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Milan Hrnjazovic - Lovers, 2012; paper art for valentines
Celebrate Valentine's Day With These Artworks of Love!

Top Lists | Elena Martinique

From Pop Art to contemporary drawings and Urban Art, we bring you some Valentine's Day art that might just be the perfect gift for your significant other.

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JonOne - Supplier of Love, 2014; valentine project for kids
JonOne - Supplier of Love, 2014

Top Lists | Elena Martinique

JonOne's Supplier of Love from 2014 evokes Jackson Pollock.

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Elisabeth Montagnier - Calla
David Pluskwa Hosts an Exhibition of Photographs by Elisabeth Montagnier

Art Exhibitions, Photography | Elena Martinique

David Pluskwa Gallery is showing the latest body of work by Elisabeth Montagnier where she explores the idea of a woman that settles down.

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