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Artist Websites

  • web work make portfolio sites news create people
  • web work make portfolio sites news create people
  • web work make portfolio sites news create people
January 11, 2014

Artists use their websites as public displays of their art. The obvious advantage over galleries, fairs or other exhibition spaces is that websites have an unsurpassable reach. Artist websites permit everyone the access to their creative expression. In the most ideal case, the layout, design and concept reflect the artwork of the creators. Because we have come across a variety of artist websites during our research we have a very good understanding of who has successfully realized this endeavor. Those we feel have done so exceptionally are:

D*Face website screenshot
D*Face website screenshot


The website of D*Face is held in a sepia tone. Again the navigation header is fixated and is equally accessible from anywhere on the website. Like in his art, D*Face uses symbols as a way of presentation. Only if you hover above the TV or the hand will you find out where the next click leads you.

Invader website screenshot
Invader website screenshot


The first thing users see when they access the website is a picture of an Invader mosaic from anywhere around the world. The pictures change frequently and depict street art in New York, Paris, London, Tokyo or New Delhi. The first impression hints towards a retro design in style of the 80’s video game ‘Space Invaders’. The hint is confirmed on the next click and the arcade game characters are the navigating icons aligned with the description of which galaxy you will enter.

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Phillipe Baudelocque website screenshot

Phillipe Baudelocque

Baudelocque’s website is a photo-collage where each picture represents the entry point to another category page. The pictures show Phillipe Bauelocque creating his charcoal murals, mosaic tiles or a tree behind a wall. The strong images reflect the strong communication of Baudelocque’s art and his website.

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Vhils website screenshot


The Portuguese’s website has the artist’s real name as domain. It convinces us with its ordered and clean aesthetic appeal. The fixed menu header is black and white, the words placed evenly apart and separated by dashes. The blog roll in the center of the page shows Vhils most recent doings.

Anthony Burrill website screenshot

Anthony Burrill

Anthony Burrill’s website has the feel of a high fashion label. Weak colors on white background show the site’s menu that borders on the left side of an ever-changing picture slider. Going deeper into the site reveals that the majority of menu points are backed with videos. The artist Anthony Burrill, who is best known for his text art, uses a new medium that makes navigating through his website extremely entertaining.

JR website screenshot
JR website screenshot


The French photographer’s website and his art are presented in perfect symbiosis. The fixated background of a black and white picture of an eye outlines the blog roll. On the right hand side an endless scrolling banner depicts pictures from JR’s various adventures, encounters and projects. At the top of the page a fixated header allows users to navigate through JR’s site with ease, no matter how far in the blog roll you are.

David Choe website screenshot
David Choe website screenshot

David Choe

His website greets visitors with a picture from his ‘Thumbs Up’ hitchhiking adventure with Vice Magazine. Above the picture are hieroglyphs that spell out David Choe. Below the picture is the navigation. The menu headers are in similar scrawl as the artist’s name.

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ZEVS website screenshot


Users entering the ZEVS website for the first time get the impression that something went wrong. You type in ZEVS in Google and the only thing that happens is that Google reloads itself, or so it seems. The page that ‘reloaded’ is in fact ZEVS homepage. Using his liquidated logo style ZEVS doesn’t shy away from imitating the Google theme.

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Jean-Michel Basquiat website screenshot


Jean-Michel Basquiat’s website is obviously a tribute page. The page is held in dark grey, black and white. The homepage allows a direct access to Basquiat’s art with the picture slider that presents numerous paintings. On the right hand side is a Basquiat quote in his handwriting that reads ‘Believe it or not, I can actually draw.’ Next to the quote is a picture of Basquiat in a suite crowned by Basquiat’s crown.

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