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Public Art Festival – Multiformity

September 29, 2014
Sanja Lazic was born in 1990 in Belgrade, Serbia. Her interest in art comes from a very early age and although she didn’t have the talent to pursue it professionally, she enjoys every day working and writing about it. Her favorite urban artists are Interesni Kazki, Saner and Phlegm.

This year for the first time, Athens, Greece is opening its doors to a new festival. Organized by an independent public art curating agency Studio 4, Public Art Festival under the thematic of Multiformity was officially opened September 27th! PAF is a multileveled festival, constituted by cultural events and visual art activities that happen simultaneously and involve aspects of art, which we encounter in public space –such as street art, graffiti and other forms of art that do not belong to a certain established framework– and which are distinguished by their urban character and contemporary artistic orientation. The debut theme, Multiformity, refers to the various forms of art that we encounter in public space, as well as the different aspects and contradictions of the city itself, and eventually, tackles the role of a monolectic characterization of Athens and its artistic content. Public Art Festival will last over a month, and it features numerous projects, exhibitions, conferences and film screenings all over the city.

Public Art Festival
Public Art Festival, schedule

Conferences, Exhibitions, Films…

The Festival opened September 27 with three programs – a conference “Multiformity: Art in Public Space” and two group exhibitions, “More or Less” and “Like New”. From October 3 until the closing day of the festival on October 31, Public Art Festival will present seven more events.

The Mural Programme Open Gallery starting October 3, curated by Andreas Fakis within the framework of Public Art Festival: Multiformity, pursues the incorporation of public art in the urban environment, the creation of social interest, the upgrade of “the building” and therefore of the civil landscape and the preservation of new or current murals and specific graffiti pieces. The Open Gallery will open simultaneously with the 1st Public Art Festival and will continue to run within it and independently. Participants are ATH1281, Raiden and D!

Public Art Festival

Top to Bottom

On Friday, October 10th, festival will present the second edition of the Ιnternational Public Art Film Festival Top to Bottom which showcases documentaries and feature films from the USA, Brazil, Australia, France, Spain and Greece at the Greek Film Archive, along with a series of short films, movies, web films and amateur video recordings from other countries of the world on October 12th at Romantso.
Top to Bottom


Another part of the festival’s programme is the photography group exhibition “Nightshot” that presents the work of the ten photographers/graffiti writers, in the form of documentation material of nocturnal or underground artistic interventions in publicly accessible spaces. Different approaches, styles and techniques combine with at times different thematic choices, create an open dialogue, where the nocturnal element makes visible the conditions in which artistic interventions are utilized, posing queries of ownership, free will, self-respect and symbiosis. Artist on the project are Theodore Manolopoulos, Freddie F., Andreas and the Camera, Antonis Kounellas, Barbara Blue, George Gounezos, Roots, Viktor, Phil America (US) and Taps & Moses (DE).

The Auction

The final organized event is Multiformity: The Auction – an online auction that aims to reinforce the mural programme Open Gallery (25% of proceeds), to enlarge and enrich private art collections and support artists who have established their presence in public space, through artistic acts that took place with own initiative and offered to the community by upgrading the urban landscape. Starting October 27 and lasting for the next five days, the auction will feature many artists – Franco Fasoli (AR), John Fekner (US), Anthony Lister (AU) Argyris Saraslanides, Simoni Fontana, D!, Paris Koutsikos, Cacao Rocks, The Krah, ATH1281 and others.

Public Art Festival
Franco Fasoli