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Street Update #127

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May 11, 2016
Gordana Sretenović. Teaching English and writing for a living. Obsessed with Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. Desires to travel the world and not have a permanent address. Occasionally writes poetry.

Many fantastic murals were painted last week, and today we are bringing you five that caught our attention the most. But before we get into that, let’s do a quick overview of the week behind us and the amazing things that happened in that seven-day period. We have crafted a list of European artists you should definitely check out, as well as the list of most memorable photographs that will surely inspire you to grab a camera and capture some amazing scenes and faces. The artist of the week was Levalet, a French artist famous for his humorous approach to art. You can check out the most amazing art museums in Australia that definitely deserve a spot on your bucket list. The mysterious and globally famous Banksy is having an exhibition in Rome so be sure to pay a visit to the Urbs Aeterna. For all the lovers of the words as well as visual art, we have handpicked the most memorable quotes by the great Pablo Picasso that will offer motivation and an insight to his creative mind. We asked what is the relevance of figure painting in art education, and tackled the issue of Brexit, and chosen the art history books that you must read. All in all, a busy, productive week for us.

What about you? Was your week successful? Did you acquire a new piece of art, or maybe created one on your own? Share your thoughts over on our Facebook page.

And now, here are the top five murals of the past week! Scroll down to see the details and more pictures.

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Said Dokins - Mural for Coachella Walls Festival

Festival season brings the joy to the people around the world, and Coachella is one of the most anticipated and famous festivals today. It is the contemporary version of the hippie fest, with the most fashionable visitors and a fantastic line-up. For the occasion of the Coachella Walls Festival, the Mexican artist, Said Dokins created a fantastic mural that fit perfectly into the theme of Coachella Walls 2016, which was American Women: a Homage to the Women of the Americas. In this piece, the artist has inscribed the names of organizations and collectives led by women who sought justice and defended the human rights of the women in Mexico and Latin America. The organizations included in this mural are the First Feminist Congress of Yucatan, the Movement of Women Liberation, the ANFASEP from Peru, the collective Las Comadres from El Salvador, the Ladies in White Cuba movement, the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo from Argentina, and the Mothers of Heroes and Martyrs in Nicaragua, among others.

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Rustam QBic - Sailor Story, Perth, Australia

The Russian street artist Rustam QBic was invited to the city of Perth in Australia for Public 2016, and has completed a mural entitled Sailor Story. The artist worked on this piece for seven days in order to produce the highly detailed artwork using his distinctive palette of blues and purples. He depicted a lonely man battling the raging seas on a paddle boat filled with books. The large hands emerging from the ground that hold the open book our character is on are the artist’s depiction of the forces that get into one’s way of lifelong learning. The artist is known for his surrealist imagery and murals that convey positive messages that are universally applicable, and Sailor Story is no different.

  • Tellas 5

Tellas - To The Desert, Perth, Australia

The Italian artist Tellas has also spent some time in Perth where he worked on a new mural for Public 2016. The piece entitled To The Desert was created in his signature minimal and organic imagery and is nothing short of stunning. Tellas’s style is very unique and very much different from what we are used to seeing in the streets today. This piece was painted on the wall of Curtin University and it is three story high, and enchantingly pleasant for the eyes. Tellas is a Cagliari-born artist who was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, and he currently lives and works in Rome. He creates murals that are a perfect blend of shapes and space that depict an intimate interpretation of elements of natural landscapes.

  • Strok 1

Strøk in Paris

Anders Gjennestad, better known as Strøk has spent a few days in the capital of France where he created a new mural on the invitation by Galerie Mathgoth. The large-scale piece painted on Rue De La Glaciere shows the artist’s signature imagery. The Norwegian stencil artist is known for his masterful hand-cut, multi-layered works that create the sense of depth in a usually two-dimensional technique that muralism is. His murals are very detailed, sometimes to the point of being photorealistic, but always astonishing and awe-inspiring. Make sure to check out the images in the slider above and, if you’re in Paris, see the mural for yourself.

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RONE in Nashville, Tennessee

Australian artist Tyrone Wright aka RONE was in Nashville where he was invited by a Street Art Festival to produce a new mural. The artist’s style is best described as a true Melbourne’s street art, and his most famous work is the Jane Doe portrait which caused an artistic explosion in Melbourne. RONE’s work is raw and intuitional, and he usually chooses to depict portraits of female faces that seem to stare right through the observer’s soul. This piece in Nashville is no different, and you will know what we are talking about if you take a look at the pictures in the slider. Prepare your eyes for some serious beauty that emerges from RONE’s mural!