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Sotheby's: Prints & Multiples New York - Auction Analysis

  • sothebys new york prints and multiples, auction analysis
  • sothebys new york prints and multiples, auction analysis
  • sothebys new york prints and multiples, auction analysis
May 5, 2015

The month  started off quite fiercely with Sotheby’s New York: Prints and Multiples auction held on the 1st and 2nd of May. The numbers of the auction analysis show a very, with the emphasis on very, successful auction. Out of 206 contemporary art lots put on sale, a great number of 187 lots were sold, making that a staggering 90.8 percent of sold artworks. Thirty-three percent of lots were sold over the high estimate price, or 63 artworks, as opposed to 49 artworks sold under the low estimate making that a 26.2 percent of lots. In the estimate value range, 75 artworks changed its owners, or 40.1 percent. The auction analysis showed that the results were under the estimate spread of 31.5 percent. These 187 lots were sold for total of $4996300 which is around a million dollars more than the sum of low estimates (26.8 percent) and around $800000 less than the high estimate sum (-13.1 percent). Maximum hammer price was achieved with the sale of Andy Warhol’s Ten Portraits of Jews of The Twentieth Century with $160000 and the average hammer price of sold lots was $26718. Median hammer and average hammer difference, with median hammer at $15000, was -43.9 percent.

  • sothebys new york prints and multiples, auction analysis

The Best Individual Results at Sotheby's New York: Prints and Multiples

Certainly, the greatest surprise of the Sotheby’s: Prints and Multiples was the Roy Lichtenstein’s Art of the Sixties lot number 307 which was sold for $20000. Maybe it doesn’t sounds so fascinating having in mind that we have seen some sales measured in 6-digits, but this particular lot had the hammer high estimate difference of 1011.1 percent! With the low estimate of $1200 and high estimate of $1800, it really came out as a bit of a surprise. Another notable sale was seen in the case of the lot 252 and Andy Warhol’s Grace Kelly which was sold for $65000 and achieved 160 percent over the high estimate of $25000. Two more Andy Warhol’s artworks achieved notable results: Fiesta Pig (estimated from $6000 to $8000) was sold for $20000 and achieved the hammer high estimate difference of 150 percent, while his Love, estimated from $20000 to $30000, changed the owner for $62000 and surpassed the high estimate by 106.7 percent. Frank Stella’s Double Grey Scramble went for stunning $90000 , and since its high estimate was set at $35000, it achieved the hammer high difference of 157.1 percent. Another notable result with 5-digit price was seen in the sale of lot 294, Helen Frankethaler’s Tales of Genji VI. It was sold for $42000 surpassing the high estimate by 133.3 percent. A 100 percent hammer high estimate difference was seen in the sale of Robert Longo’s Eric, and while it was estimated between $10000 and $15000, it was sold for $30000.

  • sothebys new york prints and multiples, auction analysis

Highs and Lows of Sotheby's: Prints And Multiples

As afore mentioned, some of the best results were achieved with the sales of Andy Warhol’s artworks, both in the price level and scoring prices above the high estimates. Apart from these artworks, very good result was seen in the sale of Roy Lichtstein’s Reflections on Crash, sold for $140000, only $10000 less than the high estimate. Richard Diebenkorn’s High Green Version I was sold for $130000, but under the range of estimate from $140000-$180000. Claes Oldenburg’s Profile Airflow, estimated from $60000-$80000, went for $115000 and surpassed the high estimate for 43.8 percent. High prices have been seen with the sales of yet another two Warhol’s artworks: Superman and Queen Elizabeth, which both changed their owners for $110000. Although, our auction analysis shows that this auction was a big success, some of the lots failed to meet the expectations. Both Takashi Murakami’s lots, containg four artworks each, were sold under the low estimate. Lot 212, estimated from $6000-8000 was sold for $3500, achieving a price that is 41.7 percent lower than the low estimate, while his lot 213 was sold for $2400 (estimated between $5000-$7000), with even a worse percentage under the low estimate of 52 percent. Robert Rauschenberg’s Traces Suspectes en Surface, with a low estimate of $5000 was sold for only $3000. James by Chuck Close, although estimated from $12000-$18000 was sold for only $7000, achieving a price 41.7 percent under the low estimate. Ulfert Wilke’s Fragments From Nowhere was sold at the hammer price of $2000, a 60 percent under the low hammer price. To see all of the artworks mentioned, as well as the tables containing all the lots’ information, please scroll down.

  • sothebys new york prints and multiples, auction analysis

Sotheby's: Prints and Multiples in Details

Lot No.Artist NameArtwork NameLow Estimate $High Estimate $Hammer Price $Hammer High Estimate Difference [%]Hammer Low Estimate Difference [%]
147Josef AlbersFormulation: Articulation (Danilowitz Appendix C)700010000130003085.7
148Francis BaconTriptych (Sabatier 4)150002000013000-35-13.3
149BanksyChoose Your Weapon (Grey)150002000012000-40-20
150Mel BochnerChuckle150002500024000-460
151Mel BochnerBlah8000120008000-33.30
153Vija CelminsNight Sky Woodcut100001500014000-6.740
154Chuck CloseLucas Samaras500070003200-54.3-36
155Chuck CloseJames12000180007000-61.1-41.7
156Chuck CloseSelf Portrait500070004500-35.7-10
157Richard DiebenkornTri-Color150002000013000-35-13.3
158Richard DiebenkornRed, Yellow, Blue300005000038000-2426.7
159Richard DiebenkornHigh Green Version I140000180000130000-27.8-7.1
160Dan FlavinTo Don Judd, Colorist: Three Plates (Gemini 17.3 And 17.5-6)600080001500087.5150
161Sam FrancisUntitled (Sf 345)500070004000-42.9-20
162Helen FrankenthalerGrey Fireworks500070007000040
163Lucian FreudAfter Chardin (Small Plate)8000120005200-56.7-35
164Lucian FreudBefore The Fourth150002000011000-45-26.7
165Ellen GallagherDuke180002400012000-50-33.3
166Keith HaringUntitled500070001300085.7160
167Damien HirstThe Last Supper500007000040000-42.9-20
168Damien HirstValium10000150007000-53.3-30
169Damien HirstSix Pills (Large)500070003500-50-30
170Damien HirstFor The Love Of God, Laugh120001800011000-38.9-8.3
171Damien HirstHypothalamus Acetone Powder200003000018000-40-10
172Damien HirstSanctum500007000060000-14.320
173Robert IndianaDecade (Sheehan 63-72)100001500013000-13.330
174Jasper JohnsPainting With Two Balls (Grays) (Ulae 88)500070006000-14.320
175Jasper JohnsUntitled (Ulae 99)500070005500-21.410
176Jasper JohnsFoirades/Fizzles (Ulae 173)120001800011000-38.9-8.3
177Jasper JohnsFlags II (Ulae 129)250003500028000-2012
178Jasper JohnsUntitled (Ulae 217)50007000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
179Jasper JohnsGreen Angel (Ulae 253)14000180002000011.142.9
180Jasper JohnsCicada (Ulae 219)20000300003500016.775
181Jasper JohnsBetween The Clock And The Bed (Ulae 246)2500040000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
182Anish KapoorBlackness From Her Womb1500020000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
183Alex KatzBlue Umbrella (Maravell 121)8000120007500-37.5-6.3
184Ellsworth KellyThe Concorde Series: Three Prints (A. 195A, 197A And 200A)500070004200-40-16
185Willem De KooningFigures In A Landscape: Plate Vi8000120007000-41.7-12.5
186Willem De KooningMan And The Big Blonde8000120007000-41.7-12.5
187Robert LazzariniBrass Knuckles (Iv)1000015000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
188Roy LichtensteinCrying Girl (Corlett II.1)400006000042000-305
189Roy LichtensteinSandwich And Soda (C. 35)50007000900028.680
190Roy LichtensteinShipboard Girl (C. II.6)20000300003800026.790
191Roy LichtensteinBrushstrokes (C. 45)120001800012000-33.30
192Roy LichtensteinMirror (C. 115)60008000900012.550
193Roy LichtensteinEntablature V (C. 142)50007000900028.680
194Roy Lichtenstein...Huh? (C. 149)30005000650030116.7
195Roy LichtensteinAmerican Indian Theme Vi (C. 165)8000120008500-29.26.3
196Roy LichtensteinGreen Face (C. 232)120001800018000050
197Roy LichtensteinNude (C. 233)12000180002000011.166.7
198Roy LichtensteinDr. Waldman (C. 173)100001500011000-26.710
199Roy LichtensteinMoonscape (C. 212)3500045000480006.737.1
200Roy LichtensteinNude Reading (C. 288)7000010000090000-1028.6
201Roy LichtensteinModern Art II (C. 301)150002500024000-460
202Robert LongoEric100001500030000100200
203Robert LongoHell'S Gate120001800014000-22.216.7
204Man RayA L'Heure De L'Observatoire - Les Amoreaux (Anselmino 15)300005000040000-2033.3
206Joan MitchellTrees I120001800013000-27.88.3
207Robert MotherwellEl Negro (Walker Art Center 308.1-308.21)7000100008000-2014.3
208Robert MotherwellOrange Lyric (W. A. C. 477)100001500012000-2020
209Robert MotherwellBurning Elegy (W. A. C. 520)400006000035000-41.7-12.5
210Robert MotherwellBlack For Mozart (W. A. C. 521)100001500011000-26.710
211Robert MotherwellMediterranean Light (W. A. C. 516)250003500032000-8.628
212Takashi MurakamiAn Homage To Monogold 1960 B; An Homage To Yves Klein, Multicolor B; An Homage To Ikb 1957 B; And An Homage To Monopink 1960 B600080003500-56.3-41.7
213Takashi MurakamiAcupuncture/Flowers (Checkers); Acupuncture/Flowers; Flower Ball (Algae Ball); Flower Dumpling500070002400-65.7-52
214Claes OldenburgPile Of Erasers (Axsom & Platzker 130)30005000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
215Claes OldenburgScrewarch Bridge (State IIi) (A. & P. 174)3000050000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
216Julian OpieThis Is Shahnoza In 3 Parts. 3. (Cristea 129)2000030000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
217Michelangelo PistolettoLa Cucitrice15000250003500040133.3
218Michelangelo PistolettoPanni12000180002600044.4116.7
219PortfolioX + X (Ten Works By Ten Artists)120001800012000-33.30
220Mel RamosPeek-A-Boo #3200003000016000-46.7-20
221Robert RauschenbergHot Shot150002500022000-1246.7
222Robert RauschenbergTraces Suspectes En Surface500070003000-57.1-40
223Robert RauschenbergEpic (Ground Rules)600080005000-37.5-16.7
224Robert RauschenbergTribute 21300005000035000-3016.7
225Gerhard RichterKerze 1 (Butin 64)180002400015000-37.5-16.7
226Gerhard RichterIce 2 (B. 123)300005000050000066.7
227James RosenquistMarilyn (Glenn 70)8000120006500-45.8-18.8
228James RosenquistThe Bird Of Paradise Approaches The Hot Water Planet (G. 214)100001500012000-2020
229James RosenquistTime Door Time D'Or (G. 218)1000015000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
230Ed RuschaPico And Sepulveda (Gemini 45.25)500070006000-14.320
231Ed RuschaCourse Of Empire500070003800-45.7-24
232Frank StellaShards Iv (Axsom 147)500055005000-9.10
233Frank StellaSquid7000100008000-2014.3
234Frank StellaAhab70001000010000042.9
235Wayne ThiebaudGlass Candy500070006500-7.130
236Wayne ThiebaudSardines50007000850021.470
237Cy Twombly[Untitled] (Bastian 33)250003500032000-8.628
238Victor Vasarely[Untitled]600080004000-50-33.3
239Victor VasarelyMc 461000015000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
240Andy WarholTattooed Woman Holding A Rose (Not In Feldman & Schellmann)500060004500-25-10
241Andy WarholFlowers (Feldman & Schellman II.6)8000120008000-33.30
242Andy WarholElectric Chair (F. & S. II.75)600080006000-250
243Andy Warhol25 Cats Name[D] Sam And One Blue Pussy (F. & S. Iv.52A-68A)500007000050000-28.60
244Andy WarholLadies & Gentlemen: Two Prints (F. & S. II.128 & II.132)8000120008500-29.26.3
245Andy WarholMick Jagger (F. & S. II.141)25000350005500057.1120
246Andy WarholMick Jagger (F. & S. II.145)25000350004000014.360
247Andy WarholKimiko (F. & S. II.237)2000030000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
248Andy WarholTen Portraits Of Jews Of The Twentieth Century (F. & S. II.226-235)150000200000160000-206.7
249Andy WarholEdward Kennedy (F. & S. II.240)8000120007500-37.5-6.3
250Andy WarholMarilyn (Announcement) (Not In F. & S.)120001800011000-38.9-8.3
251Andy Warhol$ (Quadrant) (F. & S. II.283)8000012000075000-37.5-6.3
252Andy WarholGrace Kelly (F. & S. II.305)150002500065000160333.3
253Andy WarholDetails Of Renaissance Paintings (Piero Della Francesca, Madonna Del Duca Da Montefeltro, Circa 1472) (F. & S. IIb.316A)1500025000280001286.7
254Andy WarholDetails Of Renaissance Paintings (Sandro Botticelli, Birth Of Venus, 1482) (F. & S. IIb.316)7000010000080000-2014.3
255Andy WarholDetails Of Renaissance Paintings (Sandro Botticelli, Birth Of Venus, 1492) (F. & S. II.318)400006000060000050
256Andy WarholDetails Of Renaissance Paintings (Sandro Botticelli, Birth Of Venus, 1492) (F. & S. II.317)500007000050000-28.60
257Andy WarholDetails Of Renaissance Paintings (Leonardo Da Vinci, The Annunciation, 1472) (F. & S. IIb.320)1500025000280001286.7
258Andy WarholDetails Of Renaissance Paintings (Paolo Uccello, St. George And The Dragon, 1460) (See F. & S. IIb.324)200003000018000-40-10
259Andy WarholQueen Elizabeth II Of The United Kingdom (F & S II.336A)500007000011000057.1120
260Andy WarholQueen Ntombi Twala Of Swaziland (See F. & S. IIb.349)1000015000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
261Andy WarholEva Mudocci (After Munch) (F. & S. IIia.59[B])60000800009000012.550
262Andy WarholThe New Spirit (Donald Duck) (F. & S. II.357)300004000030000-250
263Andy WarholKachina Dolls (F. & S. II.381)120001800013000-27.88.3
264Andy WarholMother And Child (F. & S. II.383)120001800015000-16.725
265Andy WarholApple (F. & S. II.359)250004500045000080
266Andy WarholSuperman (F. & S. II.260)700001000001100001057.1
267Tom WesselmannLittle Nude8000120007500-37.5-6.3
268Tom WesselmannSmoker7000100005500-45-21.4
269Tom WesselmannBedroom Face (The Institute Of Contemporary Art 26)500070006500-7.130
271Tom WesselmannMonica With Tulips7000100005500-45-21.4
272Tom WesselmannNew Bedroom Blonde Doodle8000120006000-50-25
273Ulfert WilkeFragments From Nowhere500060002000-66.7-60
274Christopher WoolBlack Book10000150002600073.3160
275Chuck CloseSusan (Butler Institute 50)300050004800-460
276David HockneyCelia Elegant (Museum Of Contemporary Art Tokyo 224)10000150007000-53.3-30
277Jasper JohnsTwo Maps II (Ulae 26)7000010000055000-45-21.4
278Jasper JohnsSavarin 3 (Red) (Ulae 193)200003000018000-40-10
279Jasper JohnsSavarin 1 (Cookie) (Ulae 191)1000015000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
280Jasper JohnsSavarin 4 (Oval) (Ulae 194)150002000012000-40-20
281Jasper JohnsSavarin 5 (Corpse And Mirror) (Ulae 195)150002000013000-35-13.3
282Jasper JohnsSavarin 6 (Blue) (Ulae 198)2000030000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
283Jasper JohnsSavarin (Ulae 220)25000350004500028.680
284Brice MardenAfter Botticelli: 1-520000300005500083.3175
285Claes OldenburgProfile Airflow (Axsom & Platzker 59)600008000011500043.891.7
286Claes OldenburgGeometric Mouse - Scale C (Gemini 38.25)200003000028000-6.740
287Frank StellaDouble Grey Scramble (Axsom 93)250003500090000157.1260
288Josef AlbersWhite Line Squares I And II: Four Prints (Danilowitz 171.2, 171.5, 171.7 And 172.1)600080001100037.583.3
289Josef AlbersGray Instrumentation I: Four Prints (D. 225.2, 225.5, 225.9, 225.10)5000700075007.150
290Josef AlbersGray Instrumentation I: Three Prints (D. 225.2-225.4)400060006000050
291Helen FrankenthalerFreefall (Harrison 233)5000070000750007.150
292Helen FrankenthalerTales Of Genji V2500035000380008.652
293Helen FrankenthalerTales Of Genji II1200018000190005.658.3
294Helen FrankenthalerTales Of Genji Iv120001800042000133.3250
295Helen FrankenthalerTales Of Genji Vi15000250003800052153.3
296Richard HamiltonFlower-Piece B, Crayon Study (Tyler 221:Rh 3)10001500220046.7120
297David HockneyLithographic Water Made Of Lines (T. 253:Dh40)150002500024000-460
298David HockneyCelia With Green Hat (T. 274:Dh61)1500025000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
299David HockneyRed Celia (T. 273:Dh60)2500035000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
300David HockneyViews Of Hotel Well IIi (T. 282:Dh 69)3000050000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
301Jasper JohnsNo (Ulae 71)600080007000-12.516.7
302Ellsworth KellyString Bean Leaves I (Haricot Vert I) (Axsom 48)50007000850021.470
303Ellsworth KellyNine Squares (A. 164)120001800014000-22.216.7
304Ellsworth KellyWall (A. 177)40006000850041.7112.5
305Roy LichtensteinModern Head Relief (Gemini 31.34)3000050000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
306Roy LichtensteinEntablature VII (C. 144)40006000800033.3100
307Roy LichtensteinArt Of The Sixties12001800200001011.11566.7
308Roy LichtensteinMobile II7000010000090000-1028.6
309Roy LichtensteinReflections On Crash (C. 239)100000150000140000-6.740
310Andrew LordVase. Round600080006000-250
311Joan MitchellTrees II8000100008000-200
312Robert MotherwellEaster Day 1979; America-La France Variations IIi; Calligraphy I (Walker Art Center 244, 331 & 490)700010000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
313Claes OldenburgFor Ken300050003000-400
314Claes OldenburgMousetrap7000100007000-300
315James RosenquistSky Hole (Glenn 217)80001200011000-8.337.5
316James RosenquistHouse Of Fire (G. 223)1400018000190005.635.7
317James RosenquistKatonah Muse100015001300-13.330
318Frank StellaSteller'S Albatross (Axsom 112)700010000Not SoldNot SoldNot Sold
319Frank StellaEstoril Five I (A. 140)180002400024000033.3
320Frank StellaTalladega Five I (A. 138)80001200012000050
321Frank StellaBene Come Il Sale, State Iv8000120009500-20.818.8
322Frank StellaExtracts, State I8000120002000066.7150
323Frank StellaGanji Dareh600080001400075133.3
324Andy WarholBirmingham Race Riot (Feldman & Schellmann II.3)500070004200-40-16
325Andy WarholScotch Broth (F. & S. II.55)12000180002200022.283.3
326Andy WarholOld Fashioned Vegetable (F. & S. II.54)12000180002600044.4116.7
327Andy WarholVegetarian Vegetable (F. & S. II.56)12000180002400033.3100
328Andy WarholHot Dog Bean (F. & S. II.59)12000180002200022.283.3
329Andy WarholOyster Stew (F. & S. II.60)12000180002200022.283.3
330Andy WarholTomato-Beef Noodle O'S (F. & S. II.61)12000180002200022.283.3
331Andy WarholSunset (See F. & S. II.85)2500035000420002068
332Andy WarholMao (F. & S. II.95)300005000042000-1640
333Andy WarholMao (F. & S. II.96)300005000045000-1050
334Andy WarholMao (F. & S. II.97)3000050000550001083.3
335Andy WarholMao (F. & S. II.99)300005000040000-2033.3
336Andy WarholMao (F. & S. II.125A)10000150008000-46.7-20
337Andy WarholAfter The Party (F. & S. II.183)8000120001400016.775
338Andy WarholGrapes (F. & S. II.194)120001800013000-27.88.3
339Andy WarholGrapes (F. & S. II.190-192)200003000025000-16.725
340Andy WarholFiesta Pig (F. & S. II.184)6000800020000150233.3
341Andy WarholPears (F. & S. II.203)7000100006500-35-7.1
342Andy WarholShoes (F. & S. II.253)600008000075000-6.325
343Andy WarholThe Witch (F. & S. II.261)18000240004000066.7122.2
344Andy WarholMammy (F. & S. II.262)15000250003200028113.3
345Andy WarholHowdy Doody (F. & S. II.263)12000180002400033.3100
346Andy WarholDracula (F. & S. II.264)12000180002000011.166.7
347Andy WarholSanta Claus (F. & S. II.266)12000180002000011.166.7
348Andy Warhol$ (Quadrant) (F. & S. II.283)8000012000085000-29.26.3
349Andy Warhol$ (9) (F. & S. II.285)80000120000100000-16.725
350Andy WarholPine Barrens Tree Frog (F. & S. II.294)2500035000420002068
351Andy WarholSiberian Tiger (F. & S. II.297)35000450006000033.371.4
352Andy WarholBlack Rhinoceros (F. & S. II.301)300005000048000-460
353Andy WarholBighorn Ram (F. & S. II.302)20000300004500050125
354Andy WarholKiku (F. & S. II.307-309)200003000030000050
355Andy WarholLove (F. & S. II.310-312)200003000062000106.7210
TOTAL (Sold lots):363720052843004996300-5.537.4
Total number of lots:206
Number of sold lots:187
Sold lots [%]:90.8
Number of sold lots over high estimate:63
Over high estimate (Total) [%]:30.6
Over high estimate (Sold) [%]:33.7
Number of sold lots in range of estimated values:75
In range of estimated values (Sold) [%]:40.1
Number of sold lots under low estimate:49
Under low estimate (Sold) [%]:26.2
Results were under estimate spread of [%]:31.5
Max Hammer [$]:160000
Average Hammer [$]:26718
Median Hammer [$]:15000
Median Hammer Average Hammer Difference [%]:-43.9

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sothebys new york prints and multiples, auction analysis
Left: Roy Lichtenstein – Art of the Sixties, 1979, (lot 307) / Right: Robert Rauschenberg – Traces Suspectes En Surface, 1972-78, (lot 222)
sothebys new york prints and multiples, auction analysis
Left: Andy Warhol – Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, 1985, (lot 259) / Right: Andy Warhol – Ten Portraits of Jews of The Twentieth Century, 1980, (lot 248)
sothebys new york prints and multiples, auction analysis
Left: Andy Warhol – Grace Kelly, 1984, (lot 252) / Right: Andy Warhol – Love, 1983, (lot 355)
sothebys new york prints and multiples, auction analysis
Left: Andy Warhol – Superman, 1981, (lot 266) / Right: Ulfert Wilke – Fragments From Nowhere, 1958, (lot 273)
sothebys new york prints and multiples, auction analysis
Left: Richard Diebenkorn – High Green Version, 1992, (lot 159) / Right: Robert Longo – Eric, 1999, (lot 202)
sothebys new york prints and multiples, auction analysis
Left: Helen Frankenthaler – Tales of Genji VI, 1998, (lot 295) / Right: Chuck Close – James, 2004, (lot 255)
sothebys new york prints and multiples, auction analysis
Left: Takashi Murakami – An Homage to Monogold, 2012, (lot 212) / Right: Takashi Murakami – Acupunture-Flowers, 2008, (lot 213)

Featured images: Roy Lichtenstein – Reflections on Crash, 1990, (lot 309) Frank Stella – Doubble Grey Scramble, 1973, (lot 278) Claes Oldenburg – Profile Airflow, 1968-70, (lot 285)

Slider images: Andy Warhol – Fiesta Pig, 1979, (lot 340) Roy Lichtenstein – Crying Girl, 1963, (lot 188)Damien Hirst – The Last Supper, 1999, (lot 167)

All images are courtesy of Sotheby’s.