Art gallery and agency with focus to street art, graffiti, urban art, contemporary art.

We are representing international artists and run between 6 and 8 solo and group shows per year.

This is a selection of artists we currently work with:
MADC aka Claudia Walde (DE); Alice aka Alice Pasquini (IT); BELIN (ES); Telmo&Miel (NL); SWIZ (FR); Steph Cop (FR); Blek le Rat (FR); L7m (BR); RESO (DE); SEN2 (US); Chad Hasegawa (US); Brad Robson (AUS); Rodrigo Branco (BR); Mart Aire (ARG); Alex Senna (BR); Michal Sepe (PL); Pener (PL); M-City (PL); Nawer (PL); AtomOne / WOW123 (DE); Stamatis Laskos (GR); EMESS (DE); Doppeldenk (DE); Crin (IT); Apolo Torres (BR); Czarnobyl (DE/PL); Mark Gmehling (DE); Daniel Chazme (PL);


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ChimeraChimeraSwiz3,700 EUR (€)
N5N5Swiz1,400 EUR (€)
N4N4Swiz1,400 EUR (€)
N1N1Swiz1,400 EUR (€)


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Haunting Photographs of Refugees by Felix Kleymann at 44309

Art Exhibitions | Elena Martinique

In his latest body of work, the photographer Felix Kleymann brings forth the plight and trauma of the people escaping destruction and death.

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Most Popular Galleries of November

Top Lists | Amy Lin

The list of most popular galleries of November features a surprising number of online galleries. Are traditional art venues slowly going to history?

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top 10 galleries november
44309 STREET//ART GALLERY - An Art Venue and an Agency

Top Lists | Amy Lin

The venue hosts between 6 and 8 shows a year, and the visitors are free to contact the gallery and request a private viewing.

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