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Street Update #152

  • Lonac - I lost my shoe when i saw you, detail via wundatde
November 30, 2016
Web journalist, coffee junkie and art fanatic. Cares about the environment, writes for Widewalls. Alias of Milica Jovic

Slowly but surely the winter is coming. The month of November is behind us but the cold weather and shorter days haven’t stopped street artists from leaving their mark on various walls around the globe. Maybe they migrated to the south, but they are still restless in making the world a more beautiful and colorful place. And just like every month we kept up with their work and posted their latest and finest pieces on our Instagram account. And just like every month you were busy as well continually liking and reposting your favorite street art murals. Now that November has come to its end, its time to gather those likes and compose another list of finest street artworks selected by you. The works on our list are as versatile as their creators and are made on places as distant as Taiwan, Indonesia, Chile and Jacksonville. On the beginning of our update, we’ll take you to Florida where the recently held CANVAS festival turned West Palm Beach into a real outdoor street art museum. The event that aims to transform surrounding landscapes into an interactive art experience resulted in several street artworks that found their places on our monthly list. Then we’ll be moving on to Argentina, where Pablo S. Herrero and Gaucholadri painted the Isla Maciel area in Buenos Aires with a monochromatic art piece that contains a profound environmental undertone. Speaking of the environmental artworks, we mustn’t fail to mention the adorable mural painted by Millo for Hecho en Casa festival in Santiago Chile. The festival that showcases art as an active power that creates new discourses and experiences to the public, brought some much-needed color to the gray facades of the city of Santiago.

Without any further ado we give you the finest street artworks of the month behind us

Case Maclaim - Rest

We’re opening our monthly list with this stunning mural created for the Canvas festival in West Palm Beach in Florida. The artwork painted by Case Maclaim, depicts a young girl while falling into sleep. The photorealistic piece entitled Rest showcases the artist fascination with the universality of hands that convey the notions of power and movement but spans over the physical qualities to depict the psychological state of the subject.

Featured image : Case Maclaim – Rest, 2016 via artist Instagram account

Pablo S. Herrero and Gaucholadri - Sustancia

When Pintó La Isla Proyecto (or Paint the Island project in English) invited artists Pablo S. Herrero and Gaucholadri to paint the Isla Maciel area in Buenos Aires, they responded with Sustancia, a black and white piece made as a result of their mutual collaboration. The stunning monochromatic mural portrays an image of an ax created from an array of tree-like shadows, thus underlyning the importance of forest preservation trough art and irony.

Featured image : Pablo Sherrero & Gaucholadri – Sustancia via ; Photos Xoi Villalba

Jorit Agoch - We are the Gemeos

This mind-bending mural by Jorit Agoch was painted on the New York restaurant Baby Brasa on Manhatten. During the creation of the artwork, the artist had two of his friends and fellow muralists from the celebrated duo Os Gemeos pose for the piece which undoubtedly contributed to its realistic appearance. The subject’s beards are particularly well executed and the viewers can see every dark and gray hair on the subjects’ face.

Featured image : Jorit Agoch – We are Gemeos via Twitter

  • Bao in Taiwan, via Instagram

Bao in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

POW WOW festival has taken over Taiwan with an array of prominent street artist decorating the sites of the Asian town Kaohsiung with an array of colorful street artworks. This complex piece created by Hong Kong artist Bao delighted the local children who got to add their own contribution to the piece. The mural served as a giant coloring book for the local kids as the artist only painted the outlines of the mural and the children colored it with crayons.

Featured image : Bao in Kaohsiung, Taiwan via artist Instagram account

Eduardo Kobra - Ziggy Stardust

A large scale mural dedicated to recently deceased David Bowie appeared last month in New Jersey. The chromatically rich style of its creator Eduardo Kobra perfectly complemented the Bowie’s style from his Ziggy Stardust phase as the artist combined his recognizable colorful geometrical forms with the orange-blue lighting bolt, a trademark sign of the singers famous alter ego.

Featured image : Eduardo Kobra – Ziggy Stardust ! via

Lonac - I Lost my Shoe when I Saw You

Famous Croatian street artist Lonac powerfully captured the excitement of the first crush in his fantastic photorealistic mural entitled I Lost my Shoe when I Saw you. The mural was made for West Palm Beach Festival in Florida. The boy’s fascination with his female friend is symbolically depicted with an array of butterflied flying out of his head. The main subject is so stunned with his companion that he didn’t even noticed the shoe that slipped form his feet. Though that’s what usually happens when people are in love.

Featured image : Lonac – I lost my shoe when i saw you wundatde

Okuda - 3rd Eye Dog

Another colorful mural comes from the paint rollers of Okuda. The captivating abstract depiction of a dog is composed of vibrant jungle of colors and bold geometrical patterns typical for the Spanish artist. The starry eyes dominate the piece that’s skillfully incorporated into the terraces of the building in the Lingya district in Kaohsiung City.

Featured image : Okuda – 3rd eye dog via

Phlegm in Jacksonville

World-known cartoonist and illustrator Phlegm recently visited Florida where he participated in the Art Public Jax project. The artist known for his striking comic like figures depicted one of his trademark animal characters in the town of Jacksonville. The mural is illustration-based and depicts a bunch of thieves stealing fish right from the beak of the gigantic bird. The black-and-white artwork is produced through a sequence of entangled narratives continuously revealing new details and stories incorporated into the artwork.

Featured image : Phlegm in florida via artist Instagram account

  • Milo - Never give up via urbanitewebzin

Millo - Never give up

Latest mural by Millo depicts the image of a woman hugging a tree trunk with a plant emerging from its top. This unusual tree is shaped like a heart thus portraying the artist’s love for the natural elements. The mural adds some much needed colors to the gray city scapes of Santiago, Chile where it is located. The artwork was painted during the Hecho en Casa festival.

Featured image : Milo – Never give up via

Seth the Globepainter - Landscaping

Seth the Globepainter is still tirelessly painting the globe with his site-specific and thought-provoking murals. This month, we caught up with the artist at the East Sumba, island in Indonesia where he painted the image of a boy yearning for a place he could call home. The site-specifies mural is highly symbolic since its painted on side of the abandoned deterioreting house.

Featured image : Seth the Globepainter – Landscaping via artist’s Instagram account