Established in 2014, Allouche Gallery is home to an international roster of some of the world’s most recognized and culturally significant contemporary visual artists. Through its highly curated exhibition program, the gallery has garnered a reputation for highlighting artists whose work directly challenges preconceived notions of contemporary visual culture, and affirming their place in 21st-century art. Home to a select group of both established and rising practitioners, across a variety of disciplines, Allouche Gallery represents the work of Ron English, Swoon, Faile, Bast, Paul Insect, Nick Georgiou, Lori Earley, John John Jesse, and Saber.

Founded by Director Eric Allouche—a partner at Opera Gallery for 14 years—Allouche Gallery is one of New York’s premiere commercial art galleries, and the preeminent exhibitor of Contemporary Street Art.

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Ron English - Three Eyed Spongebob, 2016
Step Into Ron English's Delusionville at Allouche Gallery

Art Exhibitions | Elena Martinique

Allouche Gallery is bringing together the latest body of work by Ron English, including collaborations with the musician and artist Daniel Johnston.

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Ron English paintings
Ron English Paintings of Guernica Finally in an Exhibition in NY

Art Exhibitions | Lorenzo Pereira

Famous Ron English paintings of Guernica (originally by Pablo Picasso) will be on view at Allouche Gallery in New York.

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art on paper miami production navigation location tickets
Watch Out for These Booths at Art on Paper Miami Show

Art Fairs, Collectors Tip, Top Lists | Lorenzo Pereira

Take a look at ten booths that you have to visit during the Art on Paper Miami. Be sure not to miss them

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