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Taking Shape

  • mural
November 25, 2014
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Inspiration comes in many forms, it’s individual and unique for each artist, but there is one thing tying all of them together – contemplation preceding the creative process. Augustine Kofie, known for his large scale murals composed of complex geometry, refined palette and vintage elements, pondered on the idea-forming process and created a series of innovative work, exploring new techniques and expressions.Following the successful show by Eric Lacan (whom we interviewed at the occasion), the second solo exhibition by Augustine Kofie, is opening this Thursday at Openspace gallery in Paris. Entitled Taking Shape, the exhibition refers to this very meditative development which produces those spectacular creations in the artist’s mind.

Galerie Openspace
Augustine Kofie – Drafting, 2014 – mixed technique – Courtesy Galerie Openspace

Shaping Up Ideas

Showcasing the new collection of artwork, Kofie exceeded his usual spectrum by creating the largest exhibition of his career with around fifty pieces on display. Simultaneously, it will be one of the most experimental shows by the artist, presenting works on canvas and wood, found objects, installation and video art. The most surprising and exciting novelty Taking Shape will bring is Kofie’s work with fabric, as the artist endeavored in the medium of tapestry, which is getting popular again among many contemporary artists. The choice of such an archaic technique is not surprising, as Kofie bases his expression in historic design of the age of funk, this time delving a little further into the ages of woven expression. We expect tapestry, flat and woven, which is known to carry abstract imagery exceptionally well, will prove itself an excellent medium for Augustine Kofie’s expression.

Galerie Openspace
Augustine Kofie – Onward system, 2014 – mixed technique- Courtesy Galerie Openspace

Soundtrack and Exhibition Space

Tapestry and an introduction of figural elements are some of the exciting moments of the Kofie’s upcoming show. The fact that the show is situated within the historic Bastille Design Center, a 19th century building with an interior plated in wood, gives a special prospect to the installation. It will be interesting to see how Kofie’s geometry will stand among the old, ornate and dark elements of the architecture, complementing the artist’s work filled with harmonizations of the old and the new. The same goes for the exhibition MasterMix Soundtrack, released to accompany the exhibition, created out of loops and samples of old beats, shaped into something contemporary and relevant.

Openspace with Kofie at Historic Venue

Concerned with visual and sonic interactions, collisions and combinations, the artist creates his work through recycling, upcycling, layering and mixing, exploring the vast spectrum of possibilities for intellectual formations of topical shapes. The comprehensive event, including various media and event the sound, promises to be a true happening, one which will portray Kofie’s futuristic nostalgia in all of its glory.Taking Shape exhibition by Augustine Kofie is opening on November 27 at Bastille Design Center, organized and curated by Openspace Gallery. The event is divided into two sections – Immersion, opening at the Bastille Design Center and running through November 30, 2014l and the Exhibition, at Galerie Openspace, running from December 2 till December 13, 2014.

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Galerie Openspace
Augustine Kofie – Tablet, 2014, mixed technique- Courtesy Galerie Openspace
Galerie Openspace
Augustine Kofie – Mural ZhuDang, Seattle, 2014 – Courtesy Galerie Openspace
Galerie Openspace
Augustine Kofie – Taking Shape- Courtesy Galerie Openspace