art is just a four letter word: Consulting for art of a different kind

‘What is art?’ Generations have tried to answer that question. Every era and every philosophy have their own ideas and their own explanations. Two friends from North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany, give a really simple answer: art is just a four letter word! The duo founded the Contemporary Art Agency, which focuses on the promotion of urban and young contemporary art in order to show that art movement to a larger audience and to support the artists, who are active in that particular field.

art is just a four letter word was founded on the initiative of Patrick Droste, who functions as Managing Director and David Radon, a graffiti artist himself, who is responsible for the artistic direction.
Since the founders themselves have an urban art background, they are in close contact with the artists and they know the problems that young artists struggle with. With a nearly unlimited amount of energy art is just a four letter word takes care of the art and everything connected to it.

Since March 2013 the exhibitions are going to take place at the gallery space of art is just a four letter word which is located at Markt 6, 59494 Soest, Germany.

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