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This weeks’ urban art exhibitions

  • Richard Heller Gallery
January 5, 2014

Prints & Photographs; Copies & Concrete

Alex Lukas

Opening: Jan 09

Breeze Block Gallery

323 NW 6th Ave., 
Portland, USA

Prints & Photographs; Copies & Concrete is the new solo exhibition featuring a new collection of work across a range of media by Alex Lukas in the Breeze Block Gallery 1 space. The Chicago-based street artist Alex Lukas will focus on the involvement of printmaking practices in his ongoing investigation and reconceptualization of the familiar American landscape. In addition to his painting and drawing practice, Lukas is self-taught printmaker with a background in magazine publishing and non-traditional use of print media.

American street art
Alex Lucas at Breeze Block Gallery

Unpredictable Gravity

Group Show

Opening: Jan 09

Roq La Rue

532 1st Ave S., Seattle, USA 

“Unpredictable Gravity” is a street art group show curated by Robbie Lowery with a good cause. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to cancer charities. The artists taking part in the group show are: Jeremy Geddes, Ashley Wood, Brian Despain, John Brophy, Sail, Camilla D’Errico, Phil Hale, Ross Richmond, Christopher Thompson, Sam Wolfe, Connelly, Thomas Doyle, Esao Andrews, Ben Templesmith, Ego, Menton Mathews III, Tyler Stout, Todd Karam, Peter Ferguson, Mike Mitchell, Martin Wittfooth, AJ Fosik, Brett Amory, Jacub Gagnon, Matthew Dunn, Ryan Heshka, Joao Ruas, Josh Keyes, Syd Bee, ThreeA and Derek Nobbs.

Urban art show
Street art group show at Roq La Rue


Paco Pomet

Opening: Jan 11

Richard Heller Gallery

2525 Michigan Ave. #B-5A, Santa Monica, USA

The Spanish urban artist Paco Pomet presents a new body of work at the California based gallery Richard Heller. Pomet creates beautiful collage artworks that places abstract bright imagery into the context of historic photography’s. The artwork on display is painted on large-scale canvases with oil.

Collage art
Paco Pomet at Richard Heller