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SBI Art Auction – Modern and Contemporary Art Auction Analysis

  • SBI Art Auction – Modern and Contemporary Art Auction Analysis
  • SBI Art Auction – Modern and Contemporary Art Auction Analysis
July 13, 2015

An amazing night at SBI auction house in Tokyo. Modern and Contemporary Art auction took place in the Tokyo-based house on Saturday, July 11th 2015, and achieved some remarkable results. Over 85 percent of lots offered were sold, which is an excellent result. Additionally, over 28 percent of all lots were sold over high estimate. It seems that pessimistic estimates did not realize, since the results are quite impressive.

Motonaga Sadamasa – A Star of the SBI Art Auction

As we already mentioned, a huge number of lots were sold over high estimate. But we should certainly mention the works by Motonaga Sadamasa that were sold for much higher prices than expected. For example, his Work from 2004 had +1050.4 percent difference between the hummer price and high estimate.  Sadamasa’s Stone had +670.3 percent, while the artist’s 1. Flashing Red Square / 2. Chair had +320.1 percent. It seems that this amazing Japanese abstract painter is very popular in his native country.

  • SBI Art Auction – Modern and Contemporary Art Auction Analysis

The Overview of SBI Art Auction – Modern and Contemporary Art Auction

Modern and Contemporary Art Auction at SBI saw some quite impressive results. Out of 365 lots offered, 313 were sold, or 85.8  percent. An impressive fact – 163 lots were sold over high estimate (44.7 percent of sold lots), while 143 were sold in range of estimated values (45.7  percent). On the other hand, only seven lots, or 2.2 percent, were sold under low estimate. The highest hammer price was seen in the sale of Domoto Hisao’s Untiled, sold for $260.553. Motonaga Sadamasa’s It Looks Like White Light Is Shining On The Red Background was sold for $122.134, while Shiraga Kazuo’s Work was sold for $89.565. The auction itself gathered $2.445.211.

Speaking of the most successful lots, we already mentioned the remarkable results of the Motonaga Sadamasa’s works. However, there were some amazing results as well. Takasaki Motonao’s Equipment had +699.9 percent; Matsutani Takesada’s Tie had +312.5 percent, while Moriuchi Keiko’s 1. 5 Macrocosms 2. Sound Of Hawking, 1 had +307.1 percent difference between hammer price and high estimate On the bottom is Akiyama Yutokutaishi’s Work, sold with -25.2 percent difference between hammer price and low estimate, followed by Kamatani Tetsutaro’s Simulation-Heel (with –19.9 percent) and Thomas Ruff’s 1. 1220 From Machines 2. 0946 From Machines (with -10 percent).

SBI Art Auction – Modern and Contemporary Art Auction Analysis
Michio Yoshihara – Tebo 8917 (Lot 129). Estimated at $6.514-$6.514; sold for $34.198
SBI Art Auction – Modern and Contemporary Art Auction Analysis
Kazuo Shiraga – Wind(in order to enjoy the cool air) [Lot 163]. Estimated at $2.036-$2.850; sold for $2.443
SBI Art Auction – Modern and Contemporary Art Auction Analysis
Kazuo Shiraga – Solemn audience (Lot 185). Estimated at $814-$1.221; sold for $1.466
  • SBI Art Auction – Modern and Contemporary Art Auction Analysis

SBI Art Auction – Modern and Contemporary Art Auction in Details

Please, scroll down, and you will find two tables – one with the summary of the SBI Art Auction – Modern and Contemporary Art Auction; the second one with detailed information on every lot auctioned at this auction.

Total number of lots:365
Number of sold lots:313
Sold lots [%]:85.8
Total [$]:2.445.211
Number of sold lots over high estimate:163
Over high estimate (Total) [%]:44.7
Over high estimate (Sold) [%]:52.1
Number of sold lots in range of estimated values:143
In range of estimated values (Sold) [%]:45.7
Number of sold lots under low estimate:7
Under low estimate (Sold) [%]:2.2
Results were under estimate spread of [%]:32.3
Max Hammer [$]:260.553
Average Hammer [$]:7.812
Median Hammer [$]:2.280
Median Hammer Average Hammer Difference [%]:-70.8
Lot No.Artist NameArtwork NameLow Estimate $High Estimate $Hammer Price $Hammer High Estimate Difference [%]Hammer Low Estimate Difference [%]
1KawsStar Wars Darth Vader (Kaws Version), 20079771.4662.11744.4116.7
2KawsStar Wars Storm Trooper (Kaws Version), 20088141.2211.62833.3100
3KawsStar Wars Boba Fett (Kaws Version), 20138141.2212.11773.4160.1
4Kaws1. Be@Rbrick Companion 400% Grey / 2. Be@Rbrick Companion 400% Black / 3. Kubrick Kaws Mad Hectic Supreme Quality 400%9771.466Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
5KawsBe@Rbrick Companion 1000%4.0715.7007.16525.776
6KawsBe@Rbrick 200% Companion, 200924448957016.6133.6
7KawsBe@Rbrick Kaws Chompers 1000%, 20031.2212.0361.221-400
10Kaws1. Snoopy Ceramic (Kaws Version) / 2. Snoopy (Kaws Version) / 3. Woodstock (Kaws Version)8141.2211.79146.7120
11KawsKaws Partners, 2011244489244-50.10
12KawsKaws 1St Companion × Realmad Hectic × Bounty Hunter (Black And Brown), 19991.2212.0361.547-2426.7
13KawsAshtray (Kaws Version), 2008244489366-25.250
14KawsKaws X Krooked (Mark Gonzales) 'Bendy' Skateboard Deck, 200440781489610.1120.1
15KawsOriginal Fake Tile, 2006407814570-3040
16KawsOriginal Fake Tile, 2006244489244-50.10
17KawsPresenting The Past, 20144.0715.7007.08424.374
18BanksyBarcode, 20044.8856.5149.36443.891.7
19Blek Le RatRat Coffee, 20094.0715.700Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
20Antony Micallef1. Inprovised 2. Peacekeeper, 20071.2212.036Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
21InvaderMarlboro, 20148141.2211.140-6.640
22Futura 2000Untitled1.2212.036Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
23Dennis HollingsworthTerritorial, 19998141.2211.140-6.640
24Jeff KoonsWork, 20042444891.466199.8500.8
25Jeff KoonsWork, 20124078141.22150200
26Gerhard RichterWorks2444891.791266.3634
27Joseph BeuysWorks244489244-50.10
28Keith HaringWork1.2212.0361.221-400
29Keith HaringWork, 19891.2212.0361.221-400
30Keith HaringWork, 19886519771.38441.7112.6
31Jasper JohnsUntitled (Ulae S.13), 19776511.140814-28.625
32Andy WarholWork, 19861.2212.0362.2801286.7
33Andy WarholWorks1.6282.4432.9312080
34Sunday B. MorningCampbell'S Soup Can Portfolio1.4662.2801.791-21.422.2
35Sunday B. MorningFlowers Portfolio1.4662.2801.954-14.333.3
36Andy WarholKiku (F. & S. Ii. 307), 19838.14212.2137.898-35.3-3
37Andy WarholLiza Minnelli At Halston'S House, 19801.2212.0362.60628113.4
38Francesco ClementeSemen, 19872.4434.071Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
39Red GroomsWork, 19815701.058Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
40Keith HaringPop Shop Iii (Littmann P.144), 19894.0715.7007.73535.790
41Donald SultanPlaying Cards, 19918.14212.2139.364-23.315
42Robert MangoldC Yellow, 19791.6282.4431.710-305
43Jean-Pierre RaynaudPot Rouge, 19802.4433.2572.443-250
44Edward RuschaDocumenta 5, 19728141.221896-26.610.1
45Sam FrancisUntitled (Lembark L270), 19869771.466Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
46Doug AitkenNew Opposition, 20018141.221Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
47Julian OpieTwenty Six Portraits2.0362.8506.270120208
48Jeff KoonsFlowers, 20012.8503.6644.64126.762.8
49Jeff KoonsBalloon Venus Dom Pérignon, 201332.56948.85444.783-8.337.5
50Henry MooreThree Seated Figures, 19482.4433.257Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
51Eduardo ChillidaSakon (Koelen 68007)1.6282.4431.628-33.40
52Sonia DelaunayGrand Carré Rouge8141.2211.38413.370
53Niki De Saint PhalleNana, 1975489977489-49.90
54Mark Grotjahn × Murakami Takashi1.Untitled (Scarlet Lake And Indigo Blue Butterfly 826) / 2.Untitled (Canary Yellow And Black Butterfly 830)407814570-3040
55Robert IndianaFrom 'The Book Of Love Poem', 1996244489326-33.333.6
56Mary HeilmannSaturday Night, 198740781489610.1120.1
57Joan MiroArlequin Crépusculaire (Dupin 738), 19752.4433.2573.094-526.6
58Pablo PicassoLes Deux Saltimbanques (Bloch 5), 19055.7007.328Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
59Eugéne AtgetAu Tambour: 63 Quai De Tournelle, 1908 printed in 19771.6282.4431.628-33.40
60Pierre Molinier1. Mes Jambes 2. Autoportrait En Travesti, 1. 1967 2. 19601.6282.4431.628-33.40
61Thomas StruthParadies : Sao Francisco De Xavier, 2004407814448-4510.1
62Thomas DemandGrotesques 32 & 53, 20061.2212.036Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
63Thomas Ruff1. 1220 From Machines 2. 0946 From Machines, 20053.2574.8852.931-40-10
65Irie TaikitiMount Miwa After Rain407814448-4510.1
66Ishimoto YasuhiroChicago, Chicago, 1960, printed later1.2212.0361.954-460
67Suzuki Kiyoshi1. Soul And Soul / 2. S Street Shuffle / 3. Finish Dying2.4433.257Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
68Kawada KikujiNude, 1981 printed in 198412.21320.35613.842-3213.3
69Moriyama DaidoUntitled8141.221977-2020
70Moriyama DaidoHow To Create A Beautiful Picture 7 : Nikko Toshogu, 19871.6282.4432.117-13.330
71Araki NobuyoshiUntitled24448961124.9150.4
72Araki NobuyoshiSora, 19901.6282.4431.628-33.40
73Sugimoto HiroshiMechanical Form 0046, Material Testing Machine, 20054.0715.7004.071-28.60
74Sugimoto HiroshiU.A. Walker, New York, 1978, 20001.6282.4432.443050.1
75Sugimoto HiroshiPosters Of End Of Time 1. Seascape: Cascade River, Lake Superior / 2. U.A. Playhouse, New York / 3. Gemsbok / 4. Villa Savoye, 20051.6282.4433.58346.7120.1
76Sugimoto HiroshiVilla Savoye, 20058141.2212.606113.4220.1
77Sugimoto HiroshiTimes Arrow, 1987, 20044078148140100
78Shibata ToshioOkutama Village, Tokyo ♯516, 20064.0715.7003.745-34.3-8
79Shibata ToshioKannami Town, Shizuoka Prefecture, From Landscape B&W, 1986 printed in 19891.6282.443Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
80Izima KaoruLandscapes With A Corpse 1. Koike Eiko Wears Gianni Versace 2. Hashimoto Reika Wears Milk 3. Ua Wears Toga 4. Tominaga Ai Wears Prada8141.2211.46620.180.1
81Honma Takashi1. New Waves Type A 2. New Waves Type B, 20071.1401.9541.140-41.70
82Ishizuka GentaroPipeline Alaska, 2006407814407-500
83Takano RyudaiMaria, 2002 printed in 20062444895298.2116.8
84Yanagi MiwaWhite Casket, 2004244489366-25.250
85Morimura YasumasaFlower And Knife244489Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
86Morimura YasumasaPsychoborg 11, 19941.6282.443Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
87Morimura YasumasaPsychoborg 17, 19941.6282.443Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
88Okamoto TaroPlaying Character, 19706511.140651-42.90
89Okamoto TaroMan And Nature, 19746511.140Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
90Okamoto Taro1. Face Of The Sun 2. Work407814Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
91Okamoto TaroFaces Of Expo'70 Tower Of The Sun, 1970407814Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
92Arimoto ToshioRed Room, 19804.8856.514Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
93Kaneko Kuniyoshi1. Kutani Bowl 2. Work8141.221814-33.30
94Ikeda TatsuoDeko To Boko (A Bump And A Concave), 19861.6282.4431.954-2020
95Tsuruoka MasaoLight And Silhouette8141.221896-26.610.1
96Oyamada JiroPortrait Of A Girl1.2212.0361.221-400
97Satoh KeiNight View Of Notre Dame, 19561.2212.0362.117473.4
98Asahina YasutoUntitled, 19838141.2211.058-13.330
99Inokuma GenichiroWork2.4433.2577.084117.5190
100Inokuma GenichiroWork, 19764078143.257300.1700.2
101Inokuma GenichiroFaces, 1992407814407-500
102Inokuma GenichiroLanding, 1990407814448-4510.1
104Sakamoto ZenzoWork1.2212.0361.140-44-6.6
105Yamaguchi TakeoWork, 197824448977458.3217.2
106Yamaguchi TakeoWork407814489-39.920.1
107Yamaguchi TakeoUntitled8141.2211.62833.3100
108Yamaguchi TakeoWork, c. 19826.5149.77115.06354.2131.2
109Sugimata TadashiWork (Grey), 19513.2574.8857.57255132.5
110Sugimata TadashiWork, 19553.2574.8854.885050
111Yamada MasaakiWork C.35, 196020.35628.49856.996100180
112Yamada MasaakiWork C.P 87, 196116.28524.42721.170-13.330
113Yamada MasaakiWork Bp. 98, 19561.2212.0367.328259.9500.2
114Indo HisashiChandelier, 19512.4433.2572.443-250
115Indo HisashiWork 70.11.12.A, 19716.5149.7718.549-12.531.2
116Imai ToshimitsuWork, 19762.4433.25712.621287.5416.6
117Imai ToshimitsuWork, 19712.4433.2578.549162.5249.9
118Imai ToshimitsuEiku, 19798.14212.21342.340246.7420
119Domoto HisaoUntitled, 196040.71165.138260.553300540
120Domoto HisaoSeuil Critique, 19922.0362.8505.13080152
121Onosato ToshinobuCircles Consisting Of Diamond Shapes, 19753.2574.8854.641-542.5
122Mokuta TakeoOrdination Platform, 1980407814407-500
123Mokuta TakeoBrahman 83 A I, 19838141.221Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
124Sugai KumiWork407814407-500
125Takiguchi ShuzoWork, 19624.0715.7008.14242.8100
126Takiguchi ShuzoWork (Ii-16), 19722.8503.6643.420-6.720
127Yoshihara MichioWork, 19634.8856.5148.54931.275
128Yoshihara MichioWork, c.19601.6282.4438.549249.9425.1
129Yoshihara MichioTebo 8917, 19896.5149.77134.198250425
130Tsutaka WaichiUntitled (Brazil), 19712.4433.2575.94482.5143.3
131Tsutaka WaichiWork, 19692.4433.2575.94482.5143.3
132Imai NorioWork - The Hole1.2212.0362.44320100.1
133Imai NorioHorizon No.18/S, 19758141.221814-33.30
134Imai NorioWhite Piece D, 19661.6282.44310.178316.6525.2
135Takasaki MotonaoEquipment, 19671.2212.03616.285699.91233.7
136Matsuda YutakaWork, 1981407814Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
137Nasaka YukoInfinity, 19657.32810.58525.241138.5244.4
138Horio SadaharuUntitled, 20138141.221814-33.30
139Horio SadaharuWork, 1. 2005, 2-4. 20118141.221814-33.30
140Horio Sadaharu1. Chirari Rhythm 2.Work6511.140Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
141Horio SadaharuA Matter Of Course (100 Boxes Challenge), 20138141.2212.03666.7150.1
142Ichi Hideaki × Horio SadaharuPriavate Editions Letter Essay Folk Essay Postcard Essay1.2212.036Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
143Horio SadaharuUntitled, 20091.6282.4431.628-33.40
144Yoshida MinoruWork, 20094078141.05830160
145Kitani ShigekiNude244489Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
146Yamazaki TsurukoWork2.4433.2572.931-1020
147Moriuchi Keiko1. 5 Macrocosms 2. Sound Of Hawking, 1. 2013 2. 20146511.1404.641307.1612.9
148Matsutani TakesadaCircle 98-10-20, 19984.8856.51422.798250366.7
149Matsutani TakesadaTie, 19832.4433.25713.435312.5449.9
150Sumi YasuoWork, 19682.4433.2575.70075133.3
151Sumi YasuoWork2.4433.2574.31532.576.6
152Uemae ChiyuWork, 19824.0715.7004.071-28.60
153Uemae ChiyuWork, c. 19783.2574.8853.257-33.30
154Uemae ChiyuWork, 20006.5149.77112.2132587.5
155Uemae ChiyuTemple Of South, 196324.42732.56943.15432.576.7
156Shimamoto ShozoUntitled, 201016.28524.42732.56933.3100
157Yoshihara JiroUntitled4.0715.7006.75818.666
158Yoshihara JiroUntitled10.58518.72724.42730.4130.8
159Yoshihara JiroUntitled16.28524.42717.099-305
160Yoshihara JiroUntitled, 196716.28524.42729.3122080
161Yoshihara JiroWork, 19634.0715.7007.73535.790
162Tanaka AtsukoWork, 20044.0715.70013.435135.7230
163Shiraga KazuoWind (In Order To Enjoy The Cool Air)2.0362.8502.443-14.320
164Shiraga KazuoHa, 199316.28524.42721.170-13.330
165Shiraga KazuoUntitled48.85465.13852.925-18.78.3
166Shiraga KazuoWork, 197465.13897.70789.565-8.337.5
167Shiraga KazuoGoshiki Zanmai (Five Colors Samadhi), 197665.13897.70785.494-12.531.3
168Shiraga, Motonaga, Yoshihara Etc.Seven Artists Of The Gutai Group40.71156.99661.0677.150
169Motonaga SadamasaIt Looks Like White Light Is Shining On The Red Background, 197340.71156.996122.134114.3200
170Motonaga SadamasaUntitled, c. 19636.5149.77111.39916.775
171Motonaga SadamasaThe Reverse Is Red And Gray, 19866.5149.77131.755225387.5
172Motonaga SadamasaLines In A Mess, 19964.0715.70010.58585.7160
173Motonaga Sadamasa, Sakaki BakusanWork2.4433.25713.028300433.3
174Motonaga SadamasaWork, 19931.2212.0363.42068180.1
175Motonaga SadamasaStone, 20044078146.270670.31440.5
176Motonaga SadamasaTrois Et Un, 19991.2212.0365.130152320.1
177Motonaga SadamasaWork, 20044078149.3641050.42200.7
178Motonaga SadamasaForms Around An Oval, 19934078141.38470240
179Motonaga SadamasaRed Color In A Square, 19934078141.954140380.1
180Motonaga Sadamasa1. Flashing Red Square / 2. Chair8141.2215.130320.1530.2
181Motonaga Sadamasa1. Three Oranges In A Corrugated Carton / 2. Two Red Jaggy Forms1.2212.0363.66480200.1
182Motonaga SadamasaWork4078141.791120340
183Yoshihara JiroCircle1.2212.0364.071100233.4
184Uemae ChiyuWorks8141.221814-33.30
185Shiraga KazuoSolemn Audience8141.2211.46620.180.1
186Shiraga KazuoRed Flag, 19938141.2212.03666.7150.1
187Shiraga KazuoUntitled8141.2212.19880170
188Shiraga KazuoCircle In The Orange, 19938141.2211.62833.3100
189Shiraga KazuoSeven Warring States Of Zhou Dynasty China, 19935.7007.32823.206216.7307.1
190Saito YoshishigeComposition1.2212.036Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
191Saito YoshishigeBeaupin E - Red, 19718141.2211.54726.790
192Saito YoshishigeBeaupin D - Red, 19718141.2211.46620.180.1
193Sekine NobuoPhase - Mother Earth, 19861.2212.0361.221-400
194Sekine NobuoPhase - Mother Earth, 19866511.140896-21.437.6
195Sekine NobuoWater, 197516332640724.8149.7
196Sekine NobuoPhase Conception No.G6-73 Moon Lid, 19882.4433.2574.88550100
197Sekine NobuoPhase Conception No.G8-89 Reversed Circle, 19882.4433.2575.45567.5123.3
198Sekine NobuoPhase Conception No.B3-14 Rainbow, 19891.6282.4431.873-23.315
199Sekine NobuoPhase Conception No.G3-Ex Initial M, 20111.2212.0361.221-400
200Sekine Nobuo1. Touch-Blue 2. Touch-Red, 19761.2212.0361.221-400
201Suga KishioFrom Ikai Series, 19746.5149.7716.514-33.30
202Suga KishioFrom Ikai Series, 19753.2574.8854.478-8.337.5
203Suga KishioKyouku-41, 19932.8503.6646.10766.7114.3
204Suga KishioLake Wavy Line, 19952.4433.2572.443-250
205Suga KishioKosashusa, 19962.4433.2572.931-1020
206Suga KishioArea Of Sceneries, late 1980s - 1990s2.0362.8503.4202068
207Suga KishioSupplemented Material, 19865.7007.3286.758-7.818.6
208Haraguchi NoriyukiUntitled Black Square #1, 19902.4433.257Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
209Haraguchi NoriyukiConstruction, 19901.6282.443Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
210Haraguchi NoriyukiUntitled (Nh-150), 19871.2212.0361.954-460
211Haraguchi NoriyukiUntitled (Nh-151), 19879771.4661.79122.283.3
212Haraguchi NoriyukiGear, 19908141.221Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
213Lee U-FanFrom Winds A, 19868141.2211.221050
214Lee U-FanFrom Line Ii 1, 19811.2212.0362.117473.4
215Lee U-FanFrom Line Ii 3, 19811.2212.0362.198880
216Lee U-FanWork, 20121.2212.0361.791-1246.7
217Lee U-FanMoku 2, 20061.6282.4433.25733.3100.1
218Lee U-FanA Port Of Call 3, 19911.2212.0364.071100233.4
219Lee U-FanA Port Of Call 4, 19911.2212.0363.09452153.4
220Lee U-FanThe Memory Of Mine 1, 19842.0362.8503.50122.872
221Lee U-FanFrom Line, 19803.2574.8857.32850125
222Lee U-FanIn The Ruins, 19848.14212.2139.364-23.315
223Lee U-FanRelatum B, 197914.65622.79815.063-33.92.8
224Lee U-FanFrom Line, 19779.77114.65620.35638.9108.3
225Lee U-Fan○△□, 198636.64056.99636.640-35.70
226Park Seo-BoEcriture No.900125, 199012.21320.35620.356066.7
227Park Seo-BoWork, 198824448965133.1166.8
228Quac In-SikUntitled-1, 198716332644837.4174.8
229Kim Tschang-YeulWork24448961124.9150.4
230Kwak Duck-JunKwak With Ford, 1974163326244-25.249.7
231Cai Guo-QiangSketch For Turtle Fountain No.1, 20012.4433.2573.420540
232Wu Yulu'S Robot FactoryPainting Made By Paint-Splashing Jackson Pollock16332636612.3124.5
233Shigeo ToyaDrawings For Spirit Regions Ii, 19912.0362.8502.9312.844
234Yanagi YukinoriWork, 19884078141.38470240
235Kano MitsuoFill, The Beard Of Earth Ix, 2005-20063.2574.8856.51433.3100
236Tateishi ShujiWork8141.221Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
237Akasegawa GenpeiThe Great Japanese Zero Yen Note, 19671.2212.0363.74583.9206.7
238Akasegawa GenpeiWork, 1984407814407-500
239Takamatsu JiroNo.715, 19768141.2213.257166.7300.1
240Nakanishi NatsuyukiEnneagram, 19971.2212.0361.221-400
241Takamatsu JiroPerspective Marathon, 19678141.2211.058-13.330
242Takamatsu JiroAndromeda B Series, 1988/898141.2211.62833.3100
243Takamatsu JiroAndromeda B Series, 19898141.2211.62833.3100
244Takamatsu JiroThe Birth Of Land, 19794.0715.7007.32828.680
245Kazakura ShoSeems Like Resembling Something, 1970244489366-25.250
246Shinohara Ushio1.Marcel Duchamp In Thought / 2.Coca-Cola Plan, 1964-2001407814Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
247Arakawa ShusakuThat In Which No.2, 19788141.2212.11773.4160.1
248Nakamura KazumiMan With A Method Lll, 1991-199216.28524.42752.925116.7225
249Nakamura KazumiSaisoro, 19998141.2212.443100.1200.1
250Nakamura KazumiThe Person Who Are Standing To Mourn The Death At The Green Night, 2002-20034.0715.7008.14242.8100
251Yokoo TadanoriFrom Portfolio Shambala, 1974489977733-2549.9
252Akiyama YutokutaishiWork, 1984163326122-62.6-25.2
253Akiyama YutokutaishiBaroque Nouveau King, 19878141.221896-26.610.1
254Hikosaka NaoyoshiP.W.P. 187, 19915701.058692-34.621.4
255Hikosaka NaoyoshiP.W.P.119 Kyouyu Iii, 19885701.0581.22115.4114.2
256Hikosaka NaoyoshiWork, 1994244489448-8.483.6
257Inoue BukichiWork, 1980407814407-500
258Kawamata TadashiWork, 19878141.2211.79146.7120
259Isozaki ArataWork, 19868141.2214.315253.4430.1
260Kawara OnThanatophanies, 19959771.4665.292261441.7
261Kusama YayoiHat (Kusama 13), 19822.4433.2574.88550100
262Kusama YayoiAshtray (Kusama 145), 19903.2574.8853.745-23.315
263Kusama YayoiButterfly (Kusama 81), 19854.0715.7005.130-1026
264Kusama YayoiCity (Kusama 125), 19894.0715.7007.89838.694
265Kusama YayoiFlowers (Kusama 309), 20024.8856.5146.7583.738.3
266Kusama YayoiFruits (Kusama 32), 19844.8856.5147.57216.255
267Kusama YayoiHat (Kusama 20), 19823.2574.8854.885050
268Kusama YayoiHigh Heels (1) (Kusama 259), 19996.5149.77112.2132587.5
269Kusama YayoiWaves (2) (Kusama 239), 19983.2574.8856.27028.492.5
270Kusama YayoiInfinity Nets 1958 (Kusama 14), 1958-19822.0362.8503.90837.191.9
271Kusama YayoiDisappointment (Kusama 191), 19942.0362.8503.58325.776
272Kusama YayoiPistils And Stamens (Kusama 197), 19942.0362.8503.4202068
273Kusama YayoiBloom (Kusama 214), 19952.0362.8503.4202068
274Kusama YayoiVisionary Field (Kusama 220), 19952.0362.8507.328157.1259.9
275Kusama YayoiPumpkin (G) (Kusama 151), 19923.2574.8856.92141.7112.5
276Kusama YayoiA Pumpkin (Y) (Kusama 313), 20034.8856.51410.17856.2108.4
277Kusama YayoiPumpkin (Kusama 42), 19848.14212.21311.806-3.345
278Kusama YayoiDancing Pumpkin (Ybl) (Kusama 320), 20046.5149.77111.80620.881.2
279Kusama YayoiPumpkin G (Kusama 281), 19998.14212.21313.0286.760
280Kusama YayoiRed Pumpkin (Kusama 154), 19928.14212.21312.6213.355
281Kusama YayoiPumpkin, 19938141.2212.28086.7180.1
282Kusama YayoiPlate (Future), 2013489977489-49.90
283Kusama YayoiThe Me That I Adore. (The Grand Set), 20134.0715.7004.315-24.36
284Kusama YayoiStrawberry, 1974-19936.5149.771Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
285Kusama YayoiPumpkin 2, 1988 cast in 19949.77114.6569.771-33.30
286Kusama YayoiSelf-Portrait, 199916.28524.42716.285-33.30
287Kusama YayoiInfinity, 199032.56948.85432.569-33.30
288Kusama YayoiDots-Infinity [Thopz], 200540.71156.99661.0677.150
289Kusama YayoiHat, 198256.99673.28159.439-18.94.3
290Kusama YayoiSilver Waves, 19798.14212.21312.6213.355
291Kusama YayoiRain Clouds, 19788.14212.21313.84213.370
292Kusama YayoiFlower Blooming, 19795.7007.32813.02877.8128.6
293Nara YoshitomoI Don'T Mind, If You Forget Me, 20018141.221977-2020
294Nara YoshitomoCosmic Girl (Eyes Open / Shut), 20081.6282.4432.6066.760.1
295Nara YoshitomoDoggy Radio, 20111.4662.2801.466-35.70
296Nara YoshitomoMirror (In The Floating World), 19992.4433.2574.64142.590
297Nara YoshitomoNight Walker, 20024.0715.7005.700040
298Miyajima TatsuoC.T.C.S Tricolore, 20106.5149.7716.758-30.83.7
299Nawa KoheiPixcell-Maria #4, 200912.21320.35622.7981286.7
300Nawa KoheiTrans-Speaking (Set Of 8Prints), 20148141.221Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
301Yamaguchi AkiraNew Sights Of Tokyo: Shiba Tower, 20149771.4662.76888.8183.3
302Ai YamaguchiHana Bukuro, 20034899771.0588.3116.4
303Ai YamaguchiIchi No Sake, 19989771.4661.058-27.88.3
304Ai YamaguchiBunkintakashimada, 19998141.221814-33.30
305Ai YamaguchiShiroi Hako, 20009771.466977-33.40
306Takano AyaDoggy With A Fish Design, 20021.2212.0361.303-366.7
307Aoshima ChihoJapanese Apricot, 19993.2574.885Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
308Riusuke FukahoriWorks8141.221814-33.30
309Tsuchiya YoshimasaRat, 20075701.0581.22115.4114.2
310Aoki NoeWork, 20038141.221814-33.30
311Otake ShinroViewfinder Images Series, 1989-901.6282.4435.292116.6225.1
312Otake ShinroFrost #2, 19891.2212.0363.42068180.1
313Ikemura LeikoUntitled, 19881.2212.036Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
314Kobayashi MasatoUntitled, 199424448957016.6133.6
315Nakamura MasatoMm, 19992.4433.2574.31532.576.6
316Ogawa ShinjiUntitled8141.221814-33.30
317Ogawa ShinjiErrol Drawing 16, 1988407814Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
318Ogawa ShinjiHis Information, 1992407814407-500
319Ogawa ShinjiUntitled, 1992407814407-500
320Matsuyama KenCreature Card (Drone Beetle), 20078141.221814-33.30
321Matsuyama KenFancy Collection / White On White, 20068141.2211.058-13.330
322Kawashima HideakiEdge, 20032.4433.2572.768-1513.3
323Kawashima HideakiWind, 2013244489285-41.716.8
324Watanabe GoRay, 20079771.466Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
325Hoki NobuyaUntitled, 2005407814Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
326Arima KaoruWork, 1993407814Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
327Matsui ErinaThe Eye Of A Typhoon407814407-500
328Sashida NahokoWonder Land F, 2005163326Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
329Imazu KeiDesert Town, 20089771.466Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
330Imazu KeiI Can Go Anywhere, 20098141.2211.221050
331Kakitani TomokiSpider, 20035701.058Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
332Hattori Chika1. Friends 2. Maigo407814570-3040
333Ito ZonPlatinum, 20028141.2211.54726.790
334Aoki RyotaWork6511.140Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
335Yamashiro Erika1. Sweet Poison 2. Work407814529-3530
336Yasuda AzusaUnderground Girls ?, 2008407814Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
337Nagasawa Ikumi1. Drop In On The Way 2. Days Without The Change 2, 2007407814366-55-10.1
338Nagasawa IkumiThe Beginning, 2007407814692-1570
339Kaeba AyanoWork (Blooming In A Small Garden), 2007244489Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
340Aoki HitomiSinking Flowers, 2009407814407-500
341Yoda JunkoRiver Source #21, 2006407814Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
342BtDear Led Zeppelin8141.2212.28086.7180.1
343Kitatsuji YoshihisaWork, 1992244489Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
344Shima KuniichiBirth Of A Language, 1998163326163-500
345Nakamura TetsuMon Âme X Vi, 2001407814407-500
346Tatsuno ToekoWorks, 1982489977489-49.90
347Sumikawa KiichiWings Of Phoenix407814489-39.920.1
348Shin Myeong-EunUntitled163326Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
349Kamatani TetsutaroSimulation-Heel, 2008407814326-60-19.9
350Nishizawa ChiharuFor Beautiful Life 2, 20051.6282.443Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
351Matsuura HiroyukiBlister Collection, 20076511.1401.79157.1175.1
352Murakami TakashiKiller Pink, 20034.8856.5146.7583.738.3
353Murakami TakashiAnd Then Light Blue, 19994.0715.7006.1077.150
354Murakami TakashiChampignons, 20023.2574.8854.071-16.725
355Murakami TakashiWork, 20121.6282.4432.117-13.330
356Murakami TakashiRed Demon And Blue Demon With 48 Arhats, 2013489977Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
357Murakami TakashiHiropon, 2001244489244-50.10
358Murakami Takashi1. Warhol/Silver / 2. Flowers For Algernon / 3. Even The Digital Realm Has Flowers To Offer! / 4. Purple Flowers In A Bouquet, 20101.6282.4432.76813.370
359Murakami TakashiAnd Then X 6 (4 Works), 20131.6282.4432.117-13.330
360Murakami TakashiKansei, 20078141.221Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
361Murakami TakashiKansei Skulls, 20108141.221Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
362Murakami TakashiIn The Heart'S Eye, A Universe., 2008326651489-24.950
363Murakami Takashi1. The Road To Illumination... 2. That I May Time Transcend…, 20086511.140896-21.437.6
364Murakami Takashi1. Kaikai Kiki And Me - The Shocking Truth Revealed! / 2 .Kaikai Kiki And Me - For Better Or Worse, In Good Times And Bad, The Weather Is Fine.8141.2211.221050
365Murakami TakashiHypha Will Cover The World, Little By Little. We Should Be Able To Get Our Hands On That Door To The Alien World Soon. Wait Til We Get There!, 20096511.058774-26.818.9
366Murakami Takashi1. Lotus Flower (Pink) 2. Lotus Flower White, 20108141.2211.62833.3100
367Murakami Takashi1. Flowerball Pink 2. Flower Ball (3-D) Sunflower, 20111.2212.0362.198880
368Murakami Takashi1. Flower Ball (Algae Ball) 2. Flower Dumpling, 20138141.2211.79146.7120
TOTAL (Sold lots):1.290.7971.903.2602.445.21128.589.4

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Featured Images:

Andy Warhol – Liza Minnelli at Halston’s House (Lot 37)

Sadamasa Motonaga – Work, detail (Lot 173)

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Tatsuo Ikeda – Deko to Boko, detail (Lot 94)

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