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Valerio Spada - Giulia, Trapani, 2012
Documenting the Italian Mafia - Valerio Spada at Benrubi Gallery

Art Exhibitions, Photography | Elena Martinique

The Italian photographer Valerio Spada talks about his current exhibition at Benrubi Gallery and the body of work exploring different facets of the Italian Mafia.

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Patrick Pagnano - Empire Roller Disco #29, 1980
Photography by Jeffrey Milstein and Patrick D. Pagnano at Benrubi Gallery

Art Exhibitions, Photography | Andrey V.

Benrubi Gallery plans to hold two parallel shows of photography, one of Jeffrey Milstein's aerial shots and the other of Patrick D. Pagnano's disco images.

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Elliott Erwitt - Marilyn Monroe, New York, 1956
Paris Photo 2017 - Bringing Together Two Centuries of Photography

Art Fairs, Photography | Elena Martinique

Proposing the largest and most qualitative selection of photography-based art and programming, Paris Photo 2017 should definitely be in your art calendar.

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