Founded in 2009, 30works is a pioneer in the presentation of Street Art in western Germany, with continually surprising positions on Urban Art and contemporary Pop Art.
Gallerist Gérard Margaritis doesn’t pursue an explicitly programmatic approach, but rather he intuitively responds to impulses and currents that emerge as relevant.
30works is not an elitist, over-intellectualizing gallery representing market-ready art-as-capital. Instead, the works here are sensual, sensory and contemporary; they live, breathe, pulsate, remembering their roots in the place where all art has originated: the street.
It was here, in tune with the times and at the epicenter of society, that Street Art emerged in the 1980s, influenced by hip-hop and New York subculture. The graffiti, paste ups and stencils with which street artists adorned public space, often illegally, made the art subject of political debate. Street art also defined a new aesthetic canon: rough and dirty, with unusual surfaces such as metal, rusty gridiron, wood and concrete as canvases. With an unorthodox mix of different techniques such as airbrush, silk-screen printing, paste up, collage and pochoir, Street Art could be both highly accomplished and extremely subversive. Artists playfully used recognizable typefaces, comic and pop culture icons and sardonic references in a conscious deconstruction of the figurative to expose social injustices, achieved with great originality, and knowing, humorous references and executed with artistic aplomb.

Since March 2017, 30works opened a second space in the heart of Cologne.
The galleries represent an international selection of both established and emerging artists whose impressive positions redefine and enrich the genre of Urban Art.
The boundaries to contemporary Pop Art are fluid, as here, too, recognizable images and references are placed in ever new contexts. And both, Street Art and Pop Art, hold a mirror to our society with its exaggerated iconization of the banal…

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