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Top Art Galleries of July According to Our Readers

August 2, 2016

An interesting phenomenon occurs every summer – the entire art sphere goes silent. Galleries usually close their doors for the slow season and only the most eager ones continue their activities. Still, with a lot of human movement that the vacation period implies, a lot of travel, tourism and people exchanging locations worldwide, some of the top art galleries saw the potential in keeping up pace. The hot season of the year might be a slow time for the usual collector, but it still opens new prospective in alluring new art lovers into their world, offering them artwork of high quality often wrapped in a summer special. Widewalls is proud to include and present galleries that are active, each in their own right, during the summer, and which engage and inspire our readers to return to them. With the frequent new print editions, new and upcoming artists, alternative art styles or just following the hype of the street art season, we give to you the top art galleries of July 2016, as selected by you!

Feature image Mr. Brainwash. Courtesy of Addicted Art Gallery

  • graffitistreet

GraffitiStreetDotCom - Urban Art with an Attitude

An online art gallery with an attitude, GraffitiStreet is the premiere place where a collector can enrich their urban art collection via the web. Completely immersed in the world of graffiti and outdoors, this gallery offers a sense of the outdoor and the rebellious through a comprehensive series of prints and artworks by some of the most famous street artists today. Born as the brainchild of passionate street art collectors in 2013, GraffitiStreet continues to bring the intoxicating atmosphere of the street into the lives of all the collectors, new or experienced. So, express your individuality through collecting, find new talent and help a charitable project, all with the help of GraffitiStreet!

Galerie Nicolas Xavier - A Place for French Contemporary Art

A vaulted space in the lovely town of Montpellier, Galerie Nicolas Xavier has become a landmark for all collectors interested in contemporary French art, especially in the very developed street and urban art scene. Color, calligraphy, geometry, abstraction and even twisted figuration all overlap in the works of Bom.K, Humus, Eackone and other artists represented by the gallery. It’s always a challenge to curate an original portfolio in such an elaborate market, but Nicolas Xavier manages to keep the watchers excited with a very original and diverse approach. Having welcomed visitors all throughout the July, the gallery earned a spot among one of the most favorite ones this time.

  • wunderkammer olbricht See the past, current and upcoming museum and gallery shows, contact, search and support your favorite spaces from our collection

me Collectors Room Berlin - The Wunderkammer of Berlin

One of the most impressive concepts in the Berlin’s gallery world, the me Collectors Room represents an exhibition platform for international collections. The Olbricht Collection, featuring a brilliant collection of pieces of old masters and contemporary art has been situated at the space permanently since 2010. In addition, the space established a very unique segment of its program, the Wunderkammer Olbricht, where curiosities from Renaissance and Baroque are on display. Alluring to both the contemporary art enthusiasts and the art history lovers, me Collectors Room in Berlin is a must-see space for all who venture to the German capital. With a comprehensive Cindy Sherman exhibition on view at the moment, the space’s presence on our list of favorites is not surprising at all.