The four founders of Cleopatra’s Gallery—Bridget Donahue (formerly a director at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, who also owns her own Lower East Side space), Bridget Finn (co-director at Mitchell-Innes & Nash), Colleen Grennan (associate director at Andrew Kreps Gallery), and Erin Somerville (deputy director at White Columns)—wanted to create a space that wasn’t dictated by professionalism and commercial value. Founded in 2008, the gallery has staged many idiosyncratic exhibitions featuring such artists as Irving Feller, a neighbor who owned a fur shop around the corner and made black-and-white drawings, and Cary Loren, a lyricist for the Detroit punk band Destroy All Monsters; Loren once transformed the


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many of these places are on the 718 street in east williamsburg
Brooklyn Art Galleries to Mark on Your NY Map

Art Travel Special, Top Lists | Elena Martinique

As the area's art scene is thriving in every way, we have compiled a list of the best Brooklyn art galleries that you should definitely put on your NYC maps.

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