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Diego Escobar, for whom urban art is not just a passion, but the guiding thread of his life. Art first became so important to him through collecting a series of different artworks, taking commissions along the way. He went on to occupy a series of positions at major European auction houses including Sotheby’s in London, Galartis in Lausanne and Tajan in Paris.


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artcan gallery marseille
The Best of ArtCan Gallery's Street Art to Open their New Space in Marseille!

Art Exhibitions | Elena Martinique

The ArtCan Gallery is opening a new space in Marseille this April with a group show that brings together the stars of Street Art.

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Art Box Berlin
September's Most Popular Art Galleries Chosen by You!

Top Lists | Angie Kordic

See what's currently on view at your favorite contemporary art galleries around the globe, straight from our rapidly-growing Gallery Network!

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ArtCan Gallery - Dedicated to Urban Art

Top Lists | Angie Kordic

A joint project between Diego Escobar and a French business lawyer, ArtCan Gallery offers the most distinguished artworks.

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