ABOUT 14 oz.

14 oz. = “fourteen ounces”; derives from the units of measure (per square yard) used in American weaving mills. One square yard of fabric for a classic pair of jeans weighs approximately 14 ounces.

In 1999 entrepreneur Karl-Heinz Müller founded the first 14 oz. multi-label boutique in Cologne. It quickly established itself as the premium store for denim and street wear in Germany and was ranked as the very best of its kind in Europe.

After almost 20 years of experience in the textile business, including leading roles at Levi’s, Big Star, Marc O’Polo and Pepe Jeans London, Karl-Heinz Müller made the move into the realm of retail:

“I wanted to create a shop that I liked, where the service and atmosphere were right – that reflected my love for denim and jeans brands.”

14 oz. Cologne bore his unmistakeable mark – as he took responsibility of everything from the interior to the product selection.

As a tradesman, Karl-Heinz Müller realised that the brands he was stocking didn’t have an adequate order platform. Existing trade shows presented an insufficient and outmoded option for this fresh, young and urban selection. To accumulate his brand portfolio, he often had to travel halfway across the globe.

The concept of transferring the ethos behind 14 oz. to a sparkling new industry platform –where brands could present themselves according to their philosophy – was developped in a back room of the store. Here, the idea for today’s most important street and urban wear trade show, BREAD & BUTTER, was born.

The trade show provides an innovative marketing and communication tool for selected brands from the forward-thinking, contemporary fashion industry. The “BREAD & BUTTER – tradeshow for selected brands” took place for the first time in July 2001 in the listed “Eckiger Rundbau” in Cologne.

As a result of the huge success, growth and later relocation of BREAD & BUTTER to Berlin, 14 oz. Cologne closed its doors in 2003.

14 oz. Berlin

Karl-Heinz Müller preserved the wish to revive the 14 oz. store for many years. After closely observing the development of the thriving fashion industry in Berlin, he decided to take the plunge and continue creating his legacy in Germany’s “Capital of Casual” at the end of 2007.

On the 17th of July 2008, 14 oz. celebrated its re-launch in Berlin-Mitte, where it follows in the original store’s footsteps of success.

Four years later, and a further store joined the portfolio. The second 14 oz. Store in Berlin opened in the Haus Cumberland – a building designed by the architect Robert Leibnitz, who also created the old Hotel Adlon. Located in the famous Kurfüstendamm area of Berlin, this store stocks more than 150 brands in a space spanning over 600 square metres.

To consolidate the business, an online shop was successfully launched on the 15th of September 2014. Here, customers can now peruse a selection of the unique brand portfolio on a beautifully designed website from the comfort of their own homes.

Authentic Style, Superior Quality

14 oz. offers its customers a one-of-a-kind brand portfolio. The selected brands stand out due to their exceptional quality, authenticity and style, as Karl-Heinz Müller emphasises: “At 14 oz. we offer the ultimate in quality and our clothing is timeless”.

The labels available at 14 oz. are united by their values. Outstanding quality is a top priority for all – many brands manufacture partially handcrafted items in small factories, making their products entirely unique.

At 14 oz. it’s all about the product: the selection incorporates denim, menswear, ladieswear and outerwear as well as shoes, boots and accessories, providing the customer with wardrobe staples that will bring many years of joy.

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