Herakut in Ibiza

A commission for a private client in the harbor district of Ibiza. Widewalls called on Hera and Akut. Herakut is an artist duo with four hands: those of Akut the photo-realistic graffiti artist, and those of Hera, the talented women with a classical art education background. The antagonism of Herakut is responsible for their unbelievable and unique style of painting. Akut took over the first step of the design process. He developed the concept on the computer and mapped out the different stages of the mural. Akut used photographs as reference. When he was working he always had one eye on his work and the other on the picture in his hand. Once Akut is done mapping a part of the painting, Hera takes over. When she starts painting, with an incredible speed by the way, the mapping begins to take shape. She adds shadows, fine lines, details and depth that breathes life into the artwork. The result? Check it out. Pictures say more than thousand words.

Herakut – Work in Progress