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The Moving Museum

  • The Moving Museum
August 11, 2014

The role of not-for-profit and independent organizations which strive to examine and represent the contemporary art scene including young and emerging artists is a significant one. The nature of the globalized world and the situation of exponential growth of communities and artists which take their practice to a digital world create a necessity for live interaction between the artists and the public. There is great merit in the activities of galleries which manage to bring the urban artistic scene of the world to local communities, establishing a relationship between the public and their loved artists who might be from a different part of the world. But, now and then, when people cannot reach a museum or a gallery, perhaps a museum can come to them…

The Moving Museum
The Moving Museum, Istanbul Residency

Temporary Interventions with Long Term Impact

The Moving Museum is an art project funded by Aya Mousawi and Simon Sakhai. The aim of this project is to mobilize the museum standard production, induce a more active approach from the public, create comprehensive publications, and all of this through the establishing of dynamic residencies. This is a mission of making a long term impact with temporary interventions, through a network of international curatorial advisors. Being a non-collecting organization, The Moving Museum focuses on its dynamic exhibitions and programs thus spreading the challenging and inspiring ideas in the process of the presentation of new artistic activity.This way, it tries to reinterpret the nature of urban art. In 2013, for a period of two months The Moving Museum took residency in London, during which the exhibition brought together artists who could question the dynamics of change in the contemporary world. In the center of migrational activities, artists tried to rise above the geography and historical movements in an attempt to reinterpret the postmodern world. This year, the residency is established in Istanbul…

The Moving Museum
Aya Mousawi and Simon Sakhai

Istanbul Residency

From August 1st to October 31st , The Moving Museum will mark its third and longest residency yet. It will host 38 international artists and 12 artists from Turkey. Curated public programme of events, workshops, lectures, talks and performances will intensify the dialog within the art scene of Istanbul and initiate a global discourse concerning contemporary art. The most virtuous attribute of the residency will be implemented through a commission from each artist to work on a local project making an impact on the city, but also the artist himself. With the transformation of a 6000 square foot warehouse space into residency headquarters, the culmination of the project will be reflected on a major biennale style exhibition launching at the end of October.

The Moving Museum
Manna, The Moving Museum, Istanbul Residency