is a Contemporary Art Gallery available ON-LINE only and created in 2009 by a collector.

Our Gallery is offering a large choice of artworks by Contemporary artists mainly from the Urban Art. Our company is based on Paris in France but open to everywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Our large professional network of collectors and galleries partners allows us to match with efficiency sellers and buyers in order to encourage international trades. Our particularity is based on the facility to promote some artworks through online exhibitions of artists in a virtual 3D environment.


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Art Vinyl Covers for Art Lovers on Offer on ArtSuggest!

Art Exhibitions | Angie Kordic offers exclusive and signed vinyl sleeves with records, created by renowned Urban artists like Banksy, Keith Haring, Basquiat, DFace...

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watch and download lazoo stickers
Funky and Soulful Flavors on Paper - Lazoo Art Exhibition Coming Up on Artsuggest!

Art Exhibitions | Smirna K

Witness the big Lazoo comeback during his first online art exhibition which will present his unique soulful drawings from the 90s, at Artsuggest!

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Vinyl Cover Art Exhibition Opens with Artsuggest

Art Exhibitions | Amy Lin

Inspired by the importance of vinyl cover art, the show organized by Artsuggest will present over 250 covers made by contemporary and graffiti artists.

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