K-Star Apartments in Cologne

The first of several developments in 2013 with K-star sees Widewalls install artworks with in this modern contemporary apartment block in the heart of Köln. A site specific concept for the apartments will be taken throughout the buildings and we have an exciting list of modern contemporary artists to create bespoke artworks both on and off the walls. You’ll be hearing more about this project in the coming months as the artists gather and we start putting art on the walls. Check out K-Star residencies for more info.

Built by renowned architecture firms ARGE Gatermann+Schossig & Romer Partner Architecture, with more than a hundred awards under their belt, K-STAR has been designed to deliver a harmonious balance of technology, liveability and aesthetics. This is paired with the expertise of well known project developers Lebenstraum, who have been able to achieve the perfect blend of individuality and functionality. Finally, The K-STAR operator, The Lifestyle Hospitality & Entertainment Group – the LH&E Group – spare no attention to detail when delivering the optimal property management service for this luxury accommodation. They have in fact made such a name for themselves, that one of their projects, the Kameha Grand Bonn was crowned “Hotel of the Year 2011,” highlighting their excellence within their field. The result of all this careful consideration and commitment to the absolute best? An exclusive residential development in Cologne with 36 individualised apartments, offering all the advantages of metropolitan living.
The architectural concept of K-Star is refreshingly distinct, with clear lines and geometrically arranged balconies designed to mimic a cliff-like facade. This architecture ensures that rooms on all levels make optimal use of natural light, to give each apartment a beautifully open feel. The upper storey apartments offer inimitable, breathtaking views of Cologne’s famous cathedral. Each apartment’s layout is different and flexible so that individuality can be maintained, and each owner is able to mould a unique home to their personal ideals.
K-Star apartments are just as stunning, if not even more so, within as on the outside. Prize winning designers have collaborated to create interior design lines which reflect different style ethos’s. Branded by K-Star, all the fittings offered are unique in all the world and blur the lines between functionality and aesthetics. Each fixture utilises technological expertise and flattering materials, to ensure that items of everyday use are transformed into something much more special.

K-Star Cologne
K-Star Cologne