Balneario is a cultural medium dedicated to promoting contemporary art in Mexico and the world. As a platform for cultural dissemination, the objective is to democratize art in all its disciplines. We promote art to the current level, innovating in commercial trends and contributing social works, private projects, managing artistic residencies, festivals and buying and selling of artistic works.

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Artez Urvanity Art Mural 2019
See the 4 New Murals in Madrid, Courtesy Urvanity Art 2019!

Art Fairs, Graffiti & Street Art | Elena Martinique

Once again, the city of Madrid gets four amazing murals thanks to Urvanity Art 2019, a fair dedicated to promoting New Contemporary Art.

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Poni Urvanity Art Mural 2019
Poni at Plaza Puerta Cerrada

Art Fairs | Elena Martinique

The Mexican artist Hilda Palafox aka PONI, known for gracious work populated with female characters, created a piece at Plaza Puerta Cerrada.

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Urvanity Venue, LASEDE COAM
What To See at Urvanity Art 2019?

Art Fairs, Graffiti & Street Art | Elena Martinique

Coming back for its third edition, Urvanity 2019 will bring the best New Contemporary Art has to offer. Here is what to see over the course of three days.

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