-Portrait), 199023,23030,97423,230-250
20Francis BaconMiroir de la tauromachie, 199077,434108,408Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
21Francis BaconDeuxième version du triptyque 1944 (Second Version of the Triptych 1944), 198923,23030,97421,682-30-6.7
22Francis BaconL'Orestie d'Eschyle (Oresteia of Aeschylus), 198110,84113,938Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
23Francis BaconÉtude pour un portrait de John Edwards (Study for a Portrait of John Edwards), 198612,38915,48726,32870112.5
24Anselm KieferDie Argonauten (The Argonauts), 201423,23030,97415,487-50-33.3
25Rudolf StingelUntitled (Studio Floor), 200915,48723,23046,460100200
26Jackson PollockNumber 8 (Black Flowing), 195115,48723,23030,97433.3100
27Christopher WoolRun Dog Run, 199146,46077,434100,66430116.7
28Joseph BeuysCapri-Batterie, 198515,48723,23015,487-33.30
29Olafur EliassonNegative Quasi Bricks, 20039,29212,389Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
31Günther UeckerAggressive Reihung, 197538,71754,20438,717-28.60
32Cy TwomblyUntitled, from On The Bowery, 1969-7123,23030,97458,85090153.3
33Gerhard RichterKerze I (Candle I), 198815,48723,23026,32813.370
34Gerhard RichterGerhard Richter. Dessins et aquarelles/Drawings and Watercolors. 1957-2008, 201215,48723,23017,035-26.710
35Gerhard RichterOrchidee (Orchid), 199818,58427,87627,876050
36Gerhard RichterFlasche mit Apfel (Bottle with Apple), 200377,434108,408Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
37Richard HamiltonPicasso's Meninas, from Hommage à Picasso, 197323,23030,974Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
38Richard HamiltonTiT, 200210,84113,93810,841-22.20
39Richard HamiltonMy Marilyn, 196530,97446,46024,779-46.7-20
40Yayoi KusamaShoe, 1976/199415,48723,230Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
41Yayoi KusamaHat, 1988/199415,48723,230Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
42Julian OpieThis is Shahnoza in 3 Parts (7), 200815,48723,23046,460100200
43Julian OpieFrench Landscapes, 201323,23030,97430,974033.3
44Urs FischerThinking about Störtebeker, 200512,38918,584Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
45Peter BlakeAn Alphabet, 200712,38918,584Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
46Peter BlakeLondon Suite, 201215,48723,230Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
47Robert IndianaBook of Love, 199646,46077,43477,434066.7
48Jeff KoonsDom Pérignon Balloon Venus (Magenta), 201330,97446,46085,17783.3175
49Tom WesselmannBlue Nudes, 2000 and 200123,23030,97424,779-206.7
50Tom WesselmannMonica Nude with Lichtenstein, 200212,38918,58415,487-16.725
51Alex KatzYellow Tulips, 201412,38918,58420,1338.362.5
52Alex KatzWhite Roses, 201412,38918,58424,77933.3100
53Roy LichtensteinWater Lily, 199312,38918,58423,2302587.5
54Roy LichtensteinArt Critic, 199618,58427,87634,07122.283.3
55Andy WarholSkull, 197615,48723,23015,487-33.30
56Andy WarholSkull, 197615,48723,23015,487-33.30
57Andy WarholThe Nun, 198323,23030,97423,230-250
58Andy WarholMao, 197230,97446,46046,460050
59Andy WarholCamouflage, 1987154,868232,302170,355-26.710
60Andy WarholUntitled 12, from For Meyer Schapiro, 19749,29212,38912,389033.3
61Andy WarholVesuvius, 198530,97446,46029,425-36.7-5
62Andy WarholShadows I, 1979201,328247,789201,328-18.80
63Robert LongoTiger, 201118,58427,87629,4255.658.3
64Robert LongoUntitled (Iceman X), 201218,58427,87637,16833.3100
65Robert LongoDouble Shark, 2010-201418,58427,876Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
66Robert LongoGodzilla, 200515,48723,23018,584-2020
67Damien HirstMethyl Phenysulfoxide, from Woodcut Spots, 201015,48723,23015,487-33.30
68Damien HirstBig Love, 201018,58427,87640,26644.4116.7
69Damien HirstOleoylsarcosine, 200815,48723,230Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
70BanksyChoose Your Weapon (Khaki), 201015,48723,23013,938-40-10
71Pablo PicassoLe Couple (The Couple), 19516,1959,2927,743-16.725
72Henri MatisseDanseuse debout, acoudée, from Dix Danseuses (Dancer standing acoudée, from Ten Dancers), 19276,1959,292Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
73Paul DelvauxRobe de dimanche (Sunday Dress), 19672,3233,0971,858-40-20
74Marc ChagallLe Nu (The Nude), 19786,1959,29210,84116.775
75Marc ChagallLe Petit Nu (The Small Nude), 19716,1959,2928,518-8.337.5
76Fernand LégerLes femmes au perroquet (Women with a Parrot), 19527,74310,8417,434-31.4-4
77Salvador DalíLes Dames de la Renaissance (Ladies of the Renaissance), for Suite mythologique nouvelle (New Mythological Suite), 1970-727,74310,8416,504-40-16
78Salvador DalíLa quête du Graal (The Quest for the Grail)6,1959,2926,969-2512.5
79Salvador DalíAfter 50 Years of Surrealism, 19749,29212,38910,841-12.516.7
80Salvador DalíSurrealistic Flowers: six plates, 19723,0974,6464,646050
81Giuseppe PenoneTrentatré Erbe (Thirty-three Herbs), 19894,6467,7433,872-50-16.7
82Joan MiróPolyphème (Cyclops), 19686,1959,2929,292050
83Joan MiróPassage de l'Égyptienne (The Egyptian Woman Passes): plate 9, 19853,8724,6464,646020
84Joan MiróLa Commedia dell'Arte VIII3,0974,646Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
85Joan MiróDéfilé de mannequins en Laponie (Models Parade in Lapland), 19699,29212,38913,93812.550
86Joan MiróBarcelona: plate 6, 1972-37,74310,84110,841040
87Joan MiróBarcelona: plate 10, 1972-734,6467,7432,633-66-43.3
88Joan MiróEspriu-Miró: plate 4, 19752,7883,4071,472-56.8-47.2
89Joan MiróEl pi de formentor (The Pine of Formentor): plate 5, 19763,0974,646Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
90Joan MiróSuites pour Ubu Roi: plate 5, 19662,7883,0972,788-100
91Serge PoliakoffComposition in Carmine-Red, Brown, Yellow, and Grey, 19563,8725,420Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
92Hans HartungFarandole: five plates, L 1977-3, and L 1977-5, 1970, and 19772,3233,0972,168-30-6.7
93Eduardo ChillidaBatz, 19841,5492,323Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
94Eduardo ChillidaUztarri, 19741,5492,323Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
95Eduardo ChillidaElkar III, 19691,5492,323Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
96Sean ScullyLandline Blue, 20142,7883,8722,633-32-5.6
97Sean ScullyBlock, 19863,0974,6462,633-43.3-15
98Pierre SoulagesComposition, from The Official Arts Portfolio of the XXIVth Olympiad, Seoul, Korea, 19884,6466,1956,504540
99Helen FrankenthalerThe Red Sea, 1978-823,0974,6464,336-6.740
100Sam FrancisLiving in Our Own Light, 19774,6467,7434,956-366.7
101Sam FrancisFor James Kirsch, 19723,0974,646Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
102Sam FrancisUntitled, from The Pasadena Box, 19632,3233,872Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
103Josef AlbersFormulation Articulation I and II, 19724,6467,74310,06630116.7
104Anni AlbersConnections, 1925/19832,3233,0972,168-30-6.7
105Frank StellaSidi Ifni, from Hommage à Picasso, 19733,0974,6463,097-33.30
106Yvaral (Jean-Pierre Vasarely)Plan espace (Space Plan), 19672,3233,0971,704-45-26.6
107Yvaral (Jean-Pierre Vasarely)Interférence B, 19672,3233,0971,858-40-20
108Yvaral (Jean-Pierre Vasarely)Interférence (2M), 19672,3233,0972,168-30-6.7
109Francisco SobrinoRC, 19671,8582,7881,162-58.3-37.5
110Francisco Sobrino02M, 19681,5492,3231,162-50-25
111Martha BotoDynamo Chronomatique, 19693,0974,646Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
112Gregorio VardanegaCarrés Lumineux, 19684,6467,743Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
113Nicolas SchöfferChronos X, 19717,74310,84112,38914.360
114Nicolas SchöfferLux XII, 19696,1959,2927,743-16.725
115Peter SedgleyVideo Disques, 1969-703,8725,4204,646-14.320
116Carlos Cruz-DiezCéramique no. 6, 20083,0974,6464,646050
117Charles HinmanAlbum No. 1, and Untitled, 19741,5492,3231,549-33.30
118Francis BaconPresident Wilson, from Triptych 1986-1987, 19876,1959,2927,743-16.725
119Francis BaconLeon Trotsky, from Triptych 1986-1987, 19876,1959,2925,885-36.7-5
120Howard HodgkinJarid's Porch, 19771,5492,3232,63313.370
121Howard HodgkinOne Down, and Two to Go, 1981 and 19823,0974,6463,097-33.30
122Howard HodgkinAfter Lunch, 19801,5492,3231,472-36.6-5
123Howard HodgkinIn the Museum of Modern Art, 19793,8725,4205,420040
124Howard HodgkinGirl on Sofa, from 5 Rooms, 19681,5492,3231,549-33.30
125Howard HodgkinJulian and Alexis, 19773,8725,4204,336-2012
126Howard HodgkinMoroccan Door, 1990-914,6467,7434,646-400
127Howard HodgkinBooks for the Paris Review, 1997-993,0974,6463,097-33.30
128Howard HodgkinPalm, 197812,38918,58413,164-29.26.3
129Howard HodgkinA Furnished Room, 19771,5492,3231,549-33.30
130Howard HodgkinNick's Room, 19771,5492,3231,858-2019.9
131Christo and Jeanne-ClaudeWrapped Telephone, Project, from 12 years of Galeria Joan Prats, 1976-1988, 19883,0974,6464,027-13.330
132Christo and Jeanne-ClaudeWrapped Automobile, Project for Volvo 122 S Sport Sedan, 19843,8725,4204,646-14.320
133Christo and Jeanne-ClaudeWrapped Vespa, Project, 1963-64, 20093,0974,6464,646050
134Christo and Jeanne-ClaudeWrapped Snoopy House, Project for Charles M. Schulz Museum, 20043,0974,6464,336-6.740
135Christo and Jeanne-ClaudeWrapped Building, Project for #1 Times Square, 20033,0974,6464,027-13.330
136Christo and Jeanne-ClaudeWrapped Floors and Covered Windows, Project for Museum Würth, Künzelsau, Germany, 19952,3233,097Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
137Christo and Jeanne-ClaudeTwo Lower Manhattan Wrapped Buildings, Project for New York, 19803,0974,646Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
138Christo and Jeanne-ClaudeTen Million Oil Drums Wall, Project for the Suez Canal, 19723,0974,6462,633-43.3-15
139Dennis OppenheimProjects, 19734,6467,7434,646-400
140Richard HamiltonThe Arnolfini Marriage, 19786,1959,29215,48766.7150
141Richard HamiltonBronze by Gold, 1985-871,5492,3231,239-46.7-20
142Richard HamiltonFinn MacCool, and Leopold Bloom, 19831,5492,3231,239-46.7-20
143Richard HamiltonMotel I, 19791,5493,0972,323-2550
144Richard HamiltonThe Beatles, 20077,74310,8416,504-40-16
145Peter BlakeLove, 20046,1959,2925,885-36.7-5
146David HockneyThe Studio March 28th 1995, 19953,8725,4204,956-8.628
147Allen JonesStage Set, 19821,8582,323Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
148Ed RuschaEtc., If, South, and Question & Answer, 19919,29212,38911,615-6.225
149Ed RuschaMiracle, 19996,1959,29212,38933.3100
150Joseph BeuysTranssibirische Bahn (Transsiberian Rail), 19804,6467,743Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
151Joseph BeuysMirror Piece, from Mirrors of the Mind, 19753,0974,646Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
152Ed RuschaThe Fan and its Surroundings, from The Global Edition series, 19821,5492,3231,472-36.6-5
153Franz WestFlasche als Bücherständer (Bottle as Bookstand), 19952,3233,0973,4071046.7
154Man RayCadeau, 1921/19749291,2392,633112.5183.4
155Blinky PalermoMiniaturen II, 19754,6467,74310,06630116.7
156Fred SandbackUntitled, 19831,2391,8581,704-8.337.5
157Donald JuddUntitled suite: one plate, 19781,5492,3231,627-305
158Donald JuddUntitled, from Hommage à Picasso, 19739291,2391,5492566.7
159Donald JuddUntitled suite: one plate, 1978-791,5492,3231,549-33.30
160Cy TwomblyUntitled, from Hommage à Picasso, 19732,3233,0973,4071046.7
161Joseph BeuysUntitled, from Hommage à Picasso, 19731,5492,3233,09733.399.9
162Joana VasconcelosVitrail 2, 20144,6467,7435,885-2426.7
163Gerhard RichterAbstraktes Bild (P1), 19909,29212,38955,752350500
164Gerhard RichterHaggadah (P2), 20069,29212,38978,983537.5750
165Gerhard RichterBouquet (P3), 20099,29212,38920,13362.5116.7
166Gerhard RichterWolke (Cloud), 19716,1959,2929,292050
167Gerhard RichterSeestück (Gegenlicht) (Seascape [Backlight]), 19914,6467,74311,61550150
168Sigmar PolkeOptimierung (Optimization), 19961,2391,858Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
169BanksyLaugh Now, 20034,6467,7437,743066.7
170BanksyGolf Sale, 20033,8725,4204,027-25.74
171BanksyHappy Choppers, 20034,6467,7434,646-400
172BanksyTrolleys, 20076,1959,2926,969-2512.5
173Julian OpieThis is Shahnoza. 5, 20067,74310,84126,328142.9240
174Julian OpieLuc and Ludivine Get Married (11), and Luc and Ludivine Get Married (13), 20079,29212,3896,969-43.7-25
175Julian OpieImagine You Are Driving (Fast) / Jacques, 20023,8725,4204,181-22.98
176Julian OpieView of Mount Fuji with Daisies from Route 300, 20097,74310,8418,518-21.410
177Julian OpieView from my Kitchen Window, 20082,3233,0973,7172060
178Julian OpieView from my Bedroom Window, 20072,3233,0972,942-526.6
179Julian OpieWinter 75, 20122,3233,0972,633-1513.3
180Julian OpieStill Life with Mushrooms and Courgettes, 20011,5492,3231,239-46.7-20
181Julian OpieStill Life with Yellow, Red and Green Peppers, 20011,5492,3233,40746.7119.9
182Damien HirstRound, from In a Spin, The Action of the World on Things, Vol. 1, 20023,8725,420Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
183Damien HirstMickey, 20146,1959,29246,460400650
184Damien HirstDark Black Heaven (Nite Time), 20126,1959,292Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
185Robert LongoCindy and Eric, from Men in Cities, 1981/20144,6467,7434,646-400
186Damien HirstThe Souls IV (Oriental Gold/Burgundy/Leaf Green), 20104,6467,7435,420-3016.7
187Damien HirstThe Dead (Silver Gloss/Westminster Blue Skull), 20096,1959,292Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
189Richard PrinceGood Revolution (for Parkett), 19921,5492,323774-66.7-50
190Rosemarie TrockelEx Voto Platte, for Texte zur Kunst, 20007741,084388-64.2-49.9
191Paul McCarthyPudding, for Texte zur Kunst, 19991,2391,858774-58.3-37.5
192Mike KelleySatan's Nostrils, and Hangin'-Heavy-Hairy-Horny (Sweat), 19892,3233,0975,42075133.3
193Mike KelleyEmerald Eyehole (tablecloth), 19892,3233,0972,633-1513.3
194Various ArtistsLondon, 19927,74310,841Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
195Various ArtistsSNAP, 20113,0974,646Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
196Various ArtistsCubitt Portfolio, 1999-20004,6467,743Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
197Various ArtistsOther Men's Flowers, 19941,5492,3232,013-13.330
198Various Artists10 SupaStore SupaStars, 19983,0974,6464,336-6.740
199Gavin TurkRelic (Cave), 19951,5492,3235,885153.3279.9
200Gavin TurkFaces, 20043,0974,6465,42016.775
201Marc QuinnCrystal World, 20087,74310,841Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
202Marc QuinnInternal Labyrinth, MQ180, 20114,6467,743Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
203Christopher WoolUntitled (Kölnischer Kunstverein), 19917,74310,8417,743-28.60
204Tauba AuerbachUntitled, 20112,3233,0971,317-57.5-43.3
205Various ArtistsA Manchester Portfolio, 20032,3233,097Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
206Various ArtistsFive Artists Space Annual Edition Portfolios, 2010-20144,6467,7431,394-82-70
207Various ArtistsWhite Columns Print Portfolio, 20131,5492,323929-60-40
208Various ArtistsDestricted Artists Edition, 2006-73,0974,646Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
209Cindy ShermanUntitled (Self-Portrait with Sun Tan), 20032,3233,0972,168-30-6.7
210Luc TuymansDer Diagnostische Blick V (The Diagnostic View V), 20122,3233,0972,323-250
211John CurrinRachel as the Hag, 20031,0841,549388-75-64.2
212Mario TestinoKate Moss, London, 2006, 20124,6467,7436,504-1640
213Stephan BalkenholMann und Frau, 2006-20084,6467,7434,646-400
214Robert RauschenbergUntitled, from Hommage à Picasso, 19731,0841,3942,16855.5100
215Antony GormleyExtend, 20083,0974,6464,336-6.740
216Ugo RondinonePassing Afternoon, 20061,0841,549543-64.9-49.9
217Various ArtistsDiamond Dust Volume I, 20034,6467,743Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
218Ai WeiweiArt Edition, 20147,74310,84115,48742.9100
219Robert Indiana2000, 19993,0974,6468,51883.3175
220Hiroshi SugimotoThe Origins of Love, 20047,74310,841Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
221Roy LichtensteinWater Lilies, 19902,3233,0973,7172060
223Sarah MorrisSony (Los Angeles), 20051,2391,549Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
224Patrick CaulfieldPool, 19793,0974,6463,717-2020
225Robert IndianaThe American Dream, 19977,74310,84111,6157.150
226Robert IndianaNumbers, 19687,74310,84114,71235.790
227Tom WesselmannBedroom Blonde Doodle with Photo, 19886,1959,29213,16441.7112.5
228Tom WesselmannStill Life with Blonde and Goldfish, 20007,74310,84117,81064.3130
229Tom WesselmannLittle Nude, from 7 Objects in a Box, 19667,74310,84112,38914.360
230Allan D'ArcangeloYankee 290, 19702,3233,0972,168-30-6.7
231Alex KatzRed Band, 20129,29212,3899,292-250
232Alex KatzHarbor, 20063,0974,6463,407-26.710
233Alex KatzHarbor 10, 20063,0974,6463,097-33.30
234Jim DineBig Wrench in a Landscape, from Hommage à Picasso, 19731,5492,323Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
235Miquel BarcelóGran Ciuno (Large Kitchen), 19846,1959,292Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
236William ScottStill Life with Frying Pan and Eggs, 19733,0974,6465,42016.775
237Yayoi KusamaWeeds, 19922,3233,0974,95660113.3
238Yayoi KusamaUntitled, 19857,74310,841Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
239Yayoi KusamaInfinity Nets, 19953,8725,4204,956-8.628
240Yayoi KusamaSelf-Portrait, 19951,5492,3232,013-13.330
241Yayoi KusamaNight Rain (2), 19983,0974,6464,646050
242Yayoi KusamaRiver Wave, 19932,3233,0974,95660113.3
243Yayoi KusamaSex Obsession, 20032,3233,0972,942-526.6
244Yayoi KusamaDots Infinity, 20033,0974,6464,336-6.740
245Yoshitomo NaraMellow Girl, 20094,6467,7438,053473.3
246Takashi MurakamiFlowerball Cosmos (3D), Flowerball Brown, Flower Ball (3-D) Kindergarten, Flower Ball (3-D) Sequoia sempervirens, and Flowerball Blood (3-D) V, 2010-20134,6467,7434,956-366.7
247Takashi MurakamiSuper Flat, First Love, Flower, 20109,29212,389Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
248Takashi MurakamiJellyfish Eyes, 20136,1959,2926,195-33.30
249Takashi MurakamiFlower Ball (Algae Ball), Flower Dumpling, and Flower Ball (Kindergarten Days), 2007 and 20131,5492,3232,7882080
250Takashi MurakamiPurple Flowers in a Bouquet, Even the Digital Realm Has Flowers to Offer!, and Lotus Flower White, 20101,5492,3232,94226.689.9
251Takashi MurakamiKansei (trade name of Rinpa-school Edo Painter Ogata Korin, literal meaning: “Voice of the Mountain Stream”), I Recall the Time When My Feet Lifted off the Ground, Ever So Slightly – Korin – Chrysanthemum, and Kansei: Abstraction, 20101,5492,3232,323050
252Takashi Murakami727-727, 20062,3233,0973,8722566.7
253Takashi MurakamiAn Homage to Yves Klein, Multicolor A, An Homage to Monopink 1960 D, An Homage to Monopink 1960 C, An Homage to Yves Klein, Multicolor D, An Homage to Monogold 1960 D, An Homage to IKB 1957 D, An Homage to Monogold 1960 C, An Homage to Monogold 1960 A, An Homage to IKB 1957 C, An Homage to Yves Klein, Multicolor A, and An Homage to Yves Klein, Multicolor D, 20124,6467,74321,682180366.7
254Takashi MurakamiAnd Then x6 (White: The Superflat Method, Pink and Blue Ears), And then x6 Blue, DOB in Pure White Robe (Pink & Blue), And then and then and then and then and then, And then x6 Red, And Then x6 (White: The Superflat Method, Blue and Yellow Ears), And Then, And Then And Then And Then And Then. Yellow Universe, DOB in Pure White Robe (Navy & Vermillion), and And then, and then and then and then and then / Kappa, 2001-20134,6467,7439,29220100
255Takashi MurakamiYo, Hakuin, Mirroring Your Image: Take A Bow, Hakuin, I Know Not. I Know, MCBST, 1959->2011, MGST, 1962->2011, and MCRST, 1962 ->2011, 2010-2011, 2010-20113,0974,6461,704-63.3-45
256Takashi MurakamiField of Smiling Flowers, Flowers in Heaven, and Me and Mr. DOB, 2010 and 20091,5492,3231,394-40-10
257Takashi MurakamiBokan – Camouflage Pink, Time Bokan – Green, and PINK-TIME, 20111,5492,3231,084-53.3-30
258Takashi MurakamiJellyfish Eyes, Jellyfish Eyes Cream, Jellyfish Eyes - Black 1, Jellyfish Eyes – Black 3, and Jellyfish Eyes – Black 5, 2011-20132,3233,0971,472-52.5-36.6
259Takashi MurakamiSuch Cute Flowers, and Flowers Blossoming in This World and the Land of Nirvana (x 5), 2010, and 20133,0974,6466,50440110
260Mark Grotjahn and Takashi MurakamiUntitled (Scarlet Lake and Indigo Blue Butterfly 826), and Untitled (Canary Yellow and Black Butterfly 830), 20101,5492,3231,858-2019.9
TOTAL (Sold lots):2,003,9882,885,3202,859,716-0.942.7

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All images courtesy of Phillips.