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Rewind: August 11 - 17 Highlights

  • Reed Projects
  • Art Everywhere US
August 19, 2014

The Legacy of King Robbo

King Robbo has died. After suffering an unexplained head trauma in 2011, allegedly after falling down a set of stairs, the pioneer of British graffiti entered a comatose state until he gave in on July 31, 2014. An official inquest into the death of the graffiti icon was opened, to continue on court coming December. His death was reported by the international media and tributes from worldwide graffiti communities are pouring in, since King Robbo was not an ordinary writer. He was a legend, one of the first train writers, one who aided the movement spread across the island, one who had enough integrity to lead the war against Banksy, openly disputing his street rights.READ MORE

Street Art in the UK

To be an urban street artist in The United Kingdom can be a fairly dangerous thing. This society has very often proved to be very conservative regarding this art form as spray painters face serious jail penalties and fines if caught. With the introduction of the infamous Crime and Disorder Act in 1998 The British government included graffiti on the list of punishable anti-social behaviors together with racism, rioting, arson, dogging, shoplifting and pedophilic activity, to name the few. Nevertheless, or because of the threat, street art in the UK blossomed and produced some of the most influential and legendary subversive artists in the world. Here is our pick of ten contemporary British street and urban artists everyone is talking about.READ MORE

Want to know more about Art Everywhere?

The epochal contribution of urban and street art to the entirety of the cultural and artistic discourse was the displacement of artwork from spaces where it commonly resided into public spaces. Thus, artists created a different platform for art, making it accessible to those who didn’t have an opportunity to enjoy art on a regular basis. What is more, surely some of the artwork found on diverse city walls inspired people to find out more about the work itself and, perhaps, go on a discovery for new artwork in galleries and museums. This was the inspiration for the Art Everywhere campaign. The campaign was launched on August 4th 2014, in Times Square.READ MORE

Contemporary French urban artists

Regardless of the fact that French laws against the “degradation” of public property have been so strict that it was illegal to even wield a can of spray paint without obtaining prior permission from city officials, this country’s urban and street artists have been bravely creating their art since the 1960′s in such a way that it elevated the form beyond mere graffiti and inspired their fellow artists across the world. Today, as official policies towards street art are changing for the better, and as Paris has re-emerged as mecca for this art style in recent years, we take a closer look at some of the most talked about and highly influential contemporary French urban artists of distinctive aesthetics.READ MORE

Beautiful or Crazy Influences

In a bright new series, a Norwegian artist Line Osmundsen, exudes intense vitality fused with inner calm, while she renders universal and everlasting topics. Her paintings and prints share a delicately feminine palette, without giving excuses to the unapologetic, yet optimistic content. Women prevail in Line Osmundsen’s iconography, standing as symbols of ethereal, worldly and transient, as they dwell in surreal, abstracted surroundings made of landscape suggestions, flattened geometry or deep, hazy clouds.READ MORE