Founded in Autumn 2015 and situated in the heart of Paris at Quai de la Mégisserie facing the river Seine, Centre Artasia Paris is a contemporary art centre that has the objective to promote contemporary art and Asian culture in Europe.
The spacious and luminous exhibition space, motivated professional team, close-knit contact with the artists, exhibition curators and art collectors are all major elements in the success of some of the centre’s innovative and avant-garde projects. Centre Artasia Paris wishes to develop the artistic and cultural changes between Asia and Europe through this contemporary art platform.
Constituted by a series of consecutive exhibitions, the rich programming of the center aims to promote talented artists from Asia in Europe. The exhibition Rén 人/ L’HOMME, which occupies the art centre’s space until 22 September, is a Sino-Korean group exhibition presenting six Asian artists. Recognised artists from around the world like the performer/photographer Ll Wei, who will be showing for the first time his new photographic series, will be in dialogue with young talented artists such as the laureate of the Dauphine Prize 2015 – Korean artist KANG Kun and laureate of the London Chadwell Award 2016 – HWANG Sunyoung. And starting from September 29, Centre Artasia Paris will be presenting the first monographic and retrospective exhibition in France of Chinese artist WANG Yigang, with his work from the beginning of the 1990s until his most recent works. Ami Barak, an independent curator and art critic directed the exhibition’s scenography. On January 27 2017, as the official partner of the event, Centre Artasia Paris will be co-organzing the 9th edition of Prix Icart – Artistic Rezo in Centre Artasia Paris with ICART Paris, the leading school in art management.

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